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Didn't find the stupid question general so I'll just

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Didn't find the stupid question general so I'll just ask here

I'm trying to make my FX6300 run at 3.5, without auto overclocking or downclocking

I went in the BIOS and changed the following

Overclock: Manual
Frequency: 17.5x200 which gives me 3500mhz
Voltage: auto
Turbo: disabled

Now it stays at 3500 and downclocks when nothing is going on which is fine but sometimes it will go to 3800mhz, why the hell is it doing that? I just ran prime95 and it varied from 3500mhz to 3800mhz, is it because of the voltage?
OP here, another question
it has this over voltage thing, how does it work? does it add to the voltage or sets the voltage at what I want? I'm guessing 1.225 would be fine for 3.5, yes?
what about it
You're positive Turbo is disabled?
Can't help OP at all but here goes mine;

What image browser do you use to sort your treasures let's say on a samsung note 8.0? Maybe something including the s-pen?
Yeah, unless there is more than one setting hidden or in auto that I don't know about

1) turn turbo off, turn cool and quiet off as well as all other power saving features
2) manually set all voltages to whatever the fuck they are running at stock
3) up clockspeed by 100mhz
4) bench
5) if crashes, up voltage a step, if stable up the multiplier
6) depending on mobo nudge LLC up a step before adding voltage
7) keep the mobo cool

Auto voltage can often fuck you with vdroop and other crazy outcomes as very few motherboards are good enough to actually guess what the chip needs.
>Voltage: auto

Why? You should manually set it give +0.060v to nb/vcore at least
I don't think this motherboard could handle anything over 3.5Ghz, it's the cheapest I could find

The BIOS only has "CPU Over Voltage"
whats the model?

So that "CPU Over Voltage" setting is in fact the place you wanna be. Kind of a funny name for it never owned a Asus mobo before.


BIOS->Advanced->CPU Over Voltage

Move "cursor" there, press "-" ("+" is for increasing voltage)

I'll try that but it's so weird, it says over voltage but it doesn't say at what's the base voltage
yeah just increase northbridge and vcore to about +0.050 or +0.0.060
meant to say +0.060*

Remember to over clock your RAM if needed.
Jesus christ op you literally just increase the clock and voltage until you can run stable at 3.5 it's dead fucking simple.
He was having problems with his shitty Asus motherboard, I personally would be like what the fuck too, but I would naturally google the mobo overclocking how to's before posting.

but hey, thats what sqt is for!
Well I did google it but I didn't find the solution to my two questions in the OP

Wait I have to increase both of them?
it would be wise to!

vcore is most important though.
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Alright I tried but it looks like it won't save?

tried increasing:
CPU Over Voltage
VDDNB Over Voltage
none of them would save

didn't mess with Chipset Over Voltage
don't add that much voltage to it.

Unless im reading wrong are you giving +0.85v?
That value is after pressing "+" only once
that shits insane, I dont know what to do, other things I would do would probably be putting in the number manually using the number keys.

but fuck man, that shits kind just...

I know which brand I am not buying next!
Yeah it's pretty shitty, I sent ASUS a support ticket and I'll probably just RMA it or something

thanks for the help
No problem, gigabyte has cheap ass motherboards as well as MSI. Sucks that you probably are going to have to do all that rebuilding your computer again.

I see your motherboard has Asus Turbo Key application, try playing with it.
Watching this video, go watch it, I think this may fix your problem OP!

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70KB, 921x401px
I think that was probably needed in older OSes, couldn't find it in my motherboard's driver section. Probably just a gimmick that no one used.

at least mine is running at 3500 maximum right now which is what I wanted, shame I can't mess around with the voltage but whatever
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Anyone know why this dudes hands shake so much during his videos?
Too bad im not at home, since i have the same cpu and mobo, but im stable at [email protected] 1.35v, do >>51445454 , also, update the bios and keep the mobo temp under 60c at all times if possible, with good ventilation, the vrms will throttle at 4.5 ghz....
But saving for a better mobo is advised.
well I can't change the voltage as I said >>51446515

bios is already the latest

but what would be a good voltage for just the default 3.5?

do you keep cool n quiet on? which power plan do you use on windows? (if you use windows)
Update bios
i have the latest one, 1101
how are you enjoying all those half cores?
those are all full cores you dumb fuck. The lawsuit retard doesn't know shit about processors.
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Thread images: 4

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