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Stories When People Thought You Were A Hacker

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>be me
>be like 9 or something
>napster is out
>kids at my school going crazy over gay music
>limp bizkit, slipknot, etc.
>burn my friend all their new cd's
>omg anon is hacking and getting music
>y...ye...yeah I am!
>start selling burned cd's for 3$ a pop
>made a couple hundred dollars
>hide my new N64 games from my mom for years to conceal my illegal activities
>be at computer lab
>ssh'd into my machine at home
>forgot to start something compiling so I don't waste time
>Text starts scrolling up in PuTTY
>Notice guy next to me is ogling my session
>Pull up n2yo
>Pick a random satellite
>Pull up google earth
>Pick white house
>Move windows so I can see everything at once
>Turn head slowly to make eye contact
>Reach out and turn off monitor
>He stammers something, grabs all his stuff, then dashes out
>be 13
>start my own tibia server (tutorials lel)
>write simple account creation script (took me 3 weeks with google, forums and sql + php tutorials)
>print out ad and ducktape it around the school
>2 months forward
>kids are paying me to keep my pc online so they can play on my server
>I make a decent ammount of money that I spend on comicbooks
>father thinks I stole bank account
>grounded, internet taken down
He thought I was a "hacker". I couldn't code for shit and was a 13yo dumbass.
>early 2000s
>learning HTML
>copy the page source of google.com
>edit the logo to point to a local file (a picture of a dog)
>someone sees me fucking around with this
>immediately tells everyone i'm hackering the google.
>laugh, roll with it for three weeks, somehow nobody every figured it out.
another one
>13, learning python
>have the interpreter fullscreen, printing fibonacci numbers for some huge number
>green text on black screen, scrolling up
>notice the hollywood hacker similarity, tap the guy next to me and say "look, i'm hacking"
>he laughs
>some dude three aisles down looks t me sternly
>turns out he was the schoolboard's I.T. guy, and there was an "intrusion" that same day where my district's student info had been compromised
>next day, get called into the principle's office
>all of my teachers, the I.T. guy, and two cops are there
>interrogated for three goddamn hours
>show them the "hacking script" i had wrote, it was two lines of python ffs
>when they finally let me leave they make sure to tell me "we know you did it, we just can't prove it. i'm going to get you, punk"
the incident put me off programming for seven years.
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>at friends gfs house
>show them how i browse my pc with a VNC via mobile, mention i can do it on any pc.
>Bro you could put this on any pc and use it to hack?
>yes if you wanted to but you'd most likely know.
>friends gf doesn't want to let me on her wifi because thinks i will hack her
> same girl believes unplugging airport router will break it.
>uses mba because mbp to heavy for girls (sic)
>thinks macs are invulnerable to viruses.
>parents want you to be self sufficient and etch out your own worth in a competitive society
>parents flip lid and assume you're a delinquent if you do exactly this
>parents will only ever be happy if you do things the same mediocre way as everyone else
>be in high school
>be learning le babby's first programming language
>be maintainer of school's website
>write python script to scrape website to look for closures
>write GUI alarm clock application that delays your alarm by a set amount of time if school is closed
>achieve God status at school for making everyone less tired
>insert Easter eggs in school site
>untouchable hacker tier in the eyes of all peers
Nah. It's not that bad, it's just that I already had bad attendance and my old man was asked to come to the school a lot. I brought that on myself.
Also we are bros now. But it was hard for him to understand that I am weird and people pay me for it.

Just keep doing your shit, anon.
Disgusting anon. I used to buy lolipops and sell them at 2x price at school. This one kid thought that was illegal. Ripping people off is one thing but giving the content creator nothing in return is plain mean.

>changed the auto-start on computers to kill explorer.exe via bat script
>IT admin actually replaced the computer with newer computers
how else was I supposed to buy perfect dark and golden eye? I was a poorfag growing up
somebody's got to sheer all them sheep.
>>write GUI alarm clock application that delays your alarm by a set amount of time if school is closed
>>achieve God status at school for making everyone less tired
i dont understand
>13 y/o just learned batch
>play around with it
>try a script I wrote
>turns out the server on school were beyond shitlike
>everyone has like 200MB personal space but you can write outside of that.
>script floods 1 file making it gigs in seconds
>entire server froze and no one could acces account
>got called by I.T. boss big fucking nigger
>shit pants
>compliments me and later got internship at him
>school knew me as 'master hacker'
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eh the only time anyone gives me the OMG HAX0R look and shit all over themselves is if they see me playing text based muds on my phone or pull up a terminal to troubleshoot their shitty macs.

