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Why is /g/ full of shills? What's wrong if someone likes

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Why is /g/ full of shills? What's wrong if someone likes a product that you don't like?
There's absolutely nothing wrong at it

Sponsored by Microsoft™ Windows™ 10™ Powered by Microsoft™ DirectX™ 12™
I do use Windows, but I'm not sponsored by anyone. I highly doubt that anyone shilling is actually sponsored

There is your first problem shill.
Do you even understand what "shilling" means? Because I'm pretty sure you don't.
there's very clearly marketuer faggots here.

>every thread has tonnes of faggots regurgitating the same faggotry constantly
>get an i5! get an ssd! get a 970!
>then they turn around and say install gentoo!
like they're obviously trlling, but dipshits still give shitty companies who deserve to be boycott and sued into the ground their money based on these idiots advice.
Being an apple fanboy is being shill
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It triggers their ass burgers
Man just use the shit you like. People on this board see something they don't like and unleash the full power of their autism.
Recommending a 970 is stupid. And this is coming from someone who fell into this meme and had two in sli.

The 3.5gb gate is real. If you can get over the the trolls a 390 is a MUCH better solution. Generally cheaper, faster in most benchmarks, and you know its true to its specs.

And I'm no amd shill. Posted on my 6700k - 980 ti machine.
Thanks man, I worked really hard for many hours for my stuff and then come on here and see people talking shit on it even though it works great.
yet every other thread being spammed here is "help me build!" then the thread gets spammed with sacks of shits saying

god i miss the days when every shilling shithead thread got spammed with nothing other than
>install gentoo
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Its nothing wrong with it.
If everyone used same shit, we all would be like Apple sheep's. Next time you see a mad shill trying to spread his sheep propaganda, you know he is just one of those stupid brains that don't know any better. There is no reason to argue or care about their aggressive shilling, just use what you think is best for yourself and be happy. >>51398086
>There is no reason to argue or care about their aggressive shilling
except for when they convince people to give shitty companies money..

perpetuating shit marketing tactics and stagnating the market with SHIT.
I recently have seen lots of osx shills. Not really any windows people
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this is literally just a containment board, here to distract people from /pol/ before they get to /a/
It gives them a sense of meaning in there otherwise pathetic lives
new ebin maymay, you dip
Welcome to 4chan.
Join the hivemind, embrace the autism.
So you're trying to give shitty companies money
>Why is /g/ full of shills?
Pal, it's now 2015. If you're the EVP of Marketing at a Fortune 500 company, and you don't have at least a couple of outside "reputation management" firms launching swarms of curry shills to spout online astroturf nonsense about how your latest USB cable is "life changing"...well, you can pretty much expect to lose your job.

>What's wrong if someone likes a product that you don't like?
Please see the above. Is the other person who likes their product a true fan, or just a shill? Are they trying to deceive me? Are they part of a coordinated psyops campaign to distort my perception of a terrible product? Is their scathing personal criticism of my chosen product genuine, or are they being paid to do it? How shitty and fake has online discussion become with these constant suspicions in mind?

tl;dr The internet sucks now, its become an echo chamber full of shills and carnival barkers, don't believe anything you see.
You can't shill for free software. Beside releasing humanity from slavery and backdoors, what else do you gain?
mpv shills say otherwise
What do they gain from guiding people away from shitty codec packs?

This. I would also add, if you were once amongst the enslaved, it will add a certain passion to your fight against technology that emphasizes propaganda and style over substance and freedom.

Well met my friend. So few realize how serious this shit has become. We are skipping and laughing to our fate...planetary surveillance.
Same thing Apple shills got.
>Mac's the best because nobody uses it! So everyone should be using it!
Apple shills get paid. mpv "shills" get nothing but a larger community. I don't see your point.
Apple shills only get paid by a boost to their ego in having shilled people away from the superior system, same as mpv shills.
this board is meme cancer.

people here actually believe that a chrome book is better than a macbook.
Apple/Microsoft shills don't have an ego, that's what brainwashing does to you. mpv users do it out of altruism.
>shilling people away from a free and open source program with superior ordered chapter support, superior deinterlacing, superior functionality, and no retarded OSD
>free and open source
>needs shady closed Russian plugins to do anything useful
>superior ordered chapter support
Nobody cares.
>superior deinterlacing, superior functionality, and no retarded OSD
Looks like you haven't been keeping up with development.
>shilling this hard
That's the whole point of 4chan you fucking idiot
Nothing is wrong with it obviously, this whole board is just about neckbeards trying to shittalk everything so newfags fall for the memes
Because people define themselves with the brands they buy
The brands someone buys also reflect the logic that went into the purchases. Their "shilling" can also reflect their experiences.
I bought a Sunbeam PSU. Didn't do any research. It was 800W and cheap. It caught on fire.
I now have an Antec PSU. No fires.
I'm liking this Antec thing better.
(Though the Sunbeam thing did end up working out for me in a weird, 6 year arc)
I'm fine with other people liking things i don't like. A lot of the arguments on here are like this though:

Anon A: Hurr but product X is better for photographers!

Anon B: But product Y is better at Autocad!

Anon A: But you can't code on product Y!


It's all based on an imaginary user who does absolutely everything on their device.
Thread posts: 39
Thread images: 4

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