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Legacy technology discussion/show off Thread

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Time to remember that videocard you could never afford back in the day that ran Crysis

That new 3dfx videocard to run quake.

The 64bit processor hype.

Ageia Physx

The fight over Bluray and HDDVD and why neither won.

Bonus points for old tech you have still that went out of business or is a dead end never catching on.

Picture: The first card I would be extremely hyped over, just to be crushed when the 9700 pro blew it away shortly after. Wish I still had it though lying around.
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Had the original monster 3d (voodoo 1) card. I threw it out a few years ago when getting rid of all kinds of old junk.

I have a copy of return to zork in the box still.
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Wow, I remember I looked up who this 3dfx company was that was in my brand new windows 95 gaming rig when I was little.

I have a VHS that still works great as a spare in the closet. I sorta wanna see how well /bad it'd run GTA 5.
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Behold the first DX10 capable GPU and a failed Razer dedicated sound card
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Wow, I wonder how onboard motherboard audio compares to audio on AMD gpus lately or how it was a while ago buying your own sound card.

I remember I had a soundblaster sound card I used all through windows xp that didnt work on windows 7 :(
Haha, wow. I had that exact soundcard too holy shit.

And I use onboard sound right now. It doesn't push volume as loud as I'd like for music, but if I really want to listen to something loud I can always just plug into my amp. Gaming wise, it's fine
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>Professionally installed

Who's looking at these boxes that doesn't know how to install one?
i have shitloads of old stuff but its all from my brother or my dad
C64, Amstrad PC "laptop" from 1987, Sega Master System, Ati Rage graphics card
How old are you guys? im 19
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Thats pretty awesome.

The oldest tech I've ever owned for myself was this. After a few years we got a Windows PC and it was all over.
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It's pretty amazing how long it took for GB and GBA to be replaced. I still remember playing the original super mario and a port of the original zelda on my GBA SP.
The oldest piece of tech I actually used is probably the 1998 PC my bro had filled with NeoGeo games and other stuff
Wish I could actually play his Master System but its rusty beyond possible repairs.
Nice, the computer I'm using right now has an 8800 GT.
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I see people still replacing 8800 series today in 2015. I guess those cards stomped big time for a long time.

Picture unrelated but odd.
Translation: "Don't buy it and then come whining to us if you can't figure out how to install it or crack the die by putting the heatsink on crooked."

GBA was intended to go on even longer than it did. When they released the DS they said it would coexist with the GBA rather than replace it. It was way too big compared to the SP, and the 2 screens / touchscreen thing was a gamble. Then it turned out to be way more popular than they expected, they managed to slim it down to a reasonable size, and phased out the GBA.
8800 GTX (one of the GOAT)
AGP slots
Nvidia FX line
ATI Radeon

I still have a Creative 3D Blaster Ti4600 running since 2002, refusing to die. Muh 9700 Pro was dead after 2 years of not-so-pro gaming.
I don't have any old games or tech because my older brothers would steal anything of value and sell it for weed.
9700 pro that was the shit

:C i couldn't afford one
There's so much more resources out there now for researching parts.

I found this old unboxing reuploaded by this older nerd guy:


>composite and svideo cables coming with your PC videocard to hook to a T then
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Thread images: 9

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