>tfw dipshits think using a command line is hacking.
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serves you right for being a little shit. I'd have kept that shit to myself and if anyone accused me hacking, I'd call them a fucking idiot.

Don't use trigger words in public or you will wind up in the paddy wagon because the general public are fuckwits.
>be 14
>fucking around with Cain on school-supplied laptop at school
>discover Administrator account password
>works on every other system because Norton Ghost
>scanning primary share server
>enumerate all accounts
>account called 's'
>goto computer
>"well if the user name is 's' the password is logically 's'
>student account
find out later it was used by summerschool kids
>notice another account called 'q'
at the time I assumed this would be a teacher account
Full Administrative access to the server. Not sure if it was Domain Admin or not. Honestly didn't know the difference at the time.
Showed it to a guy I knew. He used to it dump files from the Principal and VP accounts.
Gives me the dumps.
I'm rifling through them.
Find two files without extensions and a .txt discussing login process with username and password
>add exe to file names
Cisco VPN application.
Login to schoolboard remotely as Principal
Guess I was a hacker.
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>About 13/14 ish
>In school
>in special spacktard room for various reasons
>Get bored, take network cable out of school pc and plug it into my laptop
>Spot unsecured security cameras.
>Open them up and show my friend
>Teacher comes over
>Tell her what i found and tell her someone should do something about it (white hat faggot i know)
>2 weeks later
>Get called in to the network admins office
>Teacher, some lawyer type guy taking notes and the admin
>Get accused of hacking. Get into a shouting match. Threats of lawsuits. Threats of exclusion.
>Nothing ever comes off it in the end they get into trouble for lying to me and the admin nearly loses his job

Two concurrent tales

>Sitting in spacktard room playing old games on dosbox with my friend.
>Old teacher looks at my screen
>Sees command line running
>both of us burst out laughing
>Get in trouble. Worth it.

>Come into I.T class (fucking awful. Never learnt anything. British education systems approach to computers was pretty disgraceful in those days. Still kinda is)
>Entire class is just chatting whilst the admin and his interns are running about trying to figure out why none of the computers can log in
>Walk over to my seat. Idly look behind computer as yah do.
>Spot all the network cables have been pulled out
>Point it out to my friend and laugh
>Plug it in.
>Log in
>System admin looks up from across the room
>His head turns like an owl
>Sys admin is 6.4 and thin as a rod. With a gaunt face and cheap grey suit.
>scary mother fucker to a 13 year old.
>5 full minutes of screaming at me calling me just about everything you could possibly get away with
>Storms out the room
>Interns look at each other and start plugging in the pc's
>Sub teacher says "So i see you have met mister hawking
>Friend and me break down laughing

School was funny. Shithole though
Ripping off your peers is way worse than fucking with the man. You should be ashamed of yourself.
>10th grade computer lab
>change desktop background

I had a friend like the guy in OP pic. Didn't drink. Just smoked mad weed and ate diazepam. One Christmas, I went with him to pick up a puppy that was to be a present. He was stoned, as usual. Lost it on a snow road and rolled the car with us and the puppy in it.

The puppy, naturally, had been car sick in the box he was in, in the back seat. So, as the car went a rollin' puppy and puppy vomit went rolling too. Puppy was ok though.

We climbed out of the car covered in vomit and some passing guys on the way to a Christmas party helped us roll the car back onto it's wheels. Then we drove home with my friend hanging out the window like Ace Ventura so he could see where the fuck he was going because the fucking roof was caved in, the windscreen was completely shattered but still somewhat in place and we had no lights.

