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I just recently switched from Google Chrome to Pale Moon. Its taken a while to adjust, but I think this is a change for the better. Being a n00b to Pale Moon/Firefox/Forks, what plugins do you guys recommend.

>inb4 Ublock Origin, Encrypted Web/HTTPS Everywhere, CipherFox, NoScript.

Kudos to anon who knows of a HTML5 global video forcer, to switch from flash to html5 for playing videos
May I ask why you chose Pale Moon over Firefox?
Regular Firefox has far better support for stuff like HTML5 video on YouTube and such.
It will play them by default without extensions or any fuckery needed. Sounds like it may be a better option for you.

>inb4 muh bloat
Yes, I know Firefox comes with some features that are useless to many, but it's often easier to disable shit in Firefox than it is to add missing stuff into forks. I prefer flipping a toggle in about:config over hunting down half-assed extensions and relying on hacks to get various things to work anyway.
>HTML5 global video forcer, to switch from flash to html5 for playing videos
Doesn't exist
What about Flash games? Can't convert that to video.
The computer has no idea which Flash app is a game or a video, so it can't convert
You fell for the mene, just use Firefox. Pale Moon is irrelevant at best and a security risk at worst.
Wut about all this talk to discontinue plugins and extensions. And the fact that Firefox will discontinue flash
They are planning to switch to "WebExtensions" which is more like how Chrome extensions work.
However they promise to provide many more APIs so that they are not as crippled as Chrome extensions.
I guess time will tell how true that is…

Sure, Mozilla and promises!

You remember when they told that the add-on bar will be allowed to stay or they promised that there are no customization losses with Australis?

Mozilla is the same like Opera - Lying, user betraying bastards, and all for fast money and for the simple users. Fuck those cunts!
Firefox is becoming more and more a Chrome clone. Only Mozilla die hard apologists these days are still using Firefox! The rest has moved on because they know the outcome!
Firefoxs is adopting Chrome's development mentality more and more. Mozilla is an organization which wants these days to be Google 2!

Mozilla and Firefox are disgusting at best and Google fanboys at worst.
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You're talking about addons., not plugins.
Any reason why pale moon works slow as shit on my arch?
On windows its better than firefox imo but on mylinux firefox just work faster
Your excessive use of exclamation marks is infuriating
I write in a unique way, not in the common simple plain Jane/plain Joe style like everyone else does most of the time!

If you wan to be common, live a common life and be nothing more than common at all, just go on and do whatever you are doing. Every single breath in my life is a revolution!

You are just a common loser! Get lost!
Fucking trash, please die
Anyone have any actual extensions they wanna talk about or just be paid shills
What runs faster 32 or 64 bit nightly?
If i wanna browse other chan boards with risky shit in them isn't blue moon the most reliable?
pale moon* woops
install greasemonkey, install some usetscripts —voilà.
>Has Firefox stopped being a memory hog lately, or am I stuck with Chrome/Chromium forever?
>install some usetscripts

what do you mean by this?
aw, it's late here. i'm talking 'userscripts'

start at: https://greasespot.net
The Ads-Whore and the death of customizability

This is partly a true story of what will happening onwards Firefox Version 29, go on, read it and feel the bone biting pain!

Who the hell disturbs the peace inside my customizability nation?

Trashbin Porno-Dolske answers:
"We, from the mighty Australis Chrome clone invasion!"

Gaywin Ass-harp:
"Beware User, we are visiting now your precious home, we're going to rape your 4 years old mountain goat and later... your Mom!"

Gaywin and Trashbin grab the under-aged innocent child, they put it on their satanic Google-Worshiping-Table and rape it merciless and wild. They put their 300 Million Dollars caricature of a dick inside it's mouth, they penetrate the innocent goat pussy, they are laughing out loud!

They cum inside the child until their maximum mark, the user lets out an angry, "Stop raping my goat!" dangerous bark! Trashbin licks it's nose, Gaywin cums right inside the goat child's face while the user pleads: "Please stop it finally, show mercy for fucks grace!"

The users goat is as planned traumatized and cries while in the background Firefox customizability is killed off and dies. Asshole Dotzler is meanwhile filming the scene from behind, wrong move Rapezilla - because that guy is both stupid and blind. Also in background: Fake Winton, Dao Faggotwald, FattN and the MSUJEWS, all are members of the 2013 built Mozdolf Hitler youth! Oh... Not to forget Mr. McPornley who is in general lame, he is a sucker of cocks and therefor a shame!
Now the Devil enters the scene in disguise of a disgusting hag - it's Mitchell Baker the ads-whore, that butt-ugly transvestite fag! She grabs the User with force on his neck, pins him down, does the "From Behind Ads-Strap-On-Attack".

"Valued user, our plan is to track you, we need more wealth for our wallet so we're going to fuck you!"

The User is paralyzed and blank is his mind, as Mitchell Baker enters the tracking ads trough her Latex-Dildo into his butt from behind!

But suddenly a goddess arrives, screams at the Rapezilla guys "Who does Dare!!!!!"
She uses her glorious magic and slowly but steadily drops Rapezilla Firechrome's market-share!

ChiliConCarne1, 2014, February

So, I recently installed Linux on my computer

What's better, Pale Moon or Ice Cat?
Icecat is Firefox but with addons and Freedom preinstalled.

Pale Moon is old Firefox but with security updates
treestyle tabs

Though for palemoon you have to use an older version .4... something I think it is.
I like how with each forced new update it takes longer to load my previous tabs and almost crashes on me (average loading time for 100 tabs is 5 mins now lel), this is why i just keep it open most of the time now

Guess this is what happens when SJW devs take over a company
Thread posts: 29
Thread images: 2

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