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What did gentoo ever do to Richard? I guess Stallman is a ubuntu-fag

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What did gentoo ever do to Richard?
I guess Stallman is a ubuntu-fag now.
>I guess Stallman is a ubuntu-fag now.
he has an even lower opinion of ubuntu, what the hell are you talking about?
he only has a low opinion on gentoo because they call it gentoo linux, rather than gentoo GNU/linux and that is treating him and GNU with disrespect.
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He uses GNuisance mostly in ttys. He does have X installed and it's the default GNOME desktop. He rarely uses X, just for viewing shit from email that requires X

Source: not a newfag like OP and now basically everything about Stallman

>thinking Stallman uses Linux Ubuntu
richard uses shitty OS like the dragon one because he's too poor to even afford a 2001+ thinkpad
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... So you really don't know Stallman
What happened to the /g/ I once knew?
ive never heard of anyone who uses gnusense except him desu
i thought he uses trisquel
No, Richard, it's 'Linux', not 'GNU/Linux'. The most important contributions that the FSF made to Linux were the creation of the GPL and the GCC compiler. Those are fine and inspired products. GCC is a monumental achievement and has earned you, RMS, and the Free Software Foundation countless kudos and much appreciation.
Following are some reasons for you to mull over, including some already answered in your FAQ.
One guy, Linus Torvalds, used GCC to make his operating system (yes, Linux is an OS -- more on this later). He named it 'Linux' with a little help from his friends. Why doesn't he call it GNU/Linux? Because he wrote it, with more help from his friends, not you. You named your stuff, I named my stuff -- including the software I wrote using GCC -- and Linus named his stuff. The proper name is Linux because Linus Torvalds says so. Linus has spoken. Accept his authority. To do otherwise is to become a nag. You don't want to be known as a nag, do you?
(An operating system) != (a distribution). Linux is an operating system. By my definition, an operating system is that software which provides and limits access to hardware resources on a computer. That definition applies whereever you see Linux in use. However, Linux is usually distributed with a collection of utilities and applications to make it easily configurable as a desktop system, a server, a development box, or a graphics workstation, or whatever the user needs. In such a configuration, we have a Linux (based) distribution. Therein lies your strongest argument for the unwieldy title 'GNU/Linux' (when said bundled software is largely from the FSF). Go bug the distribution makers on that one. Take your beef to Red Hat, Mandrake, and Slackware. At least there you have an argument. Linux alone is an operating system that can be used in various applications without any GNU software whatsoever. Embedded applications come to mind as an obvious example.
it says online he switched in like 2014 to trisquel from gnusense
Next, even if we limit the GNU/Linux title to the GNU-based Linux distributions, we run into another obvious problem. XFree86 may well be more important to a particular Linux installation than the sum of all the GNU contributions. More properly, shouldn't the distribution be called XFree86/Linux? Or, at a minimum, XFree86/GNU/Linux? Of course, it would be rather arbitrary to draw the line there when many other fine contributions go unlisted. Yes, I know you've heard this one before. Get used to it. You'll keep hearing it until you can cleanly counter it.
You seem to like the lines-of-code metric. There are many lines of GNU code in a typical Linux distribution. You seem to suggest that (more LOC) == (more important). However, I submit to you that raw LOC numbers do not directly correlate with importance. I would suggest that clock cycles spent on code is a better metric. For example, if my system spends 90% of its time executing XFree86 code, XFree86 is probably the single most important collection of code on my system. Even if I loaded ten times as many lines of useless bloatware on my system and I never excuted that bloatware, it certainly isn't more important code than XFree86. Obviously, this metric isn't perfect either, but LOC really, really sucks. Please refrain from using it ever again in supporting any argument.
Last, I'd like to point out that we Linux and GNU users shouldn't be fighting among ourselves over naming other people's software. But what the heck, I'm in a bad mood now. I think I'm feeling sufficiently obnoxious to make the point that GCC is so very famous and, yes, so very useful only because Linux was developed. In a show of proper respect and gratitude, shouldn't you and everyone refer to GCC as 'the Linux compiler'? Or at least, 'Linux GCC'? Seriously, where would your masterpiece be without Linux? Languishing with the HURD?
If there is a moral buried in this rant, maybe it is this:
Be grateful for your abilities and your incredible success and your considerable fame. Continue to use that success and fame for good, not evil. Also, be especially grateful for Linux' huge contribution to that success. You, RMS, the Free Software Foundation, and GNU software have reached their current high profiles largely on the back of Linux. You have changed the world. Now, go forth and don't be a nag.
bad pasta/10
>RMS fucking autstic fat fuck with paranoia fighting with everytig that could make linux more popular (drivers, drm, flash, hdcp)
> Linus pretensions schizophrenic, named system after his name.
>Theo, what the fuck is wrong with that retard think 90s with fedora and shouting everyday at linux and saying it's wrong and shit

And pls can we just forget all that autistic fucks. it really hurts me as linux user
>people having opinions and values hurt me
>but flash and drm are great!
>people having opinions and values hurt me
Yeah opinions are good, but all that fuckers have there onl and i think free software should easly allow all the usages with simplicyty and not goofing with compiling and repos, kernel options/modules that mostly don't work
JUST MAKE IT WORK AND ALLOW ME TO HAVE FREEDOM OF CHOICE, without too much complicate stuff
He officially switched to Trisquel in 2014.He has also stopped his many crazy NSA defence mechanisms such as using email to access internet.
Too much capitalizations.
I do not think there even is a distribution called gentoo GNU/Linux

so I have no idea what distribution stallman is referring to here
>using email to access internet.
wouldn't that make it even LESS secure?
what the fuck are you talking about, its like the primary meme of this board
So, what type of GPU should you get these days to be totally "free"?
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I mean... The stallman uses trisquel
That's not a GPU
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