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AWS for gaming

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So /g/, I've tried setting up a EC2 g2.2xlarge instance for gaming, set up my stream, configured all the encoding and shit. Using ZeroTier for steam in-home streaming.

Currently getting 60fps (because of my 60mz t440s screen), without any noticeable delay at all. This shit works goddamnit, why aren't there more people using this?

Pic related, avg. spot hour prices on the eu-frankfurt serverfarm.
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My result on cloudping.info, currently on wi-fi but cabled has got 30ms or something among those lines. In steam in-home it says 18ms, again on the cabled side. We've got 50mbps currently in my household and getting upgraded to 80mbps on the 1st of January. I live in Denmark.
Noone? :) To people who hasn't tried it, did you know that the possibility existed?
Are you using spot instances to game? I guess if you lose the instance it's not too big a deal unless the game is super important to you. Aws for multi boxing might be interesting
why would I bother with this shit, you don't even know how much it's going to cost you as according to your chart price can suddenly jump 30 fold.
You can set a max so your sever shuts down if the price jumps above it. It's not supposed to be running constantly. You can also have a flat rate of 1$ per hour with taxes.

Spot instance is great, just set up dropbox for your savefiles and it'll sync automatically on startup. Make a new image each time you need to update something big and when you've installed a game etc.

Currently running on demand cause I am still in the testing phase, checking out if fallout 4 is possible with no lag etc.
Is this means I will be able to play Halo 4 for $1/hr on lunch breaks and even the times my boss is not around, without buying and carrying $4000 worth of hardware that will be deprecated after two years?

This is what I call thinking outside of the box! THIS IS FUTURE.

How do you send keystrokes and mouse movements to your server? With VNC or something?
Setup is like this, rent a g2.2xlarge instance from AWS. Setup all the shit needed, (drivers for GRID gpu, GRID SDK, virtual soundcard etc) enable all the things needed in WS2012 for you to be able to handle it as a normal computer. When this is done, DL Steam and Zerolink (like hamachi). Setup ZeroLink to a network, which you will also have to do on the client computer, the one you will be sitting at. Then log in on the same steam account on both of them, and you will be able to stream via steams in-home streaming system, this way all the input will be taken care of.

Works pretty good as of now for SP games, though my instance seems to struggle when a lot of network activity is going on. Tested with chivalry medieval warfare but this game has a sloppy mouseoutput by standard so might not be that good for an example.

Any way, my struggle at the moment is getting it to encode the feed in NVBCD, currently in fallout 4 it's running with NVFIR, which gives worse performance in games from what I've read. These encoding formats are enabled by having the GRID SDK installed onto your instance. You will be able to see the current encoding format running in a game by enabling it in steam and pressing f6 when the game is running.

NVFBC = Great for single GPU heavy processes, as a game running fullscreen.

NVIFR = Great for GPU heavy desktop based work (Imagine architect programs and 3d modelling etc.)
good for causal laptop gaming
too expensive for serious desktop gaming
That depends, if your connection is strong enough then it's possible to get a perfectly clear image and inputresponse (which means competetive gaming will be an option). For me this is great, cause I live in a small apartment where I haven't got room for a desktop PC. If you run with the spotinstances (that means making an image which you boot up every time), then the cost will be so low it won't even matter.
a $2000 pc over 3 years is $55 a month. if the instance is $1 per hour it's not really worth it, not to mention that you would need an expensive internet connection to use it.
>1$ per hour with taxes
Jesus christ. There are some games that I have over 5k hours on. Spending fucking 5k on a computer isn't even remotely worth it, especially since the price keeps going up.
What's the roundtrip for input?
If money is a concern, then I'd go with the spot instances. They come at everything in between 0.09-0.6$ an hour. Of course this is only possible if there is extra capacity available, which the spot instance system is based on. The less machines currently in use, the lower the price.
Around 18ms + 30ms for display for me, but you can get it to 4ms and even less depending on your connection.

This guy has a pretty good connection.
This is the most interesting thread I've seen on /g/ in a while. I'm setting this shit up.

My client will be a $120 Intel Compute Stick.

Follow this guide.

Also, use this AMI.


Set up teamviewer or something else that enables the hardware GPU to update the GPU driver. You NEED to upgrade the GPU driver to the latest or else it won't work with the right encoding. If you use RDP it won't detect the hardware and a install is impossible.

But good to see I'm not the only one who finds this exciting, I'm still in the learning process too.
The AMI specifically suggests using Teamviewer to stream games. Any thoughts on that?
Yeah, use fucking teamviewer.
What's the latency of that vs Steam streaming over VPN? How's input support, e.g. gamepads?

Don't use TeamViewer, TeamViewer does not support the right encoding. I cannot stress how important the encoding is to the performance. NVFIR is worse than NVFBC, and I don't think either of those are even available in TeamViewer. Just do as the guide says, as it's currently the best solution possible.

It's the difference between this:

And this:
Look at the bottom, while it's still steam in-home, the codec is libx264 instead of H264.
TeamViewer is unusable for streaming games. It's designed for desktop screen sharing, not video/games and especially not for real-time transmission.
Thread posts: 23
Thread images: 2

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