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Boot Up Delays

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This is a general question that I've wondered about for quite some time that I've never really been able to find an answer to that people agree upon. Why isn't it on some computers when you unplug them directly from the outlet or spike bar (whatever the cord is plugged into), it takes a while for the computer to boot up? I've opened them up and checked and there are no loose cables or anything it just takes a few minutes for it to seemingly charge up before it starts. Why is that?
What are you on about?
In several PCs that I've worked with, when I disconnect them directly from power to move them or open them up and work on them, I've found that when I go to plug it back in and try to turn it on, it takes a while before it actually turns on.

I'm not talking loading times for BIOS or any software shit, I'm talking the actual hardware doesn't boot up for like five minutes and more sometimes.

Why is this?
You're talking pure bullshit.
What do you mean?

You don't believe me?
Well I don't suppose it would take THAT long. Maybe because there's shit left in the RAM and cache? I don't think it should do but if it does, then that's the only reason I can think of. Also, all of that if you're talking about removing the plug while the computer is still on. In which case you're also retarded
No. I turn it off before I do that.
The flux capacitors in some models take time to build up to maximum capacity before they can get charged up enough to jumpstart the processor
The amount of retards in this thread is over 9000

It's called an ACPI state, in particular ACPI global states.

ACPI is basically a standard that lets your OS read/set hardware configurations, the most prevalent being power options. It let's you do things like hibernate/sleep, turn on/off the screen, turn on/off hdds, and other such bullshit.

The thing you're seeing is the computer going into the G2 state. If you tell your OS to turn your computer down, or if you press the power button for 3 seconds, it will be in the G2 state. In this state almost everything is off, but the PSU is still giving a low amount of power to your motherboard. This allows it to turn on your computer with wake on lan packets, or with keyboard input, or as usually, with the power button.

In the G3 state, the computer is totally off. No power is going through, this state is never reported by the motherboard's firmware (BIOS/EFI) because it means the motherboard has no power. When you plug your motherboard for the first time (or after replugging the cables) it will need to boot up extra firmware that takes care of ACPI, i.e. move from the G3 state to the G2 state so that it can turn on as usual.

So ya'll are fucking retards for calling him out when he did a very astute observation.
I think you are confused by the difference between a cold boot and waking from sleep/hibernate

G0 - computer is on
G1 - cmputer is in sleep/hibernation
G2 - computer is "off" but some minimal shit is still on, usually called soft off
G3 - computer is totally off

when you turn off your shit it goes into "soft off" , the only way to get into g3 is with a mecanical button, usually in the psu, not the power button in the case

just fucking google acpi and youll learn about that shit

fucking /g/ sucks more and more as the day comes

no, its the difference between turning it on from no power to turning it on from minimal power
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