Good times.
He made it so your alarm clock wouldn't sound if school was closed that day. Don't ask me how.
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>be 12/13
>do powerpoint presentations with animations
>lots of animations
>rest of the class look in awe at them slides
>weeks later tons of people ask me to hack msn accounts or to crack games and stuff
>teachers ask me when the computers don't work
>rumors spread about me being a elite hax0r
>I didn't even had internet at the time, and I barely knew about computers, so I just rebooted everytime something went wrong
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>he now stays home smoking
>stays home
>in his car

Anyway, a story of mine:
>be 14 back in the 2000s
>classmate has made a personal website
>visit it with friend on classroom PC
>right-click, show source
>IE opens the source in notepad
>we change words (probably to "dick" and "butt") for shits and giggles
>site author sees us
>she starts crying
>goes to teacher "anon is hacking my website!!!"
>be blamed for every computer problem in the school from then on
no fucking way that was 10th grade
>Don't ask me how.
But he just explained how.
>that makeup
is it to hide the stubble she gets from taking all the testosterone
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You sure it's a woman in the first place?
My grandmother had really big muscles like that when she was young. She called me a pussy a few times in really broken English
if macs are invulnerable to viruses then how did she expect you to hack her?
Was she one of those East German athletes?
Actually A southern Italian Baker. All Dough was mixed manually back then and the women did that work. Also she told me stories about them killing homosexuals in the town and also killing negros that washed up on shore from Africa
>be in 10th grade
>boots comp into debian off a flash drive
>uses chntpw to remove the windows admin account password
>Installs a MIDI synthesizer and the intel chipset drivers the school was too dumb to install
>gets suspended
I sold porn to a mentally handicapped kid on a 3.5" floppy for $5. I'm not really very proud of that.
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Jesus is of dissapoint
>be 14 in computer class
>get done with all of my work because I wasn't a retard
>crack Halo CE and start playing it
>kid next to me staring in awe
>i upload it to the school server and download it for like 10 kids
>create a server and play for like 20 mins until some sperg in the back tells on me for "hacking halo"
>me and a buddy lose it
> IT guy freaks out and removes me fron the class
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>be 13/14
>VB class, some programming experience
>le bored, what to do?
>discover 'netsend' and start using on classmates.
>tfw it shows my computer name, must figure this out
>find out how to send messages as anonymous
>create program that sends x amount to y computer with z message
>send 1000 messages to his computer while running a PP presentation
>mfw he has to click 'ok' on each one
>all other kids find out and think 1 4m l33t h3x0r

>month later
>discover ddos
>create program that pings mail server
>tell people to run it from several different computers from different classrooms all at 10am
>5 minutes later teacher gets a call (he was IT admin as well) and rushes out.
>he didn't come back

Later on I just made programs that would flash colors and scream ' IM GAY' and email to friends asking them to check my code.

>tfw I failed that class
>tfw I'm now a software developer
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>Open windows explorer
>list devices on network
>50 cameras, password secure
>boot into loonix, extract hashed passwords from windows
>take them home and spray them to get windows admin pass
>try the password on the cameras the next day
>mfw it works
>show it off
>known as "Cameraman" for the rest of highschool
>me, freshmen year
>laptops provided for us
>get bored, I might as well learn the ins and outs of cmd
>learn decent amount, mostly just messing around
>sitting in class one day
>delete file with cmd
>some kid sees me do it
>"hey annon, what are you doing?"
>jokingly reply "hacking, shh"
>kids rakes me seriously
>gets teacher
>teacher asks me to show him what I was doing
>I type "tree" (heh)
>text runs down screen
>teacher freaks out, calls tech department
>I get my PC taken away for 3 days
>school issued computers
>everyone wants to play games
>friends and I find a way around the school blocks, takes a bit of time
>we find a way to make any user an admin
>compile it into a single file so if you run it, it turns tour user into client side admin
>we email it to everyone in the district from a outside email
>tech deparemnt freaks out, tries to find us
>never find us, graduate
>tfw me and my friends are smarter than the "pros"

I did this when I was in highschool, back in the early 2000s. I just downloaded mp3s and sold them for like $10 each. Earned so much money, shit was ridiculous. I can't believe people actually paid for that shit.
>be freshman
>in VB class
>some pasty fuckin nerd who you can tell probably posts on here or /a/ nowadays, is talking to fat girl trying to impress her
>"Yeah, the school gave me an admin account. I hacked the servers and they gave me an admin account if I promised I wouldn't hack them again"
>I've already had an FBI investigation for my internet "trolling" activities at this point, so naturally I lol
>ask him "oh yeah what'd ya do, hacker!?" feigning interest
>he says "Well, I found the IP of the school comptuer (he pulls up CMD and netstat -n's) and went home and hacked it with BINARY"
>binary, fellas
>he is a 1337 h4x0r with fuckin binary, can ya believe it!
>chuckle to myself
>tell him that's simply not possible
>he disagrees
>for fun, I ask him what hex is
>he says it's a hacker tool
>lol even harder
>1 week later, send him 100 messages through netsend in cmd, saying "z3r0c00l was here"
>he comes to me after class, obviously knowing its me
>asks why I'm being "such a communist"
>I tell him I'm definitely not a communist and I don't get how that would even make sense
>"Ok, well why are you being such a fascist then?!"
>never saw him again in that class

