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okay /g/ so I want to get away from the bonnet that is Windows

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okay /g/ so I want to get away from the bonnet that is Windows 10.
I just finished installing OS X 10.9 on my PC, i know the font rendering is messed up, but i think that can be fixed...
I'm mainly going to be gaming - through steam.

Does /g/ recommend i stick with OS X, or go with Linux?
You should buy a dragon dildo and please yourself.
what games do you play?
mainly source engine based games, counterstrike is one

Jesus. If you are literally ok with having that little optimisation and that small selection of games, go for linux. It's customizable and overall more estetically pleasing (especially if you can dig ubuntu or mints style).
If it's mostly Source games, make the switch.
Gaming on hackintosh.

Heck, gaming on hackintosh mavericks, even.

OP I know it's a better choice than Windows for anything else but gaming. But gaming, games are actually a Windows thing, my man. You're jumping through more hoops there than you will using a linux distro (even though OSX has more games)
Why is the font rendering in safari so fucked up when the rest of the system looks fine?
macs are already terrible at gaming thanks to apple can't into driver optimization let alone apple can't into decent video cards for their insane resolutions they use.

but trying to game with a hackintosh?

really with all the pain of trying to get it functional to begin with, let alone trying to get it functional to game, you're better off going linux.

valve's entire catalog now is fully linux native. if all you're going to play is counter-strike: go and dota 2 you might as well go linux.

give arch a try.

or go ubuntu

you can get a hackintosh to work, but if you want to game you better go latest and greatest os x version and even then....
It has happened to me as well when I tried hackintosh myself a few weeks ago. It might have to do something with hardware acceleration.
>I'm mainly going to be gaming
or at least dual boot windows and linux
That makes sense
thanks anon
There's only hope for dual booting my man. If you really want to get rid of Windows you only have two choices: Stop playing certain games, specially AAA titles, or try to be the right amount of obnoxious and noticeable on communities so they decide they -have- to make a port on linux, mac or both.

Besides I like that you called W10 a bonnet. Heheh. Bonnet. OSX is also a botnet anyways.
>all the butthurt wintards saying OS X has no games when OP has clearly stated he wants to play Source games, all available and well maintained on OS X
>that guy recommending Arch and saying El Crapitan is better
Never change, /g/. Got a good laugh out of this thread.
Have you tried gaming on hackintosh mavericks at all

Have you anon I'm hella curious
>mostly valve games
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>3.79GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon
>8gb 1066MHz RAM

>Gaming on a mac
Thats like saying you want to do surgery without knowing about the human body. It aint happening.

(I do this myself)
>Linux distro as main OS on powerful PC
>VM/QEMU windows 10, 8, 7, vista, xp, me, 2000, NT, 98, 95, 3.1
>QEMU Apple OS9, OS 10.1 10.3, 10.4
>VMWare OSX 10.5 and beyond
>VM all Linux/UNIX/unix/bsd/haiku ect... what ever you want
>Android Emu (for phone games)
>Have steam
>Have POL for old school shit
>Emulate consoles that didn't suck
> Rice VMs for desktop threads
>Troll /g/ OS shill wars, say you have em all.
>trying to escape the botnet
>on Mac OS X no less
There is no escaping anything. If your computer is plugged into the internet you are actively participating in sending information via the internet be it the NSA, closed source programs, or your operating systems. There is no "escape" and there never will be. The only option is to give up on the internet completely or start participating in politics more instead of whining like the average millennial retard on internet sites. Hell even the new owner of 4chan is actively selling your data now and I'm fairly certain moot has sold out everyone here.

All that being said just go with Linux. With setting up a hackintosh you will get MORE problems than your average Linux distro. In addition, Linux does just about everything better. If you need it for "software" and yes that includes games then just run windows 7 or 8 through a virtual machine.
But... but why? Gaming on VM needs some cool hardware. Dual booting would be a better and less complicated choice and let's be honest: What does OSX offer to anyone that both Windows/Linux can't offer?
>start participating in politics more
>whining like the average millenial retard on internet sites

Those two often go together nowadays, with the progressive left.


anyways this is one thing I don't really understand. How many people scream botnet and don't know that there's no safe place, just less open to corporations than others. Just "hey, now I don't have microsoft on my back, but my ISP and the NSA are going to be there for me always, even in my sleep".

Not even that tails thing. Hell, tails is a way to raise your notoriety in a way. Every connection goes through TOR? What kind of normal person uses TOR?
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>okay /g/ so I want to get away from the bonnet that is Windows 10.
>I just finished installing OS X 10.9 on my PC
holy shit
Probably Linux, namely Arch, or one of the *buntus (non-Unity Ubuntu). They have pretty good gaming support for Steam and they're way more stable than a Hackintoh (at least from my experience).
The steam client is good on linux (I have Mint / cinnamon). And I can play about half of the games I bought on windows. I have about same framerate as windows with the shitty nouveau drivers.

>more estetically pleasing

Yeah... I can see why you couldn't even figure out how to spell "aesthetically" correctly.
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patrick bait.png
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Nice argument.

Yo man yo fonts dun fuked up
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Thread images: 5

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