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eBay thread

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Post ebay shit
Keep it /g/
Cheap as chips
how do i send back or cancel a buy on ebay?
I accidentally bought a GTX 650 Ti thinking it was a GTX 660 Ti. It's still a pretty good deal but far worse than the 660
Email the seller, give them a legit reason, they feed off of positive reviews and they wont risk a negative one.
are all prices this shit in AUS ? i mean you could just buy retail for that price
i did but he didnt reply yet. ebay says its coming the 19
im not very familiarized with ebay
even if it comes, i can still send it back for a refund right?
Depends where you look.
thats pretty awesome. here in spain i saw was two R9 280 for 170€ (guy was selling them individually for 100€) but other than that a lot of people dont know jack shit about the market and price stuff wayyy too high
the other day i saw this guy selling a GTX 780 for almost 100€ more than what it costs new
I got my gtx 670 for $50, 4gb version.
It's dodgy as fuck but it was cheap and has 4gb vram. Computer detects it as a gtx 680, and the card looks a little rusted. Guy said his custom cpu loop failed.
Works perfectly fine in games though, 70+ fps in battlefield 4.
fuck you
im just asking dude
i bought the wrong thing
dont take it as something personal
It should be fine if you pay for the shipping, otherwise it's just a dick move.

You should have checked before ordering.
As an eBay seller, I have to say fuck you as well.

You bought the wrong thing through no fault of your own it is unreasonable to expect a refund for that reason.

You cost the seller time (for the original listing and dealing with you) and money (shipping it to you and then giving you your money back).

You need to deal with your bad choices instead of lumping them onto someone else.
Yea man I know
But I was completely sure it said "GTX 660" until after I bought it I realised it was 650
fuck me right? Sure, I don't mind paying shipping costs as long as i get my money back.
>Selling old Ax1200 PSU
>Some guy messages me with 'I offer you $50 including post ok deal'
>Ends up selling for $200
Yeah fuck you too buddy

That was a pretty shit story I guess.
2/5, not very friendly, would not deal with this seller again.
These people are right to be annoyed at you though, I've sold things on eBay and I'd be annoyed too, since it's going to cost the guy.
For every sale eBay takes a chunk of the money.

I recommend you just keep it and resell it.
Or just use it. 650 ti isn't that weak of a gpu. It should do fine in most games on medium settings.
You see, I have a HD 7750 for a while and its starting to struggle a little too much with new games, and the GTX 650 Ti isn't that much so im basically paying 70€ for a slightly better CPU whereas the GTX 660 Ti is 3 times better in G3D Mark

I'm already fine with most games on medium settings but having to play the new releases on minimum, or not being able to play them at over 20 fps really sucks
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Overall, I feel like the Radeon HD 7870 is the best used card you can find on ebay right now.

They go for $100 or less all the time.


There's another non-reference design one on there right now for $100 shipped.

I know it's pretty boring to own such a common GPU in your computer, but if you just want to play some gaymes with good grafix at the default settings these will get the job done.
also i messaged the guy as soon as i realised my mistake to try and stop him from sending it and avoid the whole process to get the refund directly
as i said, im not very experienced with ebay
Sell it.
I've bought gtx 670s for $120 and resold them for $200.

You can make a profit if you know how to sell.
I know a friend of a friend who could be interested but I don't want to sound like im desperate or anything
I could also post it in a page similar to ebay with no fees that is fairly popular in my area
How do you sell?
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z210 for $199. Pretty slick...

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I know it's pretty boring to own such a common GPU in your computer
As an eBay seller quit being a bitch, you know damn well eBay is buyer sided and that's just how shit goes. I know I'd do the same thing on Amazon tbqhwyf
Haha america is expensive :')

Price it a little lower than everyone, but charge for shipping too, and let them offer.
I sold one for $240 including shipping and the second for $190 including shipping.
Let them make their offers, make a counter offer giving them a slight discount from your original price, and usually you'll see it sell after 2 or 3 offers from the same person.
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>Sell grafics card
>someone buys it but doesn't pay
>send him a message asking him to pay
>open a case up about it
>8 days later still no response or anything
>close case and get a fee credit or somthing

What the fuck happened? First time something like this has happened to me.
i liked it
I dunno man. I've had people win items and not pay, and just never respond again. One time they got a great fucking deal too.

I did that once. I won a cable for 5 cents and decided not to pay.
I've brought other things from that seller before and he's a cool guy.

I bought 2 micro USB 30cm cables from him one time, he sent 2, twice, leaving me with 4 cables. I messaged him telling him about it and asking if he wanted me to pay for the extra 2 and he told me to just keep them.
Thread posts: 30
Thread images: 8

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