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Phablet Showdown: Samsung Galaxy Note5 vs LG V10

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It's the Samsung Galaxy Note5 vs the LG V10 on tonight's episode of /g/ dickwaggling ego war!

Vote for your winner in this competition of Android meme phablets:


•••Sameshit Galaxy Note5•••
+ S-pen
+ Superior specs
+ Samsung Pay
+ God-tier Fingerprint scanning
+ Built-in wireless charging

- Will never be rooted outside of T-Mobile
- Touchjizz RAM management
- No removable battery or additional storage
- No IR blaster

•••LG V10•••
+ Secondary top screen
+ 64GB base storage w/ additional storage available
+ Superior headphone sound management

- Will eventually get rooted but will still be a bitch for custom ROMS
- No UFS 2.0 Storage

Both phones will suffer from manufacturer bloat and carrier bloat but those can be minimized by even the slowest of /g/ users.

Do your own research if you choose:
Anyone who votes the Note 5 is a cum eating kekold who loves to take brand dick in thier ass

the v10 is superior in every way that matters
Why would you compare to a Note 5 now? The Note 6 is less than 6 months away.
So is every phone
cue the samesung defense force in 3... 2... 1...
Not to start a flame war, but I'm curious of /g/'s opinion...

How does the iPhone s6+ stand in comparison?

assuming price was equal, which of these 3 is the best on a day to day level?

This tbqh fham
V10 doesn't have an SPen.

This is important.
The iPhone 6s+ would really probably be one of the best three phones for most uses.

But it is just not worth 4x the price of a Redmi Note 2 or Mi4C.

The thing is, even if the 6S+ is spec'd nicely, the difference will be one on paper for most people - who neither fill all the storage (+ microSD in the Note 2's case) or use half the processing power of either of these.

Maybe a little difference will be seen in the camera's image quality at dawn/dusk, that's pretty much all you might really be paying for. And Apple's image.
Hmm, I personally don't care about image quality as all 3 have more than I need in that department. I'm probably going to buy one of the 3 at some point this weekend and I'm really torn on the practicality off each of their "gimmick" features (S Pen, 2nd Screen, 3D touch).
What's your opinion on the relative usefulness of those gimmick features?
I'm going to throw a shitty opinion at you.

From what I have seen of 3D touch it is marketed a quick way of doing things, but it actually isn't.

For example, a quick way to view an email, but the email isn't downloaded until you open it so you wait the same amount of time to pop open the quick view as it would to open it fully anyway.
A quick way to follow a link, which takes the same amount of time.
A quick way into a specific feature of an app, which you could do in the same amount of time if you loaded the app (assuming you have direct access to the feature from the main view).

Things will probably change as people tweak their implementations but some are going to be limited by what Apple will allow (background processing/traffic etc)

2nd screen may have potential to go beyond just quick access so long as LG release an API for it, maybe they already have.

SPen allows you to do hover things easily, like tooltips, which is great but particularly if you want to hand draw anything then that's where you will be sold on it.
to add, really anything that requires precision the Spen is going to be your best friend. Games, drawing, etc.
Spen is goat for 4chan browsing. Hovering over quotes previews the text.
Pic related, muh home screen
this is true, I actually use this all the fucking time and it didnt even occur to me to mention it.
Note 4 is superior to Note 5 and LG V10
I wouldnt deny an argument could be made for it over either, but you can't flat out say it's better, that entirely depends on what you personally will be using the phone for.
Right, well I use my phone to take notes for school and work, to watch videos, and need plenty of storage and battery I'd say this phone is optimal. Really can't see any major flaws in the Note 4 besides fitting it in your pocket when using a case and lack of wireless charging out of the box (who cares). Actually, I'd say the biggest flaw is the locked bootloader.
>Hovering over quotes previews the text.
what app?
>Will never be rooted
It has been rooted months ago.
>>51551218i just use chrome
Any web browser, chrome, firefox, stock browser, etc.
>not using clover

git gud
>not having a note4 or 5.
>using an app to browse a website
This is 2015.
>using site-specific apps without desktop sync/send
>using inferior catalog or even paged list
>implying I dont

>browsing vanilla 4chan
This is 2015, at least use a browser plugin

>using site-specific apps without desktop sync/send
I guess you don't use any of the google maps, youtube, any social media site, spotify, netflix, or any other "site-specific" apps.
Fucking pleb
>>browsing vanilla 4chan
Firefox mobile supports extensions.
>google maps
App has navigation and caching. But I use another, paid, map/nav app.
I don't "browse" youtube at random.
>social media, spotify, netflix
Wait, who is the pleb here?
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>MFW vote just to see result page and my vote breaks the tie, 7-6 Note5
>big result button
>vote instead of clicking it
Thread posts: 31
Thread images: 3

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