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prepaid SIM in the US

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My dearest /g/,
I will finally be able to make a trip to the glorious lands of freedoms and burgers.
I will even be able to visit its heartland, where the mighty googles, githubs and facebooks take care that I check my privildges!
But to fully enjoy that trip, I need a connection to the great wide intertubes in the sky.
And while my European carrier will gladly give me this connection, the prices for that will be of a rather middle eastern origin…
So long story short, my family:

>can I just walk into a random best buy or AT&T shop, put $10 on the counter and get a SIM card with 1GB of data and a few texts?

I am kinda worried, because there are all this threads here, where people from the US dont seem to understand the concept of buying a phone independent of the carrier and such things. Are these people just stupid, or is that in fact a fact in the US?

Can I even get a SIM as a foreigner? If so, what kind of ID do they need from me?

Whats the best option for a three week trip without too large internet needs?
AT&T Go Phone senpai
you can get "bring your own phone" plans just about anywhere. i got a blu studio energy off amazon and got a sim card from walmart on their "family mobile" plan for about $47 a month after fees. pretty sure you can do that at about any AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon, etc. store.
Prepaid SIMs are easy to get. Any Walmart or BestBuy (both of which are common stores) will have various prepaid SIMs you can put into any unlocked phone.
T-Mobile walmart plan: 30$+tax gets you 5gb data, 100min, unlimited texts; also most music streaming services dont count towards data usage and after 5gb it throttles to 2g. If you can find this plan still its a good choice. Its prepaid for 30days
>for about $47 a month
>30$+tax gets you 5gb data
Holy shit! Thats expensive! That seems like get-a-"free"-iphone-with-it-contracts to me!

also, what does
>Its prepaid for 30days mean?

I want to get a SIM, pay in cash, and throw it away after I got back to europe, with no way for the carrier to bill me for anything, besides the cash I paid up front.
Do you not have an international plan you could just use while you are here? Pay an extra 10$ to use your phone anywhere
The "30 days" thing means that you have 30 days to use the plan before it expires.

After 30 day, data go away, no bill, only cash.

You can buy refill cards if you run out of your service allotment i.e. after # minutes, data, text, days.
Cards with T-Mobile have the best deal fyi.
I already have one for within europe, but for the US its prohibitively expensive with my provider to get a GB worth of data.

I see.
And no cash after 30 day, T-mobile will not bug me anymore, and after a while the number will be resold, I guess?
At least that's how it works in Europe.
>T-mobile will not bug me anymore, number resold, etc.
Although they may occasionally e-mail you like: "S-s-senpai come back p-p-pleaase?"
Are there also some where I dont need to register an e-mail or shit?

I suppose with the recent attacks, totally anonymous wont be possible anymore, but I'd prefer a minimal version, where I just show them a quick ID, so that they can check that I am no terrorist, and that's it…
I also had this problem going from Europe back to the US. For whatever reason most americans prefer monthly billing cycles; pay-as-you-go isn't very popular here. I ended up going with T-Mobile. But whatever they have at wallmart will probably be what you're stuck with.
Can I expect that folks at best buy would at least know some bits about what they are selling, or can understand my situation?

I dont expect first class service by trained professionals, but at least some idea about what they are doing.

In europe the phone-contract folks at mediamarkt mostly seem to know what they are doing.

>Hello good sir, I am a tourist and need 2 GB for my 2 weeks here and I want to discard it when I leave. What's best for me?
Will this get me what I need?
Yeah, they usually have some idea what they're talking about. Expect them to upsell you though.
If you don't follow up your question with a heartfelt "God bless America!", you're liable to get lynched for being a fucking commie.
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Thanks. Good to know!
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 2

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