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That one thread

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what is /g/'s recommendation on first programming language?

is python any good? c#? c++? java?

i really want to get into gamedev and possibly get experience for a job in IT/Computer Engineering

im not trying to shitpost or bait
i've asked this in sqt a lot of times, still no good answer.

So you want to learn programming?

You will need to pick a starting language. You will learn more later, but for beginners, there are generally two recommended "programming families" that you can choose to start learning:
-Dynamic programming languages, such as: Python, Perl, Ruby, Lisp
-Structured programming languages, such as: C, C++, Java, C#

These are amongst the most popular languages in use worldwide, including 4 from the top 5. Both approaches are perfectly fine, and well-documented.
-Dynamic programming may be a bit more suitable for those who need their programs to do heavy mathematics, and thus it is more popular in academia.
-Structured programming is a bit more suited for making general applications, and thus it is more popular in industries.
If you cannot decide, flip a coin.

If you choose dynamic programming, you may want to start with Python. It is very easy to pick up. Here are some good sources:

If you choose structured programming, you may want to start with C or C++. C is very well documented, and C++ is generally "C, with a few extra concepts added". Sources:
For C:

For C++:

Read: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php?title=Programming_Books

Sure, if you like. But the languages shown above are considered very good for beginners.

Learn Objective C.

Learn Java.

Learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Learn patience.

People have different learning preferences, I learned Python first then C and I did both through lectures because those are easiest for me, after that I learned some other languages by reading the spec for them.

Python was easy to understand and we didn't learn all the details of it, going from that to C felt pretty steady. Some people prefer to learn the most complex thing first and do so through books so there's no definitive answer really, it's a hard question to answer because of how personal it is.
>C++ is generally "C, with a few extra concepts added"

no NO NO NO!!! it is not a few fucking extra concepts. do not START with c++, start with c.

>iphone - learn obj-c

again NO! obj-c will make your eyes bleed, do not start with obj-c, if you must do iphone stuff use swift.
It doesn't really matter. Don't pick a starting language, pick an objective you want to achieve and then use the language or languages that make that possible.
C++ is a superset of C. By definition, and in practice, C++ is indeed C, with a few extra concepts added. A beginner can easily start with C++ instead of C, if they please.

>No! You newbie brains CANNOT comprehend the vast and extreme intricacies of classes and objects! Refrain, o noble noob, from venturing any further into C++. Stick with C. You are safe here.

What are the other major differences between C and C++, from the viewpoint of a complete programming noob? Function overloading?
No. Learn C if you want a rock solid foundation, OP. Take it slow and use a guide. Any language will be easy to pick up after that.

Plus you won't have the shame of not understanding pointers, which are critical to how computers actually work.
>possibly get experience for a job in IT/Computer Engineering

>possibly get experience for a job in car washing/space shuttle flying
I agree C++ is fine to start with instead of C but they act very differently nowadays. I mean gone are the days where C++ compiles to C to compile to asm. Saying C++ was inspired by C would be more accurate.
That is extremely offensive and insulting. You should be ashamed of saying such things. Did you parents not teach you manners? Why would anyone bad-mouth car washing like that?
C++ is so far from C now that they are no more worth composing than any other two languages. A valid C program is a valid C++ program and that's about it.
thanks everyone for your answers

tried and true
easy syntax to learn
C and(!) Java
I dunnot i learned alot of my python from making a stupid towerdefence game.
I dont think anyone is stupid enough to say I want to learn programming so i can make a triple A game.
Python is OO braindamage in a language with crappy syntax. Learn something useful like C/C++.
Quick question:
I need to learn processing but i want to start with an easier language to fully learn the basics. Any tips on something easier or do i need to change my approach on working with processing and follow a website or YoutTube tutorial?
Thread posts: 20
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