Man he's probably hacking the gibson now
>me 9th grade
>Have 1k slide PPT (it was a movie)
>crashes PPT 1/5 times
>faggot ass snitch tells librarian
>nothing comes of it
>months pass PPT nearing 3k slides, crashing now 2/3 times
>almost done
>get called out of class to the principle
>get accused for hacking the print server
>no evidence besides my ppt and a large excel file
>get referal and talk about suspension
>loose computer privileges
>tfw you're such a good hacker, you dont have to hack
>be me 15 or 16ish
>at school in the 9th grade freshmen in high school
>talking to my friend about how I have been getting into botnets and fucking up peoples myspaces
>some asshole uptight girl who was pretty though over heard and asked if I was a hacker
>I said yes
>he goes and tries to tell the teacher
>teacher doesn't care

that's my story I used the NzM botnet
Just remembered another one
>Want to play Aleph One/Doom/Halo
>School computers block it
>Find out renaming it works
>Rename it to calc.exe
>School techs block calc
>All hell breaks loose
>End up just unblocking all programs

I remember having cursors I had done in MS Paint. Damn was I cool.
>be me
>all throughout high school
>running AutoCAD on Windows in class with a bunch of other kids
>school county's computers are all connected to the same server
>shutdown -i in command prompt
>select which ever computer I want to shutdown remotely
>shutdown guy's computer in front of me.
>butthurt that the computer shutdown and lost all his work
>decide to shutdown the teacher's computer
>write down "sweaty nipples" as the reason to shutdown
>teacher does have sweaty nipples cause he's extremely obese
>looks up in total confusion
>hold in the lulz
>continue to shutdown -i computers till I graduated
>1337 haxor confirmed
Later on I just made programs that would flash colors and scream ' IM GAY' and email to friends asking them to check my code.

thats one hell of a way to come out of the closet
>she* goes and tries to tell the teacher
>write down "sweaty nipples" as the reason to shutdown

she seems to be a grandma of the good old kind, not that fucking tolerant shitsticks
>in special spacktard room for various reasons
He's a leet hacker that's how.
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>sophomore year of high school
>be known as a goody-goody who got shitty grades because not paying attention
>friend is an IT aide, knows the admin password for most of the computers
>we discover one day while in the library's server room at lunch that all of the printers in the school are accessible from the network
>write script that sent hundreds of print jobs to random printers with shit like "+3(|-|N0 j35U5 |)13|) 4 U|2 51|\|5", start it
>steal 70ft. of CAT5 cable on the way out, shove it in my backpack
>use the admin password to remove the internet filters and program blocks from all of the computers in the library
>install cracked Halo CE with the hugeass, coldsnap, etc. maps on a couple and we play Halo until lunch ended, nobody notices since the computers were in a corner
>we make plans to fuck with the school server the next day
>next day in last period
>school security guard walks in, everyone assumes this one kid is in trouble
>nope, it's me
>everyone in class bursts into hushed discussion, teacher fails to get everyone to quiet down
>guard escorts me to the principal's office, keeps telling me "man, I never expected to escort YOU to the office"
>in principal's office, a huge stack of the printouts from the print jobs on the table
>some kid saw us in the server room before we left, ratted us out
>principal bitches me out and gives me the last month of the semester in ISS
>suspended for the last hour of the day, have to go back to class and get my things so I can sit in the office
>everyone asks me what I did, they obviously haven't stopped talking about it since I left
>tell them I "fucked with the computers"
>a couple of kids start clapping, others join in
>be known as a 1337 hax0r throughout the school
>not allowed to use any of the school computers without a teacher sitting right behind me watching
>still have the CAT5 cable I stole
>IT admin guy actually knew what he was doing, at least enough that I never noticed anything that made me think he was incompetent
>he was actually a pretty cool guy, always hung over on monday mornings
>they used a program called Deep Freeze to prevent people from installing shit and restore all the computers to a single backed up image
>one monday morning, trying to get him to help me make something print or something, he's so fucking obviously not into it, just wants to sit in his little office not be bothered
>randomly ask him what the admin password is
>he tells me then goes back to his coffee, I guess he assumed I'd somehow use it to print
>update the Deep Freeze image to have a bunch of shit like Halo and Red Alert
>Enjoy that for me last couple years of highschool, all the other students completely confused about how I did it
>he never changed the password
>Get people to give me shit in exchange for installing games they wanted, because "its risky, I could arrested if they found out"
>games were there for 3 years after I graduated before they updated their system
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>high school
>all computers in the school are hooked up to the network printers
>every wednesday was "late start"
>teachers were in a meeting until 9:30am
>classes didn't start until then
>few students actually show up this early
>little to no security anywhere
>this was before cameras were commonplace
>classrooms unlocked
>went into one and printed 999 copies of pic related on every network printer available in the school, then promptly left before classes started
>students had a laugh when every printer in every classroom had hundreds of copies of pic related freshly printed
>students would pass them around, tack them to the lockers, make paper airplanes, etc.
>teachers tried confiscating all the fucking elephant pics, it became a surreal game of keep-away during lunch break
>during last period, principal gives stern lecture over intercom over how the person responsible is liable for criminal prosecution, yada yada...
>nothing ever came of it, it was blamed on the senior class
>they lost some senior privileges tho
> Be me in high school
> Like 9th grade
> Novel Netware 3.x
> Machines are "locked down"
> bring up rconsole on one of the workstations
> see kids playing Doom on one of the computers in a different location
> Reboot their computers
> Gut several machines in one of the classrooms to make one "uber" machine
> Install NT4
> Catch fat fuck math teacher's email about student "pictures"
> not discrete about knowing this info
> math teacher looks at computers, turns me in.
> Get asked a bunch about it, give honest answers
> copy contents of one good system to other drives
> Everything works and is back to original (DOS + WFW 3.11)
> Get 1 hour detention

