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randomy losing disk space

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Hey guys I need help.

Somehow I am randomy losing disk space on C:\ which is my SSD boot drive.

It started about a month ago I believe.

I had about 20gb left which is fine. Because my SSD is only for booting. My music, videos, downloads, games, etc, are on my mechnical drive.

I noticed over the course of the few it weeks it went from 20, to 17, to 16, to 12, to 7.

Sometimes it would bounce back from 7 to 9, etc.

Yesterday morning it was 2.2gb remaining. Then 1. Today I have 0 and I keep getting this low disk space pop up.

Where did my 20gb go?

http://www.uderzo.it/main_products/space_sniffer/ will tell you where it is

Probably your recycle bin or temporary files.
windirstat is better
the remaining space goes down as you place things on the disk
I think Your downloads folder. Your documents. Your music. Etc. All of that is going onto your SSD. You have to reassign these folders manually to your harddrive. How large are those folders btw? That's usually the problem for noobies.
Not to mention any of your programs or games may have also been assigned to your ssd.
Did you read my OP at all?

I had about 20gb left which is fine. Because my SSD is only for booting. My music, videos, downloads, games, etc, are on my mechanical drive.
I prefer the visual representation of Space Sniffer, but to each their own. It's better for finding things lost in the folder structure.
What OS do you have? If 7 or 8 has their been any large updates recently?
I use Windows 7.

I always keep up on the updates.
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A co-worker had a similar situation.

.NET or some shit, wet all bananas on him.

And it would just make these text files [forgot what was inside, some generic log] in some temp folder until he had zero space on his HDD

But yes, use WinDirStat or whatever you prefer and find out where its going
What am I looking at here with Windirstat?

application extension - 21.7gb

system file 16.5gb

application 3.0gb

irfanview jpg file - 2.0gb

windows installer package 1.3.gb

Those are the biggest things.
where can I see this in WinDirStat?

I listed my top 5 biggest things.

I don't see anything off there?

120gb ssd, about 110 is usable.

20gb+ for Windows.
Sounds like your system has a bad case of Windows
And you figured this out how?
I haven't touched anything and now I have 40 megabytes of disk space.

What am I looking for in this program? I see nothing off.
Both are fucking shit.

Spacemonger > both

Of course, you only like WinDirShit because rice reasons, like the majority of you fags on here.
Fuck off back to Apple computers and take your shine with you.
Winders was better when it was flat.
Program of the year.
Scan, checking options, hit cancel, it hangs permanently.

10/10 would buy it.

I'll stick with Spacemonger, something that actually works as a good file explorer unlike this and WinDirCrap.
if you are using windows 7 check the automatic backup thing, I found this out when I saw a folder on one of my hard drives and found out it was from the automatic backup of the system image in windows. the fucker was taking up 60gb of space
because it was storing multiple system images
this is a possible cause. if so change settings to only keep recent backup and delete the others

goddamn windows!
backup and restore is off.
delete system restore points
disable the setting where it saves old update settings in case you need to roll back
Open console as admin
Powercfg -h off
Turns off hibernation, removes the file which is equal is size to the amount of ram yoy have.
Other possibility, virtual memory pagefile.r
I just installed 13 updates and now I am back to 3.27gb.

I ran disk clean up and it says 5.21gb of Windows Updates.

I'll try that and then I'll check the system restore.
Well I should be 8.48gb but I am only at 5.92. It was actually 6.11 but it dropped again.

What the fuck is going on.
How can I tell if anything is off in Windirstat?
Congratulations, you bought an SSD.

Now you can brag about your benchmarks and about boot times when you use the sleep function. Oh yeah, don't forget that virtually everything that takes advantage of an ssd is run off of a normal spinning hard drive.
Uh did you respond to the right topic friend?

I don't brag about anything.

My sleep feature is also disabled.

So not sure if your trolling or just dumb.
Check your restore points they take up a lot of space i just had the same problem
No, I am just making fun of you because you obviously have no clue what you are doing, and are begging for dumb kids to act smart and make you troubleshoot shit you could google yourself.

