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Home Server Thread

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Post basic specs
And what you use it for
Intel PC with AMT and AT technologies
Windows Server 2008
Let it be surveillanced by NSA and other organizations
Acer ultrabook from 2010, broken display (I control it with ssh), 4gb of ram, 320 HDD, c2d ulv.
I use it for file backups with rsync, remote surveillance with motion+dropbox, media player (HDMI to TV screen), sharing files with my roommates, torrents, occasionally host a local minecraft server.
Thinking about installing owncloud
Asus Chromebox (Celeron, 2GB, 16 GB mSATA SSD)
Linux Mint 17
I use the four USB 3.0 ports to connect all the external HDDs I used to plug into my laptop and have it serve samba for muh network drives and plex for muh chromecast.

I also use it as a network bridge to get around client isolation restrictions on the shitty wifi provided by my building. The internal wireless card connects to the building wifi, and then I connect my own router to the chromebox by ethernet and have the chromebox share its internet connection.
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why not intel nuc™?
File: IBM_abomination.png (745KB, 816x612px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This thing.

Asus E35m1i. AMD E350 APU 1.6GHz, 8GB, 2TB mdraid1.
CentOS 6.3.
Mostly NAS duties. Usually gets involved in labwork. And I tried mine litecoin on in for shits and giggles, which it naturally sucked at.

Need moar drives.
That's an easy one, actually. NUC and many similar products are just "barebones" that you need to supply processors, RAM, and storage for yourself. That's a great option for applications that need scalable performance, but since all I needed was a rudimentary linux box that could keep up with serving files at gigabit speed and had USB 3.0/wifi/ethernet, the rather pathetic chromeboxes were all I needed, and a lot cheaper than filling out a NUC.

The whole thing cost something like $130, and it's ready to go out of the box. Just install whatever OS you want (they have the legacy bootloader so it's easy to do)--unlike chromebooks they don't have any special hardware that common linux won't have drivers for. I've heard you can even install Windows 8 on them.
With all those bays you could do a nice RAID6.
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some dual core amd or something i dont know

i run windows home server on it, use it to store stuff, run a counter strike server, download things from my seedbox, and dhcp
Holy shit are you joking? This is disgusting. You cannot be fucking serious with this.

Captcha: iLeer, as in, I leer at your shitty dustbucket.
keep crying, at least i dont post pictures that either arent mine or are some overkill 'enterprise' shit that sucks up power and sits in some room where the guy lives with his parents
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I gotta go do some activities but if this thread is still up when I get back I will post my equally ghetto, yet drastically superior solution.
dude, at least go out and get some fiberboard for your walls.

Its like $1 / sqft at your local hipster arts supply store
Will do anon, will do.
it looks a lot worse than that now that i got my surround sound up and running.

but i am not trying to impress anyone
>but i am not trying to impress anyone
If its where people can see it, it should at least go unnoticed, and that cardboard draws hueg attention

If it is out of sight, why even put an enclosure around it?
>If it is out of sight, why even put an enclosure around it?

Not the tablefag but... Airflow methinks.
hanging from roof( next post)
asus something board
4gb ram/250gb hdd/pen4
centos running barnyard and snort

small box on table
acer e6340
2gb ram/3x 1tb 1x 500gb/intel atom
windows server 2008 R2
file server/DNS updater/surveillance camera server

SFF tower
hp something
16gb ram/500gb hdd/core 2 duo
win server 2012 r2
domain controller/seedbox/XBMC sql database for multiple Pis
U wot m8?
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1020KB, 2560x1920px
I know the pic is blurry but the left is my NAS using FreeNAS and the right in my router that runs PfSense.
File: 20141224_154753.jpg (3MB, 4128x3096px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Self Built
Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS
256GB 850 Pro SSD
4, 2TB WD Blacks in RAID10

Runs a MC server with about 50-60 concurrent players at any given time, TeamSpeak server, MySQL with an assload of DBs for the MC server; some approaching 20GB with a few hundred million entries. Web server for the MC server.

Self Built
20, 4TB WD Red Drives in RAID10 (regret it BIG time; i've had 4 fail within the past year)

40TB of storage for backups, Plex content, and miscellaneous shit. Three 1Gb/s NICs, one for each server and the other for internet access. [not pictured, in basement]

PowerEdge T110
Windows Server 2012
Xeon 3430
60 GB Intel 320 SSD

Runs Plex for about 50 of my friends and family, usually doing one or two streams at any given time. Torrent server with CouchPotato as well.
I have an old MSI netbook, that I just use as a home media server, and to seed torrents, so I don't have to leave my main system running 24/7.

Dunno the exact specs, but it's got 1GB of RAM, a 1.6ghz Atom, and I have it running Ubuntu at the moment.

I actually bought it from Chris Pirillo, a while ago, for $100.
Why not mount the USB plate to the cardboard? You're doing a good job of hiding the mess otherwise, but that'd make a more finished hobo server.
>hanging from roof
>asus something board
>4gb ram/250gb hdd/pen4
>centos running barnyard and snort
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Why are ThinkServers so beautiful?
forgot specs.
i3-4160 CPU @ 3.60GHz
8gb ECC
9tb on x3 WD Reds on 3tb platters.