I wasn't even mad.
>they were forced to check them
>Then we drove home with my friend hanging out the window like Ace Ventura so he could see where the fuck he was going
You let him drive again, after he rolled the car?
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>High school
>Playing around in Photoshop / Media Imaging class
>gotta put work in your School ID folder
>school ID folder is on a huge server with everyone's other folders, they're all passcoded obv
>Decide to fuck around and browse the server
>go up a few levels
>only a few folders
>browse around each one
>all these text documents
>bunch of random numbers and IDs in one of them
>tell my friends
>oh shit it's lunch numbers
>Lunch break, we all copy a few numbers to test them out
>back in class
>mfw Security swarms the fucking class
>asks the teacher "Who is it?!", points me and my whole row out
>we all get taken to the front office to speak with the principle
>he tells us he has us on some CSI type spy-cam shit "hacking" into the school computers
>has screencaps from all our PCs
>oh shit
>tells us we can either fess up or go to jail for cybercrime
>fess up obviously
>we all get suspended
>come back, suddenly I'm the "best computer dude" at our school
>mfw I was drowning in pussy that whole year

>mfw, AT THE SAME FUCKING SCHOOL, some dude hacked it a few years earlier

I think that school is cursed
>computer with linux preinstalled at work
>password protected
>no one uses the computer b/c no one knows the password for root, only access with limited guest account
>I try user "root", password "root"
>called Mr. Hacker from that point onwards

What state? I remember when I went to HS there was Halo CE along with a bunch of other games, and no one knew where they came from, only that our county's disk image came from an image taken from a particular school, so someone must have put a bunch of games on that image that then got copied to a ton of schools in the area
>>be me
Who else would you be?
that's pretty cool dude
>back in high school, 15 years old
>PCs in school all have some shitty mspaint created wallpaper with the school logo, looks like ass.
>have to use them all day
>i find wallpaper1.bmp in the user folder
>i replace it, F5 desktop, new wallpaper shows up
>get brought into office and spoken to about computer hacking
>tell them i just replaced their wallpaper file they left in my user folder, assumed that's why it was there
>they all look at the tech guy, who gets embarrassed and says he didn't know
>i help manage the network and fix broken computers, grunt stuff, from then on instead of PE
>tech guy always hates me
>ITT made up stories
newfag detected
>be me
>all throughout high school

