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Any Thinkpad experts out there? I have a bunch of questions for you.

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I have a bunch of questions about thinkpads.

>Why is it better to buy a used thinkpad over a new one? Is it really?

>Is it worth waiting for Cyber Monday/black Friday to buy one?

>What thinkpads do you own, and why did you buy it? What price did you buy it at too? - Just interested to know which ones you guys bought, the main reasons, what you use it for, etc.

>Which thinkpads are considered objectively best at this time?

>Why do i hear people saying Lenovo has fucked up with thinkpads. i hear this all the time, but i don't know the context.

>Are all thinkpads built with windows preinstalled? I have always associated thinkpads with linux for some reason, although looking around, it seems as though windows is always the main choice.

>Why are thinkpads so popular? What is it that makes them so famous?
Go on the /tpg/ with those question, generals are here for a reason you spoonfed cunt

>wanting to learn about something
>spoonfed cunt
Fuck it, I'll answer for you because I love dat IBM image.

1. Used thinkpads are best because they're always going to be at least 50% cheaper. Since ALL parts of a thinkpad are serviceable and replacable, if something is worn down or not working you just ship in a part for $10 and it works like new again

2. no

3. I own a Thinkpad x120e but don't use it ATM (only got it to refurb and resell). I own a Dell Latitude which is essentially the same thing: wholesale, serviceable PC for business. Got it for under a hundred dollars working WITH Windows 7 included.

4. T420 is what I hear about most of the time

5.That's bullshit, old IBM branded thinkpads are good if you wanna do simple web browsing on a lightweight Linux distro and that's *it*. Get a Lenovo if you plan on anything more.

6. Thinkpads are general business PC's and businesses will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use Windows since it's what they know and what usually "just werks". So they almost always come with Windows. Even if you don't want to use Windows keep the COA in case you change your mind.

7. They get sold by the 1000s to businesses and governments so you can find them cheap on craigslist, and they're easy to service. That's basically it.
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op, there are some nice deals for t420s on ebay rn - about $140 for i5/8gb/320hdd
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Gud deal

The main benefit of buying a used or parts ThinkPad is that the price is greatly reduced compared to new/flawless, but this goes with any laptop. A used Latitude, Precision, Elitebook and (in certain cases) MacBook are always good to buy used if you aren't afraid of repairing bad hardware. A lot of documentation is out there anyways

Black Friday/ Cyber Monday is good for items that need to go and deals for new equipment. You can always find a good or great deal locally or thru eBay anytime of the year, just depends what you're currently looking for, although I've waited years for a 'deal' or a laptop I didn't even consider getting at the time

My first ThinkPad was an X61T, I bought it in 2010/11 I forget, it cost me about $380 in the end. I own quite of few ThinkPads past and present, I flip them as well. I got an X1C3 IPS for $900 as a refurb, but I liked a $200 T430 better, just got lucky with that deal.

T420 & X220 are priced good and will do great for everyday tasks. I like the T430 more due to better performance and battery life.

Indicator lights, removal of the classic keyboard layout and general appeal to mass audience rather than old business appeal is why no Lenovo is not liked. But IBM had done their own cost cutting as well.

Every laptop has Windows pre installed, though you can get Linux if buying new from Lenovo direct. Just buy a parts machine or format into Linux, ThinkPads just have great Linux support compared to competitors.

ThinkPads are famous for innovation, plus big blue was still strong in the 90s when they released it. ThinkPad laptops have been in space for decades. Innovative modes like the 'butterfly keyboard 701C, a full size keyboard expanding from a small notebook, 755CSV, the lid removes so you can see your monitor thru a old projector, premium IPS displays in the A30, T40 line, T60, X series tablets, as well as worldwide fan base and enthusiast community.
>I love dat IBM image.
IBM Canada's old Head Office in King St, Toronto. Right opposite the King Edward Sheraton Hotel.
Judging by the 1401 on the left it's a pre-S/360 vintage, probably 1964-5.
i've my x61 with a ssd that run perfectly well
>Why is it better to buy a used thinkpad over a new one? Is it really?

Because it probably has the previous owner's cum in the keyboard :)
Thread posts: 11
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