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Can't tell if pins are bent

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Sorry for killing a thread for this, but I can't tell if my mobo pins are bent. I built a computer recently, and ended up RMAing a PSU because when I pressed the power button, the fans would all spin for a millisecond, and then nothing would happen. The red light on my motherboard would stay on, but it wouldn't post and nothing would happen. I searched a bit online and found out this is usually a psu issue, so I returned it.

However, on a whim today, I decided to check my motherboard and noticed that half my pins look uniformly bent to one side and vice versa.

Pic related. It's the best quality I could get.
I'm not familiar with the pins in socket deal, as my first and only other computer I built was back in 2006 or something.

Build is:
i5 6600k
Asus z170 pro gaming
Psu: rosewill photon 650
Rest is probably irrelevant.

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Pic 2/3
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Pic 3/3
Its supposed to be like this newfriend, triple check your work while reassembling and try again.
they look fine from the pics but its somewhat hard to tell

when you get the psu back run it with a minimum amount of hardware until whatever you add causes the issue
Looks normal to me op that is most likely not the problem
Thanks, senpai. I've been out of the pc building world for a while. I did reseat everything 5 times and triple check to make sure that everything was plugged into the correct places. Same issue everytime I pressed the power button.
What do you think it could be?
>i5 6600k
>he fell for the intel meme
>he thinks giving a shitty company which keks its consumers into paying 30% more for at best a 5% performance increase
>just for the ABILITY to overclock
>is somehow going to end well

good job faggot. dipshits like you are the reasons the PC market is such utter shit and probably never going to recover.
>rosewill PSU
Here's what you do:
Throw it in the bin
Buy a Corsair with a 5/7 year warranty, any seasonic, a coolermaster v series or any of the gold rated be quiet supplies.

You then put everything back together and watch as it all works happily.
I did that when I still had the PSU. I basically had the motherboard, psu, cpu, and the cooler, and that's it. I tried it with and without ram, with the ram in a different slot each time, with 2 different sticks.

No shitposting allowed, friend. But if you're serious, I haven't used a desktop in well over 6 years, and since skylake supports ddr4, I figured I'd get in on it, and then have chances to upgrade as the technology matures. Also, 30% is exaggerated. It was 10% price.
It was fully modular 650W with 80plus gold efficiency. Was on sale. But if my RMA doesn't turn out well, I'll just get a seasonic.
> I think the pins are bent here's a picture
> pins are out of focus
Maybe you have something shorted to ground? Is the mobo touching the case in any place it shouldn't? Do you have a multimeter to test?
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wattage of psu and make/model of graphics card are also relevant, but right off the bat, rosewill psu's are shit, even if it posted it would probably die sooner than a quality psu. it sounds like the (current) psu just doesn't have enough amperage to power the system, i'd recommend getting one that has at least 40 amps on the 12v rail, if you look around a manufacturer's website they should have a chart like this that lists how many amps are on each rail, this one was from http://www.seasonicusa.com/S12II-Bronze.htm which i highly recommend
You might kick yourself after reading this, but it's probably a faulty power button assembly.

I had this issue for years, and tried a quadrillion combinations of things (removing physical devices, disabling in BIOS, connecting some only after boot, etc, getting a new PSU, fusebox service), until a few months back I thought to use an old power wire, and I've never had this issue since.

Of course to pack the PC up (and since the old wire itself had lost its button) I had to push the 2 wires between two 5.25" bay covers, and to power on now, I do the thing car thieves do in the movies.
This is what you do:
>Disconnect the PSU from all the shit
>Ground the green wire on the main power connector (just shove a conductive object into the green wire and any of the black ones)
>See if the power supply turns on and stays on
I don't think there is, but I did unmount the mobo and put it on the antistatic bag it came in, to make sure, and it was the same issue.

I didn't even plug in the video card yet, as I wanted to make sure the base components worked, and they didn't.
This is the power supply, and it has in the specs:

[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]
PCI-Express 6+2-Pin Connectors

54.2A right?

Will keep this in mind when I get it back.

I'm not sure what you mean, but it's a brand new case. Tried plugging in the power button both ways.
regardless giving such shitheads who put way more work into fucking their customers for what you claim is a small profit, is fucked.

i haven't checked the prices in years, but last i checked it was like 170 for the i5 and over 220 for the k varient.. before taxes.
It doesn't matter if they are or not. Just solder them.

I solder CPUs all the time.
Or you could spend $220 on the E3-1230 and be a god
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I think he is saying that the power switch could be faulty. Try removing the switch connector and touching the pins with a screwdriver to turn the computer on.
I will try that too. I attached the reset button to the power button connector as well, because what are the chances that both switches are faulty, but thank you.
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Also, red led doesn't mean anything bad, just means that you have standby power. Do you have a speaker hooked up to hear beep codes?
I did not. I figured that something should go on the monitor if it was semi working right?
You should definitely hook up a speaker. Very useful. If it is not making it past the post, it won't have anything on the screen, but it will give you a beep code so you can look up your problem
Thread posts: 26
Thread images: 6

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