I really hope you are not you anymore
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But I really did get arrested for editing config files
ayy lmao
In high school I made a website that spoofed emails for people. Unfortunately a teacher overheard me bragging about it and I had to speak with the vice principal. Fortunately I managed to get away with it somehow despite sending out emails as faculty.
Besides that I would edit code from the command line and tell people I was hacking. Standard script kiddie stuff.

fuck you gogglmogl faggot. Really hope you have stopped being a cunt
>First year of highschool
>Finish VB exercises for the week in one lesson
>Teacher is also the school admin and asks if I want to help image some machines
>OK sure
>School assembly is on, teacher gives me permission to stay in the classroom and finish installing OS' on pc's
>My crush is taking the same class
>Sit in her chair whilst everyone else is out of the room
>Noticed she left her drink bottle on the desk
>Take a drink out of it
>Best tasting water ever
>Since no one is back for an hour I decide to have some fun
>Masturbate furiously while sitting in her chair
>Ejaculate into her drink bottle
>Shake it up, try to mix the cum in
>Take another look seemslegit.jpg
>Put lid back on
>TFW she spends the afternoon drinking my cum
>TFW she needs help so the teacher asks if I can walk her through some of the steps
>TFW she talks to me and I can smell my cum on her breath
>She compliments me on how "smart" I am and asks if I can hack her friends myspace
>She stopped turning up to class and we barely spoke again
> content creator
> opinion discarded
leddit faggots need to go
Tasting your own cum. Wtf nigger.
Read it again, I sampled the water before contamination.
File: 1311609905142.jpg (108KB, 1208x1040px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108KB, 1208x1040px
>be 15 in year 9
>windows 2000 and computer studies class
>literally the only non sperglord in the class
>find out retard is using password as his password
>send netsend console message to /admin calling him a flaming homosexual
>before end of class land whale administrator walks in looking for said retard
>he isn't in today
>asks who was on this this computer
>no 1 says anything cause bros
>leaves class huffing and puffing in a almost fit of euphoric rage

I've got other stories. Once locked the global network drive from library computer at lunch with retards account so only he had user rights to access it. Wasn't usable for a week until I.t wiped the drive and fixed the exploit.
>Be 15 in 2003
>Go to poorfag school where the students have to purchase credit to use the internets
>Everyone has their own account which authenticates against a proxy
>Write shitty thing in VB to mimic the proxy login box and save creds to stash.txt
>Ask teacher if they can please log in as I'm out of credit but need to do the set schoolwork
>Teacher authenticates, walks away
>Log in with newly acquired creds, find the teacher accounts are unlimited
>Think to le'self - boy that's a generic password
>Test other teacher accounts with same password, sure enough it works
>Suddenly have every teacher account each with its own unlimited internet usage
>Sell accounts to fellow poorfag peers
>Admin notices spike in usage
>Passwords get updated in the same week
>Poorfags ask for a refund, gave their money back cause I'm a nice guy
>Acquire mad hacker status among peers
>Using DOSBOX to run old games
>type the usual cd and directory crap
>Cousin asks do you actually understand how to use this stuff?
>"Uhhh... yeah"

Another time in school:
>load up pic of headteacher and draw dicks
>tfw earlier some retard sent an email to everyone without putting the distribution groups in the bcc field
>mail the edited pic to every student and staff member in the building
>got detention and banned from using emails for a couple months
>meh I was a retarded lil fucker anyway

>using proxies to get around web filtering
>playing online games and going on 89.com
>sending wowomg.com and pain olympics to everyone

heh heh
>4 years later
>Schools still using same crappy centralised quota management service
>Find it has some webspace feature where you can upload shit
>Upload PHP shell expecting PHP execution to be disabled
>Apache running as root, executing PHP as the same
>Can traverse the server and basically access everything
>Go up a few levels, find I can see folders for other schools
>TFW hacked national public education webserver with trivial as fuck efforts
>Find each school website is hosted on the same platform
>Get into MySQL, take a dump of user account data
>Have it sitting on my homedrive on school network
>Admin pulls me out of class randomly a week later, says he needs to speak to me
>Never really been in trouble before, shitting myself because I know instantly what it's for
>Walk in to office to find the principal, some other exec teacher and one of the fucking main education bosses for our local government sitting across from me
>Admin asks for an explanation
>Shitting bricks, don't want to be expelled
>Agree to write a statement detailing the entire thing
>Write the whole thing from a technical perspective highlighting the shortcomings of the security and basically dump the blame on the autistic admin
>Hand it to them, they read it and discuss among themselves
>Because of my transparency get let off with a warning
>Get reminded that they could press charges and I could go possibly to jail
>TFW they dropped the whole thing
>TFW still had backdoor access for a long time
>Admin never looked me in the eye again after that when we crossed paths in the hallways
>Tell people to go to goatse
>type "brickbeard" into a terminal on my computer
>it's just an alias which runs bricky's fork of sickbeard
>friends' 9yo kid sees it, freaks out and asks if i'm hacking as sickbeard quickly scrolls a bunch of text (just the log as it loads in the shows db)
>"you typed brick beard and it was all whoosh!"

