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Steam Machines

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Since Valve seems to have more or less forgotten about whole Steam Universe project, could we be the ones who get more OEMs on board?
Getting more and better choice of Steam Machines is the only way that is missing to achieve recognition of Linux as valid gaming platform.
the only reason valve started this project is to sidestep any potential fuckery by microsoft

as microsoft shifts further towards controlling their own "app store" and cutting valve out of their main source of income they need to solidify their own operating system

a nice side benefit is a decent TV experience and probably some VR help
I can't see linux ever being a good choice for gaming. Even if they some how manage it I don't see how they'll do it for games that aren't cross compatible except for use a windows emulator like wine at a serious cost to performance.
That's quite a long time.
And yes, how do you play DOS games and older console games on computer? You emulate them.
If Linux ever gets relevant, it will be so far in the future that computers won't have problem emulating what is currently ran natively on Windows.
You must remember that as computer hardware gets better, so too will games use said hardware to more realistic graphics, taxing system resources. Thus the cycle repeats itself.
I was wondering since a build I found online would roughly equal the same amount.

Is it better to construct my own PC with Windows or is it better to just purchase a Steam Machine either from Alienware or Syber and then just install Windows on it?
Seriously I really hope that steam OS start being a thing.
Wayland, vulkan are coming, drivers are starting to be great. Everything is improving while windows will still have the same performances and can no longer improve. Maybe DX12, yes, but nothing compared to the revolution linux is living.
And you know what ? there's benchmarks that shows linux beating windows.
I wonder what will be the performances of a linux system in one or two years compared to windows.
Such a nice thing happening is impossible
It's easier to build your own computer and load up a copy of Windows and unlock it with Daz Loader or something. You'll probably have better hardware that'll last longer too.

I'd imagine it's much more difficult to get Windows to play nicely on a steam machine, but who knows.
I don't like the hardware on them even if they are dual booted. They have weak i3 cpus and shitty laptop gpus that can't be upgraded. Just make a PC with a decent cpu and something like a gtx 950 for the same price.
the only good steam machine that I could see is the one made by materiel.net. I didn't calculated if it was worth, but with the steam controller it can be.
But yeah, the rule when building a computer is DIY. In Paris there's a district where you can buy things very cheap, and with random discount you can find in some websites you can save a lot of money. 2 years ago I build my computer spending 700€ for something worth 800€ if I paid every component their full price on the same website.
I've always wondered about that. What if what you build was essentially that same manufactured PC? I mean I assume most builds will have at least an i5 processor and I assume most manufactured PCs will have at least that.
Here's the thing though, steam machines use mobile GPUs, which are notorious for having a very short life span. They are usually soldered in as well, so after 1-2 years you will have what's essentially a dinosaur to your games.

With a personal build, once your GPU becomes obsolete, you can just purchase a new one to install. Once you experience CPU bottlenecking, you can replace the CPU (and the mobo too if it's on an older socket). If you need more RAM, get more RAM either by buying it or downloading it.

The point of a PC build is to have complete modularity. A steam machine was not built to be upgraded, but bought and tossed once a new one comes out.
You'd have to know what you're doing to check. Looking at the first one on newegg for instance
it isnt really marked up.
I disagree.
All it would take is a combination of two things.

1) a open API like vulcan to btfo out of the DX equivalent.
2) hardware to advance to the point where loss in performance emulating older dx games has negligible performance hit.
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