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/CCT/ Career and Cert Thread

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What are you working towards? Need advice? Share your study resources! Pastebin in the works for FAQ

Post it in here

If you've got a tech career:

>Job Title
>Years of Experience
>How did you find/get job
>got the CEH course material today
>pdfs that can only be opened in acrobat reader
>no acrobat reader for linux
Fucking meme cert
Should I bother getting MCSE after my CCNA or should I just do cloud?
Are certs the way to go for a tech job if you've fucked up college? Have no tech job right now but thinking about getting one. Any recommendations as to what is in demand right now/a good idea to learn.
what did you study in college?
Certs: Security+ and CEH
Job: Senior in Highschool interning at local security office
Pay: 25$/hr for 4hrs after school
Experience: 2 years (?)
Film and television production. Although thats not really what i'm interested in, hence the 'fucked up'. Lots of shit was happening yadayada, now i'm stuck here with nothing lusting after the world of professional computing.
MCSE is cloud. After MCSA you specialise, and cloud is one of the paths.
I'm going into Comp Sci in university (Quebec) next fall. Right now I have nothing to really do, I was thinking to start on certifications to make a really good curriculum when I leave university. I am already pretty old, 24, but I recently just got out of my "GAYMING DEPRESSION" coma.

Should I just grind programming knowledge, or just head on networking certs or something? What do you guys think would be nice to know first? I've got plenty of time, like 6 months to do stuff.
Ah I didn't read into it cheers.
>gaming depression coma
is this where you game 24/7 and fade everything else out?

Pick a cert you can get after you finish uni, then go to the cert website, look at what needs to be learnt and get a pdf based on the exam and learn it. You'll ace your uni exams as well because you already have the knoweldge.
>Pick a cert you can get after you finish uni
You mean I can finish during uni?

Also unfortunately, the
>gaming depression coma
is basically that thing that happens to many. But hey, I lost 100 pounds, I learned how to study and learn, and I'm fucking hyped to just learn. So yeah, I really wanted to get into networking seeing there's big opportunities there, and it honestly looks pretty nice.

Otherwise for programming, I guess Python is still the go-to for first timer, right?
This is the way to go unless you're a no life guy that has lived with Computers their whole life and they're unable to have normal human contact with others. Get a A+ cert and get experience working literally anywhere that has any sort of computer related task involved, doesn't matter if its best buy or whatever just as long as you start somewhere. Don't be ashamed of getting a bullshit bachelors degree from a state College it's very unlikely HR places know a goddamn thing about what you're talking about and their job is literally just to tick the boxes in interviews:

Do you have Experience?:
Do you have a Degree?:
Do you know C++?:

You'll literally be force to forget everything you've learned in school and adapt to the bull shit procedures in place at your work site. After a couple years find a better paying dump or the place you're at will offer you a raise to stay since you know all the procedures in place and you can live the rest of your days on your own and still have money extra to pay for body pillows and stuff.
A++? Really?
Sorry should of continued my post. I'm >>51545973
and while I'm not socially retarded, I'm in a new town with more opportunity. I couldn't even get a job at bestbuy and the likes before, they didn't exist where I was. Is A+ recognized in Canada? I don't know how these things work.
I do basic computer repair and im about to take the Network+ exam, really want to know what to expect/study cant find shit on it
Get the mike meyers book, that's all you need.
pls respon to
That's a sweet ass deal. How'd you get that?
>Software developer
>almost 10 months
>found it on indeed.com and applied
>44k (started at 35k)
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