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>be me >be 16 >need chair for desktop >find random

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>be me
>be 16
>need chair for desktop
>find random wooden chair in house
1 year later
>put too much pressure on arm, breaks off.
>reattach with some duct tape
3 years later
>back is a little wobbly
>falls out when I lean back
>reaffix with some more duct tape
5 years later
>legs are getting wobbly
>one gives out, chair leans obtusely
>use some duct tape to put it back on chair
> all the legs break eventually, put em back on with duct tape
10 years later
>still using the same chair.
>duct tape all over the place
>legs have broken again and again into smaller and smaller pieces
>don't want to buy a new chair, cushion is still comfy
>cushion rips

so /g/ what are some good computer chairs?
Apparently one made out of duct tape and whatever cushion you are using.

I would really like to know what cusion could last ten years. 6 months, a year max and my cushion becomes all flat.
it was a good cushion
>go into staples or the equivalent in your area
>sit in all of them for a few minutes
>ask guy for yesterdays discounts
>£30 chair
but staples is really shitty
Try to find an office that's gone insolvent. Odds are they're throwing away super expensive chairs or liquidating them cheap.

Failing that, pick up something cheap from eBay or try to import a fancy "executive" chair from China.
Go into local university with a pocket shirt, boots, and clipboard, find chair you like, walk out with it. Just look official and youre golden.
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You know guys I asked what were some good computer chairs not where to find them
>being so fat you break a chair
please post pic
I have to see what this chair looks like OP
Dx racer
I second this.
Post or OP is a fag.
>too stupid to realize someone is obviously fucking with your chair while you're afk
haha. you're so lucky it hasn't harmed you.
>Duct tape
baka senpai, that chair is perfectly good. Take it apart, refinish it, recreate any missing pieces out of oak or whatever wood its made from, and GLUE'n'SCREW. Reupholster the cushion (or go and ask you mom how).

Shouldn't cost you more than $40 and a weekend
You've literally had the same chair since you were -3?
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>unbranded Chinese computer chair
RIP anon

i use one of these, its done me very well
Any manlets here who use a ikea Markus?
You've been using the same chair for 19 years? 35 years old now?
I think the time elapsing was total time so he's 26 and it's been ten years
fuck give me that adhesive
Find a lounge chair.
Tape up the bottom so its completly sealed.
Cut slit on top.
Fill the chair with live cockroaches.
Seal the slit.
You now have a comfy vibrating chair that can survive to fallout 4 era.
Had one before. It was surprisingly OK.
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>tested for 110kg
The basic Volmar is comfier as a work chair
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I already threw it away, I sit on the ground now

Fat neckbeard detected
I had one,
It ended up not being comfortable for me in the long run so I gave it my wife who kinda liked it.
But the leather dun didn't schooch and she fucked it up by sitting cross-legged every day.
We threw it away when one of the welds broke - nothing like that anal ragnarock chinese chair horror story tho -
It took a beating for about 4 years, but would not buy again.
I have a picture of it somewhere on my computer but can't seem to find it. eh
Just bought a Malkolm today. $80. Pretty nice chair.
>ask guy for yesterday's discounts
Are those memory foam cushions for computer chairs any good? Bought a new chair recently and my ass falls asleep if I sit down in it for too long.
>not living in Ikea land
Thread posts: 33
Thread images: 7

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