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Tech Horror Stories? Tech Horror Stories

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Feel free to share the most hilarious and horrifying tech stories you have, whether it's your mistakes, dumb people, or just whacky shenanigans. I'll start

>Be working at big time retail store in the computer department
>doing regular cleanup of our graphics cards
>old mustached fuck and his decrepit old wife come up
>"hey there mr anon, can you show me where the graphics cords are?"
>brain freezes for a second
>"do you mean display cables?" i mutter out in confusion
>"no, i mean the graphics cords you put in the computer"
>i respond
>"do you mean graphics cards?"
>graphics cards are literally RIGHT BEHIND ME
>it continues
>"Oh yeah, mr anon, that's what I'm looking for, but can you help me out?"
>"what's the best one you've got?"
>I am so confused at this point but reluctantly tell him
>"the best we've got are going to cost upwards of $600 to $1000"
>he says "what a rip off"
>I ask him what he needs the graphics card for
>he responds
>"I wanna be able to watch youtube videos and do the photoshops"
>welp, looks like grandpa doesn't know shit
>tell him "well, something like one of these should be sufficient" and show him the older generation shit that doesn't even pass as anything usable in 2015 for vidya
>"will this play my youtube videos? I wanna see the graphics cord"
>reluctantly pull the card out of the box and show them that it is indeed, a graphics card
>ask them if they know how to actually install one
>"yeah, sure mr anon"
>almost let them walk away but then realize they're both older than a Tyrannosaurus Rex's cum
>pop open some shitty alienware demo we have just to show them how a graphics card is actually installed into the motherboard
>go into detail on how to actually go about installing one
>remember that i need to ask them how old their computer is
>"I think it's 8 or 3 years old"
>you've gotta be fucking kidding me

Continued in part deux
>>"I think it's 8 or 3 years old"

Lurkin OP
Go on
Me interesa este hilo

>ask him if he's installed a graphics card before
>get the dumbest answer I couldn't have expected
>"yeah of course ive seen the neighbor boy do it before it can't be that hard"
>decide to get sarcastic
>"okay then, how do you install it"

Oh my god, nothing could have ever prepared me for the answer I would get. Nothing. I have never in my life experienced someone so fucking fucking wrong but arrogant about it at the same time.

>oh god
>here it cums
>"well mr anon, it's so easy. you didn't have to explain it to me, I already know how to install one!"
>christ, it begins.
>"it's really easy. You just put the graphics cord on the floor (again, the cord thing)"
>"and then you put the computer on top of it"
>I'm at a loss for words, because i don't know whether to laugh or be concerned
>I respond, lightly giggling
>"No (you dusty old bastard), you have to install it on your motherboard's PCI slot"
>he has the look of someone who thinks they know what they're doing, but doesn't, and responds
>"no mr anon, you don't do that, are you stupid?"
>he does the raised eyebrow thing arrogant old fucks do when they think they know what they're doing
>"mr anon, why are you working back here if you don't know what you're doing?"
>at this point I'm getting fed up
>tell them that a graphics card may be too far of a concept for them to grasp
>tell them to get some craptop or newer desktop to save the hassle
>"mr anon, you just want to up-sell us, I can see right through you"
>I respond by saying that if they were to do what they planned on doing with the graphics card, they would destroy it and get no performance
>the old fucker responds
>"you don't know what you're talking about! You're getting kind of greedy"
>I'm getting somewhat mad, but then sweet release
>old fuck hands me the really basic level shit tier gpu i showed him earlier
>"mr anon, you should really know what youre talking about when you talk about something with someone that knows about the subject"
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And that, ladies and gentleman, is the day I learned that to install a graphics card, you must place the entire computer on top of it to work.

Thank you, mr dusty bag, for saving me from a life of ignorance
i have one too
>work in one of those phone shops which repair, sell phones and accessories
>old man comes in
>says his son bought him a phone (zenfone 5)and it isnt receiving or sending calls
>do the usual, check the main stuff, works fine
>its on airplane mode, old guy doesn't realize that
>tell him its GSM modem is not turning on (well i am technically not wrong)
>tell old man to drop his phone with us and pick it up again tomorrow
>slow day so dont do anything but play WoW on shop pc
>guy comes back next day
>turn off airplane mode
>charge him 45$
That's kinda rood.. Should've just explained it to him.
You bastard.

You totally should have charged way more.
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>old bastard and his skeleton of a wife continue strolling through the store
>See them go to the audio/video department
>I feel sorry for anyone that has to deal with them at this point
>about 30 minutes pass
>Old guy is back in the graphics card aisle
>walk up to him
>ask if he's rethought his decision
>fucker says "not really but I'm not getting from you mr anon"
>the gpu i showed him is no longer on the shelf
>it's back the next day


This is a very common issue with a lot of old timers in tech stores. They've got this mentality that every employee is out to rip them off some way or another - so they act like they know what they're talking about (which is pretty easy to see through within the first few seconds of talking to them) and get all flustered when you call them out on their BS. Sad really.
>Tech horror stories

>go on 4chan
>click /g/
>read any thread aside from the sticky

End of story.
Thread posts: 13
Thread images: 3

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