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CB/HAM radio help

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One of my neighbors keeps screaming the most asinine shit into his radio, which is fine except it's been illegally amplified and is coming through desktop speakers. I'm not going to attach ferrite clips because I'm not convinced that will damp the signal enough, and I know I'm not the only one in the neighborhood who has to put up with this shit.

Does anyone know of a means of modification of a handheld radio, so that I can listen in on his frequency, figure out where he is, and take matters into my own hands? CB and HAM are pretty low freq, and normal AM/FM won't normally go that low.
OP here, he always yells out "402 IN THE EVERGREEN STATE" which makes sense because I'm in Washington, but 402 is unrelated since I've walked around and found no 402 addresses in my neighborhood. Update though, he's just now saying his radio can go 25 miles.
Report to relevant authorities. They can assrape him much harder than you can
What's his callsign? He must broadcast it ever ten or so minutes.

>illegally amplified
I doubt it.

The guy probably lives down the street from you if his signal is coming through your speakers, look for a house with an antenna on it.
Why don't you just go for a walk and find the source
>it's been illegally amplified
Then contact the FCC and have them handle it

They love fining people for broadcasting illegally.
If he has a license, then he probably isn't doing anything wrong from a legal perspective. It doesn't take a lot of power to interfere with computer speakers. The ferrites might be worth a try. Different ferrite structures peak in impedance at different frequencies. You might have to experiment.

If he's licensed you can find him for sure here, with a search by city state & zip code.

You'll be able to confirm his location with the usual telltale signs: backyard antenna, truck with CB antenna, call sign perhaps posted somewhere, overall dilapidated and junky appearance.

But honestly this sounds like CB interference, a bona fide ham transceiver can go way farther than 25 miles.

Other option: if he's on the ham bands, lookup websdr.org, and find an internet connected radio receiver near you. (Websdr is good for hours of fun.)

Scan around on the bands that are open in your area when your neighbor transmits. You should find him on one of the common calling frequencies when he first starts up.

But ultimately, there's really not a lot you can do that's worth it. Buy a transceiver, find an amp even more powerful than his, figure out how to set it up, and jam him? Or engage in sabotage? This is just the sort of negative attention and drama a wacko like this craves.

Just spend $0.50 on the ferrite chokes.
Every now and again he just screams "402 evergreen" but no callsign. As for the antenna, I've been on whole walks through the neighborhood and there are enormous antenna networks on three or four homes.

I did, they didn't contact me back.

You're right he's a wacko, earlier he was just singing "zippedee doo da" into his radio as loud as possible. You're probably also spot on about the ferrite chokes, but I'm convinced the interference has more to do with the shit wiring in my rental than it does my speakers. They may be from 2004, but they're far from dilapidated.
knock on his door and kick him in the nuts when he opens it
I'm gonna be the non autistic one right now.

Have you gone on a foxhunt yet? Find his house, knock on his door, talk to him about the interference.


Skim dat as well.

Also dis:


He may or may not be illegally amplified depending on his license.
Buy a cheap receiver and a directional antenna and go on a foxhunt if you want to track him down and haven't spotted any obvious towers in your ao.

If he's not over powered / out of band, you're SOL and it's also legally not his fault you're getting interference, because it's due to your devices not being shielded well enough.

FCC part 15 is a royal cunt like that. Most operators will go above and beyond to cut down interference, when they're aware of it, but they have no legal requirement to do it.
Foxhunt? Do you mean looking for his house? I've checked around. I can narrow it down to about three to five homes with enormous antennas.

I'm positive it's overpowered. Are you familiar with the term "mosquito noise"? When I get in range (down the block), I can hear the sound pretty well if he's on. Maybe I should just play marco polo with the noise?
call fcc or your local HAM org

the fcc will track him down and fine him at least 10k
This guy's telling you to get a directional antenna and basically triangulate the broadcast with it. This is a bit of a burden to you, though.

If this guy thinks 25 miles is impressive, he's probably a CBer. These guys are the redneck truck owners of the rf world (and often are one and the same person). Interact with caution!!

If he is operating legally (no way for you to tell without measuring equipment, really) then it's on you to accept the interference. If you are having trouble collecting his info for the FCC (they want things like time of day, frequencies used, etc) then talk to your local amateur radio club and ask if they can help out with it. They're usually more than happy to burn one of their own since it makes them look bad and puts their spectrum allocations at risk.
Got it. In trying to hunt the fucker down I did get the website for the amateur radio club in town.

Shit you not he said "up here in Vancouver Washington" so even if he's 25 miles away I know he's no less than 25 miles away in the same (small) city.
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this my man. The FCC can fuck him harder then you ever could.
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