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Security general

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Why not have a security general?
So I have created this script,and it works when I run it with sudo.The scripts name is macchanger.sh and it is located in my home directory.
echo "Changing mac addresses"
echo "Changing mac address wlan0"
ifconfig wlan0 down
macchanger -r wlan0
ifconfig wlan0 up

#if you only have one wifi interface you may just delete the next bit
sudo echo "Changing mac address wlan1"
ifconfig wlan1 down
macchanger -r wlan1
ifconfig wlan1 up

Now my question is,how do I make it run on startup?Either system startup or login startup,both work for me.I am running Ubango Ganuu/Loonix 15.04.
I have tried running it with startup applications,both as './macchanger.sh' and as 'sudo ./macchanger.sh'
I have also tried to edit sudo visudo.
I have tried to edit /etc/rc.local.
None of them worked.The last two even complicated system startup a bit.
Add it to the init script that brings your network up in the first place.
Thank you anon.It worked.

So all you other peeps How would you rate the security of your PC from 1 to 10?
With 1 being Windows XP without service packs and 10 being something even the NSA can't crack?
I would rate mine as 7.1/10.
I mean I have loonix with a full hard drive encryption,https everywhere,and now macchanger on startup.
What would push my security to at least a 9.5 would be if I had l2p by default,noscript,a proxy chain,vpn and a hardware firewall.
Now let me just reboot it and hope nothing breaks XD.
I use Qubes OS >>47753946
Nice,how does network anonymity/security work on it?
>Changing our MAC we security now
>sudo inside a script
>Doesn't check exit codes at all
>No error handling at all
>Who needs loops anyway?
>/bin/bash; doesn't use any Bash features

You all might want to check this, so you don't break anything

We do have one, is called /fucko/
Running applications is a bash feature.
Something did break...network manager got the 'device not managed' error for all devices
>sudo echo
Well noticed.I will remove it.
What do you guys use to store passwords on Linux/Android?

Keepassx is bugged and shit, keepass2 is monoshit, there's passwordstore and there's pwsafe, both of which are a bit annoying and don't let me import csv files

I might go with passwordstore, I like how it uses openkeychain, that's very unixy
I don't,but Kde sometimes forces kwallet onto me.
I fixed it:
I had to open:/etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf
And set managed=true

then a simple sudo service network-manager restart clinched it.
sorry but not many people use that kancer on here
I meant does it use tor,proxies,whatever...I could not find it on their website.
File: CS.jpg (136KB, 460x424px)
136KB, 460x424px
Also I think I today literally got off on thinking about computer security.
how does changing your macfag adress increase security?
I don't know wtf I'm doing
Is there a download for this book?
>how does changing your macfag adress increase security?
Do people even remember the FBI-Tor thing anymore? They were harvesting MAC addresses of exploited computers. You're probably fucked if they can run shit on your machine, but if you at least spoof it when you're connecting to public shit that probably log your MAC address then at least they won't be able to use that to get a history of your activity.
Do you have any idea, what is a mac address used for?
I know exactly what a fucking MAC address is, the point is the FBI was gathering them from exploited computers. If you ever used Tor to do anything illegal you'd be fucking retarded to leave your MAC address unspoofed if you're taking your device outside.
mac address are for 2nd layer devices... you cant get them via internet
Good thread!
>you cant get them via internet
>exploited computers
But you can get the address of the network where it was connected.Most networks do have some kind of logging(usually expireable) which includes connected mac adressess.


while [ true ]; do
STATUS=`ifconfig ${INTERFACE} | grep status: | awk '{print $2}'`
if [ "$STATUS" = "inactive" ]; then
R=$(((RANDOM % ${OUI_LEN})+1))
PREFIX=`head -$R $OUI | tail -1`
CMD="sudo ifconfig ${INTERFACE} ether ${PREFIX}:"
for i in `seq 1 6`; do
R=$(((RANDOM % 15)+1))
C=`echo "obase=16; $R" | bc`
if [ $((i % 2)) = 0 ] && [ $i != 6 ]; then
echo $CMD
sleep 30

>repeated the previous statement
>added a few fuck and retard
>didnt explain mac usage

Thank you, I almost lost my faith in /g/.
>explain mac usage
>MAC address gets added to NSA/FBI database
>any time a government device sniffing for clients sees your MAC or public access point logs it they know where you were
I figured it was pretty obvious.
You believe in HAARP and chemtrail, too, am I right?

The database is pointless, because changing the mac address is not a rocket science, thus cant be used as evidence.
>cant be used as evidence
They don't use it as evidence. They use it to get an idea of what you do every day. There's a reason they were able to find and grab that silkroad admin's laptop before he could lock it.
>muh tinfoil
Next thing you'll be saying they can't track people by looking at logs from cellphone wireless providers.
When they confiscate your laptop it can be used as evidence.Or at least an indication for suspicion.Changing your mac address is a nice last layer of defence.
Imagine this:Vans start appearing near your favourite coffee shop.The feds asked the coffee shop owner to give them access to his modem and logs with a warrant.If you spoofed your mac address at e+least that is one less possible thing with which they will identify you.

But whatever you say it is one less thing with which you could be identified
Seriously though,not spoofing it is just careless.Whatever you say,not spoofing is simply careless.You may as well try to hack the gibson from your home. :P
This means that they know the IP-mac associations at any time by sniffing. Sure, they can sniff the whole continent at the same time.

Because that would be typical NSA.


Actually, they can't because the provider does not know in which cell are you, because the location updates would cause too much unnecessary traffic.

They have much more elegant techniques, these would be shit tier.
Most providers keep logs for this for about 6 months.

It could be accessible if:

- Your router was usable from the outside and you didn't knew.
- You where using a vpn service
- Any software installed on your computer gathered, or even used said information to operate.
- There was another device inside your network able of MAC scanning.

And there's probably more to add here.


You probably need to begin studying (systemd)
If you where using other versions of loonix, you would rather need to study a bit of init.d
Mac spoofing can also help against honeypots,or not the NSA,but Joe Average hackers.
File: clark_kent.jpg (53KB, 400x382px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53KB, 400x382px
>Actually, they can't because the provider does not know in which cell are you, because the location updates would cause too much unnecessary traffic.
Holy fucking shit you're retarded.
Even Italy was able to track CIA agents using it, the FBI and NSA will be able to do it.
Thread posts: 43
Thread images: 3

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