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Since we're all consumerist whores, might aswell make a list.
>Office chair
>Wall Mount
>Maybe a chinkpad sometime in the futuro
>a new processor I5
>sell r9 380
>buy gtx 970 or r9 390
>monitor mount
>Office Chair
I got fired and have no Job right now, living with my parents and doing school
>Finally have some spare cash
>Nothing to buy
>repair my aeron chair
>new desktop computer
>third screen, preferably 144hz and >1080p
mechanical rgb keyboard - dunno which one yet
300-500€ headphones - dunno which one yet
1200€ rig (next month)
1440p 120-144hz monitor
So awesome Aeron chairs are so repairable. I know a girl who bought a broke ass one off ebay and had it repaired.

> CPU holder for my EvoDESK
> Wire management bullshit
>Office chair or wheels
>2 Case fans
>New monitor (second hand 1080p monitor just cheap shit as long as it looks nice)
>New ram
>Buy Random Laptop some time down the track.
>Another Laptop for the Wife.
>pay for a windows 10 Pro disk (because i like hard copies)
>Buy my kid something useful.
>Wait for Zen
>Better keyboard (something with night lights and media fuctions in green and black)
>A new Car
>a refrigerator
>A better eco friendly 50" T.V. (because i don't want to shell out for shit i don't use)
>fix my playstation 3's Blu-ray player (got a dvd stuck in it)
>Office chair
>Second high quality monitor
>New mouse

Actually I think that's it.
>intel compute stick
>some earphones
>some serious speakers, tho i dont have the shekels for them
Maybe make the number 1 on your list a job.
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Isnt there a special hidden latch for that? Or am i thinking ps2?
Welp here goes nothing

January to buy list

>17u Wall mount Rack
>2 3u Server boxes with PSU's included
>1 24 port premade patch panel.
>1 24 port 1gb switch
>2 Double port NIC's
>1 Wifi PCI card
>1 Raid card
> 1 Workstation laptop with dedicated GPU for CAD.
>More ethernet cable
>4 mini pcie Centrino combo network cards
>A new desktop

And I'm not even finished.

1440p Monitor

New Squat Rack

Maybe Upgrade from Pok3r

New sub and rears for surround system.

Chemex filters

Schitt stack to replace the weak ass e10k

Nest thermostat

New bed frame
Oh and I forgot.

>15 raspberry PI 2's
>10 IR sensors
>4 GPS recievers
> 2 GSM usb modem
> 2 LCD's with touch for PI's
>Custom car sterio hookup.
>Switching power supply for Car
>Bigger Fuel tank for car
>backup battery for car

I think thats it.
>black ops 3
yes but my PS3 bluray wouldn't read anything and it keeps skipping and taking my DVD's then scratching them.
also the stupid PS has power issues and a number of issues with the USB.
Its fugged anon.

I've tried so many times to fix the issue but I don't think its worth it i'll just get another PS3

I wish i never sold my soldering Iron now... :(
Don't have the money for any of this, but this is basically what I want.

>white floating shelves for the wall
>a better fucking printer
>a better fucking desk, much longer and slightly thinner than what I have now
>a second thin desk to put on the other side of the room in front of my blackboard
>weeb decorations
>a longer ethernet cable, because I did a cable run with a pre-made cable and it ended up being a few feet short so I used a fucking RJ45 splitter hanging out of the cable channel with aother cable coming out of it; make it outdoor cable too, because I have standard cable running alongside the gutter and it gets wet all the time
>some fucking platform that's big enough to elevate my desktop from the floor slightly, but I can't get anything in this third world shithole
>Sine-wave UPS, which is all my PSU will accept apparently; in a small town in a shit country, the lights constantly flicker and once I've even had the voltage drops from 220V to like 90V, not to mention the power goes out for up to two hours every week in summer and winter
500gb ssd
1866 ram (unless my new motherboard will underclock my 2133mhz ram)
evga g220 850w power supply
1920x1200 monitor
2560x1440 monitor
Installed 50 1U's today. Have to wire the fuckers over the coming week.
>wageslave heave
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I have 3 grand i need to spend. What do I buy?
2XTitans in SLI

You don't have 3k to spend. You fucking idiot
I do. Its not personal money, its money from my business. I have to spend it or else ill have to pay 22% taxes on it
A house.
...that's really it.

I just picked up a nice Dell Ultrasharp 2560x1600 30" for $120 on craigslist, probably won't beat that too soon. Just finished getting my Rig to where I need to be. Have a sweet little Battlestation going including a Yamaha receiver and some Sony towers.

To Buy:
>SteamVR/HTC Vive when it arrives in a month or so
>Most of the AAA library for VR when it arrives
>Have an R9 280, FX 8320, 1Tb hard drive, 8Gb of Ram lying around, considering buying a mobo and PSU used on Craigslist to build a dedicated VR room where my Den is.
>Start saving up to travel to Eastern Europe with my fiance.
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Yeah. I make a rule to never eliminate tools, only consolidate or replace. Soldering Iron is a must.

I'm rooting for ya Anon
If you have a decent rainy day savings, then think up a list of needs. Then figure out which needs are actually wants. With that established figure out what would give you the greatest benefit (efficient use to satisfy needs; wants that you could gather a good amount of psychological benefit from). Pick whichever seems to be the best the moment you have it labelled out.

Otherwise eat the 22% and have some security.

Actually reinvest into the business.
Thread posts: 27
Thread images: 6

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