Router is a embedded board with a gigabyte celeron j1900 board and a 2gb dimm
I want to build a new NAS setup and I'm thinking of going with FreeNAS and using ZFS.

What CPU / Motherboard / ECC RAM should I go with? Or should I just pick up a prebuilt like OP's pic?
Hey, do you think a used Dell PowerEdge 1950 Gen II would be okay to visualize a couple things like a NAS and windows workstation, maybe a mail server? I want one of these but I'm not sure if it's good enough for what I want.


They're louder than a jet taking off, I shit you not.
Their power consumption is around the 250 watt range just idle and peaks at 300-330 on max load.

Did I say they sound like a jet engine? Don't do it unless you're going to be very far away from the machine.
Yes, but why..
File: Gen9_family_FT_PR.jpg (996KB, 2400x789px)
996KB, 2400x789px
>buying that shit

Move over for proper enterprise gear.
File: rs6kb50.jpg (30KB, 600x399px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's not beautiful. This is beautiful.
I hear you can replace the fans if you solder on the proprietary connectors, does that help? We have a couple in our server room so I know how loud they can be but is there any alternative for under $200? The machine will probably be under my bed or in my closet.
Is that a trackpoint?
>IBM System x3500
Anyone else have one of these?
I don't know where you live but there's a guy who sells pretty decked out 2950 gen II with no sleds in NYC for $90 a piece. Picked up a few from him; never again will I touch those things. I'd pay you to take them from me.
nice build. How much did all that run you?
File: sun-hardware_t2000.jpg (338KB, 1023x401px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No, this is.
Picking up an old case for next to nothing,
giving it a nice white-out spray job and sticking these guts
in there would look way better and be really cheap.
the NAS was about $4,500.

The MC server was about $400 out of pocket; some stuff was gifted to me/re-used parts

And the T110 was a $300 sale back from 2010/11 methinks.
I am guessing the NAS price is with the replacement hard drives. Right?
The drives were RMA'd, so there was no extra cost.
i3 2120

I use it to run a webserver which has almost no visitors on a 100/20 residential connection.
Ayy Comcast.

I also run a MC server for my friends on it.
File: 20141224_160827.jpg (1MB, 2322x4128px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 2322x4128px
I just hooked this up today because my VPS company is shit and my hdd speeds have been .1-25 MB/s for a bit over a month and none of their "fixes" have lasted more than a few hours.

To start it'll honestly probably host nothing more than my D&D groups Pixelmon minecraft server and a small group website with previous session info and notes, and scheduling.

It's just spare parts I wasn't using, so nothing special.

i5 650 3.2ghz Dual with hyperthreading (4 threads)

4 gig single stick of DDR3 1333mhz

120 gig SSD on a Sata II port because the shitty dell mobo doesn't support Sata III

intel graphics, not hooking up my spare HD 4870 for power bill reasons.

My VPS I was using as a proxy because it's located in Canada, a few small websites, a reddit bot for a friend (I don't have any fucking clue how/why reddit works) TeamSpeak and until the hdd speeds were complete shit minecraft

I'm a filthy casual.

I used to run a more powerfull machine that had a Raid 0+1 config and the PSU failed, taking 3/4 of my drives with it. (The 3 drives on the same cable, the only surviving one being on its own cable)

I lost pretty much every project, picture, and video I ever worked on besides the few SUPER important CANT LOOSE I kept on an external.

You can but if you want airflow and static pressure to be within specs you'll still have a pretty darn loud machine. You can only move so much air per decibel anon.

Sure, you can install fans that are out of spec (read slower) in which case it might overheat. Not to mention that the hardware is liable to get pissed when the tacho signal is out of range.

>under bed
>in closet

The latter might work if it's a walk in closet. I ran a similar setup a few years ago, it was great for drying shirts.
Yes.. You may be correct.. *tips UltraSPARC'
ThinkServer TS140
Xeon E3-1225 v3, 4GB RAM, and 5TB of storage
Currently running plain xubuntu, will be putting fedora server on it very soon.
Use it as a Plex, and MC server.
nahh son, IBM is unrivaled in the design department.
>lenovo servers
>buying anything lenovo in 2014
step it up fgt 1v1 me
Didn't have the time to build one. What do you use?
Those are not Lenovos, anon.
I specifically said IBM; not Lenovo.
in order of price:
supermicro (but you have to build it)
ibm before they sold out

always got expensive quotes for ibm

hp/dell are good, supermicro if you're not to fussed about support and want dirt cheap quality
I applaud the IBM and supermirco. I have an IBM system x.
But Dell and HP???
I may have missed your point. :^)
ibm are expensive as hell

most places i see run hp/dell, nothing wrong with them as they are solid systems

their enterprise gear is so much better than the other shit they produce it's basically 2 separate companies sharing the same brand
I picked up a used IBM system x3500 for $50.
It's a good deal if you don't care about the used part.
Fuck the haters, anon. You are doing God's work.
I have an orange fetish.

you wanna buy a 6450? 25 dollars. But you gotta pick it up. Debian stable is installed and running.
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Thread images: 20

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