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Data hoarders, how much storage space do you have, and how much

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Data hoarders, how much storage space do you have, and how much are you currently using?

I have ~8TB of storage between 6 devices, which at present is home to ~3.5 TB of data. I hope to eventually replace my current unorganized jumble with an array of 4 4Tb drives.

Meant to say: All of the drives in my setup are nearly full; I have a lot of duplicate data between drives.
My drobo 5n has 8.79/11.76TB used.
Main rig has two 6TB hdds in raid1
Only have 4.32 TB in my main comp and another 3TB of external storage.
I haven't gotten around to building an actual storage server.
Plan on replacing the 1TBs on my comp with 2 or 3TB down the road before I build a server anyways.
I still have the 160GB hard drive that came with my archaic enterprise laptop and am living.
7,5 / 9TB. I was considering a 6TB Buffalo NAS for 250€ but decided against it because I've been spending too much money lately and the storage space isn't really an issue yet.
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10.2TB usable on a RAID-Z1 pool, couple more TB in my desktops, laptops, etc.

Probably use about 1/3 of what's available.
I only have about 2.6TB of data.
Not really a hoarder because I delete what I know I won't look at again, and I don't download what I know I won't look at.

Consider making your own rig using freenas or unraid.

I used a mini itx case with a bunch of drive slots, an amd a10 5300, 4gb of ram and unraid to make a server that can seed box, store and even stream stuff to my tv via plex. The rig including the case and everything but drives was about $200.

Mobo I got only has 4 sata slots, but you can add PCI and up that to 8. May not look as nice and takes up more space than a dedicated NAS rig, but it does a lot more and cools much better. The low wattage chip is super cool and uses very little power.
I got 1 Tb external HDD
Yeah just that
Now its somehow corrupted (i heavily suspect NTFS). It says bad sector in the error message. I run debian wheezy.

How can i fix it? Around 120 GB of family pics are in there that i absolutely do not want to lose
1) 128Gb SSD (boot drive)
2) 240Gb SSD (everyday drive)
3) 2x 1Tb HHD (legacy work record for career reasons/copy of shared work)

A) 1x 500Gb External 2.5" HDD
> backup #1 of two SSDs above

External Backup:
B) 500Gb HDD (in the car)
> backup #2 of two SSDs above
C) 1Tb HDD (at my parents house)
> backup #3 of two SSDs above, and personal content

In the office (shared work with colleagues):
8x 2Tb HHDs in NAS
Then the usual server stuff for generic sharepoint/email attached documents.
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14TB at home (2TB music, 6TB films, 4TB animu, 2TB random crap) with 1:1 backup in a Pelican case I keep at work.
I've had some thoughts of putting my idle i3 3220 to good use, but haven't really bothered yet since new mobos are rather costly and the decent used ones tend to be sold awfully quick.

If someday I do have some idle cash lying around, what kind of case would you recommend? I'd prefer it to be small and minimalistic while having 4< HDD bays. I've had a cheap semitower as a HTPC and I'd prefer not to repeat that mistake.
On my storage server, I've got 24TB. Using about 19TB. On my main computer, I've got 1.25TB and I'm using 722GB,
I have 23 1TB hard drives
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bitfenix prodigy.jpg
84KB, 565x458px

This is the case I used. It is a bit bigger than I wanted, but it is still considerably smaller than a normal tower, but still has tons of drive bays and room for 1 exhaust, 2 intake and a separate PSU filter. Mobo is also very open if you wanted to use a different cooler for some weird reason, keeps it cool from sheer space though.

Not sure if I took any pics of the guts in my own rig, this is just one I grabbed off google. I can check my camera if you are curious.

There are a few other cases on newegg with a bunch of drive bays that are smaller but look pretty bland, basically just a black box.
>Detective Chief Inspector Peter Doyle, who led the investigation, said: "Watkins' data storage size was 27 terabytes - which is five times the size of South Wales Police systems in storage capacity. If you need 27 terabytes then you're clearly into that kind of world."

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128GB Samsung 840 PRO
250GB Seagate HDD for temporary storage
2TB Seagate HDD for data storage

'Promise Vtrak X10 16 bay'
10*750GB Seagate 'cuda ES +
6 * 1TB WD Green in RAID 1 (6.75TB usable space, mirrored)
8 bay SAN
8 * 1TB WD Green (RAID 5)

Whats it for?
Backing up work, storing raw footage, serving digital media around the place

I swear is there some place where people get this exact same setup with all these devices?

