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We were almost Blackberry edition A general thread to colle

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We were almost Blackberry edition

A general thread to collect all of the smartphone purchase threads into one place. Try not to argue, and provide evidence for claims.

Suggestions to this general OP post are appreciated!

>YouTube Reviewers

>/g/ Approved Review Sites
(Give us recs here, and I'll add them in the future)

>Anon's Mobile Device Guide:
(to the anon who made the basic phone guide, this is just me but perhaps it would be better to turn it into a spreadsheet on Google docs so that it's "easier" to read?

Here's an example: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WI4dKGcwWjn5XpTgfLsK8c0cipRzrWbVpiLGeVr55Ks/htmlview?sle=true)

>/g/ Approved Phones
Budget Phone: Moto /g/, One+X (Doesn't work in the US quite yet)

/g/ approved flagship: LG V10

/g/'s latest shilled phone: Sony Xperia Z5 Family, Samsung Note 5

>USA Buyer's Guide for Sony Xperia Z5 Family
>USA Buyer's Guide for Sony Xperia Z5 Family
fucking sony, the fact their needs to be a guide is a fucking problem.
Previous: >>51388580
Most comfy phone + email device coming through

Sucked for everything else though
dammit murf
Is Nexus 5x better than LG G3?
And why?

asked in last thread
maybe because stock android and no dumb resolution. If you are asking if you should upgrade than no.
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It really is, plus, while this may be obvious, it was discussed in the last general that you will be charged for using an unlocked phone.

Basically if you're using a Z5, be prepared to pay more money monthly than you normally would. As if importing one wasn't expensive in the first place...
yup $40 instead of $15-20

basically a monthly fuck you tax.
>Forgot to put '/spg/ - Smartphone General' in the Subject

Anon, you had one job...
best phone for me? (sub 250€)
priorities: good camera
battery life
> OnePlus One 64gb
> iPhone 5c 16 gb (can get it new for 200)
> Moto G 3rd gen
> your suggestion
are the only verizon phones with expandable storage g4 and htc m8/m9...
Opo seems best
Maybe redmi note 2
Where are you from? If you are from Europe take a look at the bq aquaris m5 or x5.
Wait, they charge you for using your own purchased phone? This is allowed?
God damn I can upgrade now but I kind of want to wait til early next year to see what the Galaxy S7 and LG G5 have to offer. I don't think I'll be able to hold out until then.
looking from a financial perspective: moto g

It has great camera, awesome specs (pick the 2 GB version) and is waterproof. It only lacks in the battery.
Not him, but yes.

Last christmas I was in a mall talking with some guys from ATT. They told me that unlocked versions pay more because they don't go with the ATT suite of selected apps (read bloatware) and those apps reduced greatly the cost of the phone.

Literally, the bloatware makers are paying you to have a phone,
I currently have an S3 that is terminally ill (increasingly slow, hold less and less charge, stalls when texting with absolutely nothing in the background). I've only swapped the battery and that didn't help the charging issue for some reason. Should I try and mod/softmod the phone somehow, or is it basically beyond saving? I've had it since launch in the US so it's.. more than three years old now.

I was looking at the Nexus 6p, but I am wary of the size, thouhg my hands are definitely big enough to fit it. I'd be buying a phone outright to replace the S3 anyway, what do you folks recommend? I use my S3 as a phone, GPS, internet/news browser, and occasional gaming. Though I suppose I might be gaming more since I'm moving back to a city.
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I have an Lumia 520 and want to kill myself.
Never ever again.
just got the blackberry priv, should come tomorrow.
Why does /g/ like the LG V10?
Iktf. The no apps meme is more than real. I fell for the cheap Lumia meme and bought a 930.

>no games worth playing
>no apps
>no root acess
>no way to block ads
>terrible SOT battery performance
>barely no customization
>no browser other than IE (all the browsers have the use the IE engine)

And worst of all. The camera, so shilled here is not that good. Kill me.
What should i buy under €350?
I'd like:
>at least 2gb ram
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250KB, 522x294px
good phone for someone who uses a Nokia 515 for calls, and a GS3 with Cyanogenmod for other stuff?
€479 here
Best Android keyboard?
then oneplus 1 or 2
b-but oneplus has terrible customer support though
What do you need customer service for? They've already announced the update schedule and it is coming out whether it's CyanogenMod or oxygen OS
Yea i read about that too, plus it has a lot of ROMs. What if something breaks or the device is defective?
The chance of that happening after the first batch are slim to none, 1 + really stepped up their game as far as manufacturing was concerned and you do not hear about the issues from the beginning now, also get a case
Since I'm retarded and tried to make a thread before I left earlier and fucked it up, here's a proper general so people can find us in the catalog:



Fair enough. My brother actually owns one and seems awesome. Though i can find the ZUK Z1 (which apparently is from lenovo?) for €320 and it has better specs but i hate its aestethics. What shall i do? OPO or Z1?
What are the specs for the ZUK Z1? Other than this I would still go with the one plus
>same cpu, ram, storage (no microSd either), slightly better front camera (which i don't care about at all), has NFC (which i don't care about either), 2 sims
..well actually it seems like it has pretty much the same stuff except it has a 4100mAh battery instead of 3100mAh.
Then I would say it comes down to preference but me being from the states I would choose the oneplus
If you think one plus has bad customer service wait till you deal with Lenovo
I guess i'll take the OPO then, it should be more than enough for me and i hope it will last for some years. Thanks guys

I really don't get this "premium construction" thing. It makes the phone unnecessarily heavy and for what? Feel? People throw a cheap case on it anyway. Not to mention the non-expandability.
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what is the phone in OP's pic? It looks dope af

Prototype Android phone, before the iPhone was a thing. Android was going to be more similar to BlackBerry and then Steve Jobs dropped the most giant deuce the world has ever known, and now, here we are.
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Anyone else got an Xperia SX?
Let's face it. Full touchscreens are the only thing that allowed smartphones to be user friendly and not weigh a fucking ton.
Thread posts: 45
Thread images: 7

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