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>incoming $3000 pc that is really worth $1000

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>incoming $3000 pc that is really worth $1000
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Do you expect them to build it, warranty it, ship it for free?

It's a business, of course they are going to make money off your lazy, incompetent ass.
Gonna buy that beast look at those rad colors and that dank carbon, being a gamer is so great because we get all these amazing products!
noice b8 m8
>dell purchases ayylienware
>lenovo purchases razer

At least it doesn't look completely cringe like ayylienware shit.
Gaymur culture is fucking horrible.
>Now you can buy a computer that is highly overpriced, with shit quality with ALSO Superfish included for just $2999.99!
Lenovo has always provided high end specs with mid range prices on Ideapad models tbhfam. No idea if that'll carry over to desktops though.
>$3000 gaymer pc
That gaming rig better come with a gaming chair, a gaming monitor, a gaming keyboard, some gamer grub, and some gaming sunglasses and a gaming T-shirt for good measure
Anything associated with the razer brand will be overpriced, is their whole business model.
Well, it's SLI something in there. Reckon it isn't 2 970s, that would just be full Jew activated.
Proud gamer here and I approve of this!
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>Stick on 'carbon fiber'
Chance is pretty good that even with that equipment you'd be able to build the exact same PC and still be under $3000.
>Lenovo, the world's number one PC maker
Lenovo doesn't make any PC components except some shitty ripoff RAM modules, only stuffs them into a box.
>with the immersive technology and deep expertise of Razer
Razer doesn't make any PC components, only shitty case designs that they customize a bit with LED windows in edgy shitty shapes for LED stripes that any idiot can buy anywhere.
Stuffing PC components into a case doesn't require deep expertise. It's the next step after learning how to slap two LEGO blocks together.

>PC gaming today offers a rich and immersive experience - thanks in part to
...a few game developers deciding to make games with innovative gameplay that utilizes as much of the input that a keyboard provides as possible, contrary to consoles that are stuck focusing on cinematic experience and graphics because the console controllers are still stuck in the same input quantity for 3 gens now.

>Lenovo will employ its system design and engineering expertise
...in order to perfect its spyware and adware injection techniques.

>while Razer will enhance the immersive experience for gamers
...which they won't even notice because playing games distracts from retarded case designs and seeing retarded riced LED lightshows on hardware outside of the viewing field of monitors on which all the action is.

>Additionally, both companies are looking to jointly double down efforts to fast track the development of new technologies
Oh, are Razer and Lenovo gonna start manufacturing new CPU technologies? New GPU technologies? New RAM technologies? New SSD and HDD performance enhancing technologies? New Monitor technologies?
Sounds like Apple
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>using anything remotely associated with Lenovo
>Sounds like Apple

Yea but with games, anon. Fucking games! And not just games but:
>Windows Media Player
>a much better selection of anti-virus and anti-malware products
>Compatibility with all your favorite third party Windows 8 software
>a motherfucking, badass Start Menu
>and much, much more

Apple fags are going to be so jealous that people have a better and potentially more expensive Facebook viewer, and birth control/STD prevention system than theirs. And who can blame them?
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Was playing around on alienwares customizer. This is only about $5000 overpriced, so not too bad.
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>and Dual SLI Nvidia GeForce GTX970
This is now well beyond the reaches of "getting ripped off".
anon it's an unbeatable offer holy shit can you not read?>>51572402
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