And since you disabled the sleep feature for some ungodly fucking reason, you are proving my point.

Just call geeksquad instead of shitting up this board with stupid threads.
Where can I see the size of the restore points? I know you can check them in powershell but not the size.

I have 36 restore points starting from the beginning of 2015.

I have 3 from 2014

and 2 from 2013
Do you have a cloud storage service that you use? Some of them will cache files locally even if it eats up all your drive space. Had this happen recently when I bought a Windows Tablet (it was $20 so why not?). When I logged in using my Microsoft account instead of setting up a local account, OneDrive blasted a shit ton of stuff onto the limited storage space of the tablet. After I changed the settings so it wouldn't try being helpful placing a copy of everything in a local cache, the space problems went away.
Unrelated to OP but my extra harddrive keeps disappearing from my computer. I have to turn my computer off and on to make it reappear. It seems to happen if the computer is on long enough or I hook up my camera or ipod into a USB.
No I do not use any cloud storage but thank you for the suggestion.
What is your OS?
Check and see if your C:\Windows\winsxs\ folder is obscenely large
Windows 7.

Winsxs is 13.3gb last modified today.

but if you delete too many or dumb, you can get stability problems.

windows is shitty when the SSD gets too small
I'm not noticing any slow-downs because my drive was at 0gb. It just pisses me off that I am losing space for no reason.
mine is 11.1GB on a 1TB drive, and I havent reinstalled windows since 2011

On my old Vista computer WinSXS was growing out of control; it was like 25GB before I finally reformatted
Are your paging and hibernation files still on C: ?
Have you looked at
lol there is your fucking problem already! you found it already out, now delete those you don't need anymore.

there is a UI somewhere there in windows, look harder
Where is this?

Like I said I deleted 5.21gb of of old updates through disk cleanup.

CC cleaner does not show the size of the restore points.

Disk Cleanup doesn't either, it only lets you delete them.

System restore also does not show the size.

So look harder you say?
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lol I'm not even a Windowsuser and I even could help you.

search it, offline or online
You shouldn't have posted a question here.

/g/ is filled with a bunch of anon worshiping children who live at home with mommy and daddy. Most kids here know fuck all about tech and just like to flap their gums.

Unlike the rest of these responses, I can guarantee you the restore points are your problem. You said 36 just from this year?

Right click on My Computer > Properties > System Protection > choose your SSD. Here you will see the max usage allowed given to Windows restore points.

That should help you.

Next time try asking on anadtech, hardocp, or overclock.net /g/ is a cesspool.
xD xD xD
Swap File faggot.
Have you TRIM'ed?
trim on by default retard. ahci mode u tool.
op here

i did this and system restore is set to 50% usage. i have 54gb worth of system restore. so... i think that explains why I am missing a big chunk of space. though im still not sure about the fluctuating numbers.

is it safe to delete all of these?
Do you have a lock on the case? Some of the higher end hard drives nowadays are smart enough to to wiggle out of an unlocked tower.
I found one of mine trying to get into the trash a few weeks ago, the sneaky thing.
just found a answer just moments ago some thing was happening on my HDD

I found the problem
my system infomation was backing up my pc every time i changed it with restorepoints

TO CHANGE how big restore infomation
(remember this effects restore point /back ups)
this a windows 7 way of reducing the amount of back up on your HDD allowing you to store more stuff on your hard drive

Careful though you still need about 50GB of back up space at a minimum.

here is the step:

"In start search type Advanced and select View Advanced System Settings
Select the System Protection tab
select the drive that as too much space wasted and select configure.
Adjust the max usage, this should take care of both system restore and shadow copies for you.

This will reduce the number of files or restore states you can have, so it is a balance of space vs longer term protection.

Let us know if this helps. "
50GB is common anon. because most people want as least 2 restore points as most people have about 24GB worth of stuff on the windows install dive at anytime.

is this tread dead did i just bumped and dun goof'd a old thread?
Thread posts: 57
Thread images: 4

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