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Cool websites thread

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relative humidity.jpg
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Post some neat websites

-Live weather patterns and air currents, maps, overlays and ocean waves/currents

-WebGL fluid experiment

Its snowing like some shit over here
free music on demand

website with fun memes :)
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Small drawing website, pretty cool for creating art.

Chrome-based Dosbox (DOS virtual machine/emulator)
how does this shit even work
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>Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works II on
come on /g/uys, don't be shy. This could be an awesome thread if you want it to be
information and tutorials about the darknet


tons of free as in beer books, texts, technical and academic material
Flash vs. HTML5, East vs. West, Copyright vs. ???...You be the judge.
What are you trying to imply, that only plebs would be stupid enough to want to share useful, novel, fun and/or interesting websites on 4chan? Fuck off

looks pretty useful. Bookmarked

I laughed
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I was saying that reddit.com is a fun and informative site filled with the hottest memes of the season
Soda Constructor, everybody. I'm sure most of you already have seen it considering how old it is, but w/e, I haven't looked at it in over a decade.

You use a Java applet to make wireframe 3D models and program them with movement patterns (like walking), then drop them off in a simple little physics environment to see how they behave with your movements. Or you can just modify one of the preexisting models. See webm.

You'll probably have to add the site to the exceptions list in your Java config and also give the applet permission to run in your browser, but it is still just as legit as it's always been.

I seriously first heard about this site all the way back around the year 2000; I remember kids talking about it at lunch back when I was in middle school
I cant use this, I am not in china
>Java applet

literally a pickle, donkey, and knife
its a really old site thats been in java since the beginning

(start typing)
(click one of the themes on the bottom and start typing)
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linux news and stuff
https://stallman.org/ - Dick Stallman's shitty ass website. Fun drinking game: take a sip every time he defends pedophilia.

Holy shit, I was searching weeks for it. Thank you.
-There are several on here. The webcam page is like Apple's PhotoBooth, all you need is a webcam hooked up.
The TV page is pretty neat too. Click to change channels. I didnt try the other things but they all look pretty cool

-awesome visualiz, drag and drop an MP3 onto it or use the sample MP3

press up and down to zoom in and out

music thing

hint: click on the squares
wasnt there some Asian inventor trying to push his musical instrument that worked just like that?

a neat alternative to sending emails to yourself. It could have many other potential uses.

it's called a monome and basically every electronic music producer has one these days.

I made one in the fashion of a drum sequencer that multiple users can interact with in real time:

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IRC website.jpg
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web based IRC chat room service. Just type in a chatroom name and give yourself a nickname and it will either join the chatroom (if there are already other people in one with that title), or it will create a new one if there are not. Just tell whoever you want to chat with to join the same chatroom as you.

I typed in "4chan" as the chat room title and there were a few people in it already (see pic)

muh nigga. Blue Calx is amazing.
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This site is amazing. You can upload webms up to 30MB in size, with no signup and no real rules. Not sure what other filetypes are allowed, but the bottom of the page says "any image file" can be uploaded. I tried to upload the following video to youtube originally, but it was blocked worldwide due to a copyright claim by Bandai, so I uploaded it to webmup instead: http://webmup.com/Yi9F4/

I've also uploaded long scenes from DVD-screeners of movies still in theaters, and the uploads are still there after like 4 months. Never seen a file get deleted. Porn is allowed too.
Can't tell if this post is serious or no.

Why not just install an IRC client?
Why not just use pomf.se.
Please, if anyone knows of interactive type sites like the fluid experiment in OP's post, I'm looking for sites that will calm me down when I'm anxious.
I cant tell if *you* are serious or not. You really cannot understand why someone might rather simply go to a website than have to install a program to do it? This is something you can use to instantly chat with a bunch of people who're using a variety of devices & operating systems, people who might not even know wtf IRC is, and all you have to do is send them a link to get it working
filled in every square, had a seizer

Literally why? In what instance in 2015 would I need someone to introduce someone to IRC in order to chat with them? And did you really think that people on /g/ weren't already aware of IRC browser platforms?
because I've never heard of it. Good to know, though
>Literally why?
why not?

>In what instance in 2015 would I need someone to introduce someone to IRC in order to chat with them?
Are you seriously trying to tell me that everyone who uses a computer knows about IRC and has a client installed?

>And did you really think that people on /g/ weren't already aware of IRC browser platforms?
Some of them, yes. And I'm right.

I dont know why talking about IRC sets off your autism so much. There was really no reason to get your panties in a twist over my post.

Linux news
nice buzzword. It seems to me like you just discovered IRC. The fact that you linked to the freenode server domain reinforces this.

this is pretty cool
Just pretend the website is not IRC for one minute and that it is just a free, instant, browser-based private chat room service. Do you not see the convenience in that?
It's as convenient as any other website that literally everyone is already aware of. But it's completely inferior to a terminal based client that takes seconds to install.

But oh right, in your world I'm apparently asking random non-tech savvy people to hop on IRC on a regular basis.
experimental nodejs chat website
what is the best browser based image editing tool? Video editing? Music making?
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comedy gold.gif
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>MLP Fanfiction Writer

Also this gem
There's a chrome extension of GIMP
I want to make this my desktop background is that possible?
>I'm a lurker here not really a wizard like most of you guys.
>fullscreen browser
>drag mouse around a little bit
>take screenshot
>set screenshot as wallpaper
Come on man. That didn't even require a lot of thinking.
Hey thanks!
Also fuck you for being an asshole. I'm literally one step above tech illiterate and trying to better myself.

Active Desktop
Perfect, thank you stranger.

Really fun and informative site about the intrinsics of relativistic physics as explained by the layman for the layman.
Fuck you I'm color blind.
holy shit thats some awful formatting

is there any way I can get this as a widget? I want to be able to just glance at it when I'm bored and have it give me ideas of things to search
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OSX still has that dashboard webclip thing, I'm sure you can work out something in other OSs too.
Anyway, surprising how often stuff like pic-related shows up.

Logstalgia is pretty good.
Very useful if the only way to get through to your boss and explain why the web-server is shitting itself is with pretty colours
what the hell was that

all you need
lurk more, tech-illiterates would turn /g/ into /b/techlounge/ if they all asked questions.

Grooveshark can suck a dick, Netease Music has every fucking album ever made. Obscure Touhou jazz arrangements, too.

It's in Chinese, but it's easy to navigate. Their app and desktop app are also both excellent.
Very nice. Wish it was in English but awesome all the same.
Some dude on Reddit made a machine translation of the app
I remember this. Microsoft sort of stopped making it. You can still get it as a Windows Siderbar gadget for windows Vista (also works on Windows 7, as I just tried). It cannot do a lot of these websites because it is pretty old, but it works for more basic sites like webchat.freenode.net

Thread posts: 69
Thread images: 10

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