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21:9 1080p vs 16:9 1440p

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I started a similar thread last night but I realized the question I was asking was wrong. Not which of these two monitors I should get (Acer Z35 or Asus 279Q) but rather what is more beneficial, 21:9 or 1440p?

>Acer Z35
21:9 only effective equates to an additional 640 pixels in width. From a productivity perspective does this make a big difference when in comes to getting things done? (i.e. research, Photoshop, editing, etc.)

Most media now a days is in 1920x1080 (16:9) therefore when watching movies, youtube or what have you there will always be a black border running down the sides. Given how IPS monitor's have a natural glow to them how much do you think this will effect the experience?

Most modern games have support for ultra wide resolutions do you think a wider field of view of only 640 pixels will make a big impact in competitive performance?

>Asus 279Q
Does 1440p make an actual difference in fidelity over 1080p? As I understand it most manufacture are skipping 1440p in favor of 4k, won't this mean future content will only be in either 1080p or 4K? Will I only see 1440p in games or up-scaled from 1080p or down-scaled from 4K?

Personally I'm leaning more to the Acer as I currently always find myself wanting for more screen room but can't afford multiple monitors. Additionally I find the 21:9 monitor to be more the practical choice but I don't have experience in whether that is actually true. Curved monitors seem to me like a poor mans triple monitor setup. Can /g/ weigh in on the practical benefits of ultra wide HD?
get the Asus 279Q
Although gaming is the primary reason I'm looking for a new monitor I want to know what the practical benefits are outside of gaming. I already have a 16:9 monitor and I'm wondering if there are any benefits to 21:9 (2560x1980) outside of gamin.

I'm fairly certain the 279Q will wreck the Z35 in a straight up gaming benefits comparison.
my previous post was just a joke

i switched from 16:9 to 21:9 a couple of months ago and there are benefits. the borders which you get from soaps or anime are ignorable aswell.

check out my thread about it
I have a 30" 16:10 2K monitor from Monoprice.

I had to RMA it once because of dead pixels, but the 2nd one has been great. 16:10 is good for people who can deal with black bars along the top and the bottom, because in exchange the seek and play controls that pop up from the bottom of the screen do not obscure the image/subtitles.

I'm not planning on upgrading any time soon, but the WASABI MANGO UHD420 4K monitor has been seen for close to your price point on ebay. Basically an LG panel.
I'd only get this 42" TV/monitor if i'd have an AMD freesync enabled card
Getting anything besides 1440p 144Hz is a mistake in this day and age.
this. also, freesync/gsync stutter and tearing reduction is more important to me than blur reduction and i don't play competitive enough to make use of that 1ms advantage
dont forget ips, we dont want no shit Tns around here do we..

You know what I might just go with the Acer monitor. IPS, 144hz (alleged overclock to 200hz), g-sync but more importantly I don't know if 2 980ti in sli can pump put 1440p in 144fps (or OC'd165hz) for the Asus 279Q. But with the Acer is essentially a wider 1080p monitor so the 980ti's should have no problem pumping those out at 144hz or maybe 200hz.

I find myself leaning more to the day to day practical benefits over pure gaming benefits, I always find that screen space is at a premium. Thanks anons.

Also it'll be interesting to see how 21:9 benefits from curved monitors .
Seems like a good thread to ask. Samsung UE590 (4k 27") or Dell P2415Q (4k 24" IPS)?
From what I can tell the Dell is a better quality panel but is much smaller. Is it worth it?
I would consider the Dell, cause the build quality is better and its adjustable. Tho 27 inches seem nice for the Samsung but samsungs monitors have wannabe ips (pls) panel which colors are quite worse then dells ips panel.
Forgot to mention. If u game alot and u have an amd graphics go with samsung, cause it seems it has freesync.
Considering buying this


OP if you decide to get the 279Q, you might want to consider the XB271HU instead. The 279Q has a lot of bad panels being shipped while is seems the XB271HU doesn't. There really similar monitors.

nigga, first of all, they are both 1440p.

secondly, 1440p is far superior than 1080/1200p

third, nobody is skipping 1440p, actually in a few years it will replace 1080p as the new standard.

fourth, 4k is a joke.

and finally the 21:9 is just stunning, but comes with lower HZ.

so pick your poison.
I might as well ask since this is a 1440p/144hz vs Ultrawide thread....so has anyone actually used one of those 34 inch acer ultrawides? One is 75hz with Freesync and is a reasonable price, the other is 100hz with G-sync and is expensive as fuck. I'm tempted by these ultrawides but I'm starting to wonder if going with a 1440p/144hz IPS isn't a better idea.

The Acer Z35 is Ultrawide 1080p(2560x1080) at 144hz(200hz OC'd), the Acer X34 is Ultrawide 1440p(3440x1440) at 60hz(100hz OC'd) and both have G-Sync.

The real question here is now that its decided on 21:9 is... are 2 980ti's in SLI hit better served by 200fps delivery in Ultrawide 1080p or 100fps delivery in Ultrawide 1440p?
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 1

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