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Pen Thread

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The writing instrument has helped humanity record history, and create
the future.
This is a thread to discuss the essential and pivotal piece of
technology called the pen.
It's time to write faggots
Required reading:
>Anatomy of a Fountain Pen
>Pen reviews
>Paper reviews
>Recommended Pens for newbies
Lamy Safari
Pilot Metropolitan
>Best go to black ink?
Noodler's Black.
My TWSBI Eco broke after only two months of daily use. Feels bad
Is Mont Blanc ink any good? I can get that, waterman and Sheaafer ink locally.
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In Germany it was (or is, it's been a while for me) required in elementary school (and first years of the following period) to write with fountain pens.

I was actually surprised to find threads about fountain pens on /g/, since this is a children thing here.
Unless you have a really good handwriting, what most people (including me) don't have. I tried to cultivate my cursive handwriting, but it still looks childish to me.
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First I thought that's my pen and desk.
It's the same here in Slovenia.

Any tutorials on how to improve your hand writing?
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This one's pretty simple, it's a slideshow on Italic handwriting and how to teach it to students:

And here's a PDF full of more ornate scripts from Iceland, not a tutorial but lots of pretty letters to imitate:
This fucking reeks of fedora

Name one reason to use a gay fountain pen instead of a cheap throwaway pen? Having a weak limp wrist doesn't count.
refillable, i guess. and yeah they might have better contour or whatever. idk, i dont use one.
I use some pen my uncle gave me; bought it at some fancy pen shop in London
Eat shit, buddy. Proper handwriting is a art. Shove a stick up your ass if you don't like it.
Can't get a warranty replacement? I thought I heard that TWSBI was really good about this kind of stuff.
I messaged them on Amazon and they said nope :(
Did you contact TWSBI directly? Or speak with Amazon support?
Having more than an ounce of class.
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I ordered some 54th mass and i got ottoman azure inside the bottle when its labeled as the former. Is noodlers known for bad qc like that?
>"having class"
fedora detected
Don't talk shit till you try it, it feels so good.
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I have this Montblanc Noblese that I bought recently which is fantastic for writing Japanese with due to the nib being so fine and dry

Even so I keep using my 149 pens because I just want to fucking master that bloody beast but its impossible to write those tiny characters properly using those monsters
not him, but I bought a Lamy Safari, studied how you're supposed to write by watching a number of youtube videos, and gave it a solid week of just writing with that pen - no muddling back and forth. Writing with it was still scratchy and unsatisfying. It felt distinctly like all the other bullshit hipster endeavors that are more complicated than they need to be but that hipsters insist is better because of some combination of being more traditional and pure to the original practice of blah blah blah.

Sure, give fountain pens a try, but try not to get swept up in some wave of misplaced nostalgia for the old ways of doing things.
Fair enough if you didn't like it but your shitty experience doesn't apply to everyone.
>studied how you're supposed to write
I didn't even realise you're meant to do that. I'd just rotate till I found a spot on the nib that felt good and wrote well and stuck to using that spot. Also a cartridge pen gets as complicated as having to change the cartridge and prime it, which is not complicated at all.
Thread posts: 25
Thread images: 6

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