Every time somebody posts a picture of a rack its always those exact same devices.
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I've got 4TB on my desktop, 500GB in my laptop. I think I've got around 500GB total free over all of those drives.

That's probably 85% anime, 15% games. I don't have a big movie collection, if I watched more I'd probably have to buy some more hard drives.
1Tb of which I use ~300Gb
Why you GB only niggas replying in this thread, GTFO this is a big league thread, no time for your small asses.

I picked myself up some of those slow ass 6TB niggas a few days ago, I tells you when each one of them dies a piece of me dies with them..
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It's all Anime.
None of which is backup'd.
I have a 5x2TB nas raidz1
I have a 3TB external drive that the nas backs up to
I have 750GB of SSD in my desktop
I have 1.5TB HDD in my desktop
I have 1TB external drive
I have 250GB SSD in my laptop
I have 500GB HDD in my retired laptop
I have a random 1TB hdd that is sitting on my desk.
How much of that have you watched more than once? Be honest.
Like 3 shows.
Not even joking.
3 of 685
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I've removed 12 drives from this fleet under 500GB including 3 failing 500gb seagates.

I have my drives in ProBox 8Bays running on USB3
Do you know any software I can use for automatic backup?

For example I got 2x 2TB and I want to save the files in one, the backup in the other but, I need a reliable program that doesn't just make a copy, it should also check that the copy was successful and check the files integrity, then if possible generate a log too when any file on either HDDs loses integrity, for whatever reason.

I use a program called Macrium reflect. It schedules for you and you can set different types of backups and levels of retention. Currently I have infinite interval set, which basically takes a full backup, and then takes the additions each day and then after 5 days it starts to add them to the original file and delete removed files.

You can have it check integrity if you want.

You also have the option of disk level or folder level. I have it clone my SSD for C drive and then file level everything else.
That sounds nice, I'll give it a try, thx anon!
>collect JAV
>22TB no backup except for favorites
I have 70TB of storage
i have 3 tb on my main machine, 1 tb on my notebook, 6 tb usable on my nas (2 tb for redundancy/one drive failure) and 1 tb + 0.75 tb on 2 usb/external hdds. also 2x 32 gb thumb drives, 1x 16 gb one and the 120 gb ssd on the main computer as well as 32 gb sd card on my phone + 16 gb built in on it

my problem is that i don't organize things well. i have a ton of stuff i downloaded from the panda throughout the years and it's a pain to organize and get rid of the shit i don't want. but i don't want to delete it in case i can't find it again. same for regular 3dpd porn

Ugh I have this thing.. fucking psu fan went to shit and makes this horrible grinding noise
no redundancy
no cares
all my important stuff is on the claud
How the fuck does a police system only have ~6TB?
Usually ebayed from when a company decides to upgrade their servers.
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If it's just text then yeah why not? They probably don't even have a NVR. Do you seriously think they're digitizing everything, too?

We're talking some towns police station. Not FBI.
just 2TB

one 1TB drive as back up of the other, either not even half full

I suppose at such a small size it doesn't sound like I'm a data hoarder, but I do save youtube videos pretty much daily, they just don't take up a lot of space, and I only have a few movies saved, I consider them a big waste of space
it's like choosing between one 10gig file you'll never watch or 10gigs of a 100 youtube videos you'll never watch, some of which, might be deleted from youtube, and people might wanna see again, and maybe I'm the only one who saved it
I do post in the Home Server threads, so it probably IS this exact stack of devices
>Probox 8Bays
Tell me more. Do the disks go into standby mode reliably? Has the USB 3.0 connection to the ProBox always been 100% reliable? What kind of behavior happens when a disk fails?

I have around ~12TB, although I'm only using 6 at the moment. The other 6 is supposed to be for backups but I had some issues and couldn't be bothered to get it working again. I really should because I think I'd kill myself if I lost all this data.

Currently using LVM2 JBOD passed through to 2012R2 VM. Not the best setup, but it works really well for the cost.
i can understand storing music but not films and anime

do you honestly rewatch all of it?
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Question seconded.
Also when your music library becomes so big it's like you have no library at all.
What's the point really?
>not having multiple backups
5TB in my desktop, 4TB in my NAS.
doesn't look like there's much space left in uranus
and 0GB of that backed up?
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I was running out of space space recently so had to buy some more.
>10.2TB usable on a RAID-Z1 pool

Do you realise how incredibly dumb that is? You're essentially guaranteed to get an unrecoverable read error when rebuilding from a single failure.
I, as a fellow mild data hoarder, could never understand what the fuck do you store at all those hard drives. Is it porn? Anime?
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Thread images: 11

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