>comes back later and asks me to run "tree"
>>Admin never looked me in the eye again after that when we crossed paths in the hallways
>tfw lazy sperg got what he deserved

shoulda uploaded a c99 m8

It was the late 1990s. UK. I was only 15 at the time so I wasn't driving it back. He was 17 and not long after passing his test. And he wasn't speeding or anything. Just a shit bit of luck on a slippery road. He just took it even slower on the way back than we had been.
>be in high school
>lots of bored kids in typing / Microsoft office classes since the internet and proxies were all blocked out pretty darn well
>starting selling flash drives with roms and emulators and flash games (mainly that balloon tower defense game) on them to said bored kids
>made a good amount of money since these were just tiny 512mb drives with my dad's company's logo printed on them that i got a big box of for free
>got in trouble and suspended for 2 weeks not because of the roms or selling things (you weren't allowed to sell anything at school that wasn't a fundraiser from the school) but because they were worried about the flash files "containing a virus"
>Get a 28.8K modem.
>Mess with a PCBoard BBS
>Code my own PCB addons
>Make secret logon for friends only
>Start blueboxing to the states
>Download latest warez
>People find my board using overnight mailing system
>People join board. Gain trust and get l33t access.
>People send me cash, puter parts and lots of free shit.
>Good times
>Internet comes along and spoils it.
>Computer class
>all machines are aligned in 2 big single tables, students sit on both side of the table
> at my table I can see all the cables from machines from the guys opposing me
> take out persons A mouse cable and put in persons B machine, then take out persons B cable and put it in person A machine
> poker face while person A and B are going crazy
I used to work for a big company doing phone support. There was this dude that would go around blatantly selling warez CD's to everyone. None of the upper stuff fucking cared. It still makes me laugh thinking about it. Mind you back then many companies were running Winblows systems with no licenses too.

Oh and we then discovered MP3's and FTP sites and shared like crazy over the company WAN. Good times.
>be me
>13 y/o or something, 9th grade
>The Computers have close to 0 protection, everything is cracked windows so no updates for fuck i don't know how long
>A lot is blocked, even "happy birthday" in the URL filter
>Admin didn't had a happy birthday or something
>Write shitty VB.net 'proxy activator'
>Just sets the proxy registery value to my own server without admin needs
>Everyone thinks i'm the computer god / 1337 h4x0r
>Even the assholes are kneeling for me
>4 weeks later
>Get called to the principle and he tells me to go to IT and tell me what i did
>Show up at IT, pretty cool guy. Show him my program.
>He thinks it actually pretty well made and says i can leave now

>Teachers wanted me suspended for weeks
but still.. here you are
>high school
>someone tells me that computers are dumb
>*teleport behind him*
>*unsheathe my katana*
>*destroy him*
pshh nothing personell... kid
>be in highschool
>Don't remember specifics or which year I was when most of this happened
>Library computers use deep freeze to prevent software from being installed
>Every computer has a virtual drive that doesn't get wiped
>Cracked minecraft gets put on it
>Spend lunch for months or years playing minecraft
>Be in computer helping class
>Most teachers don't need help so I just sleep
>Minecraft servers start popping up
>Start fucking with people
>Learn some with redstone
>Lose interest in minecraft
>Friend shows me how to make a forkbomb in batch
>Get caught showing some other people
>Librarian thinks all of the forkbombs were me
>Get netbook and get to take it wherever since I'm in that computer class and say I'll need it to help teachers
>Don't do much but browse 4chan my last year
>Freshman in college now and only recently started programming
I was a huge faggot. Now I'm less of a faggot.
>be in the high school computer lab in 2006
>everyone is using the default IE6
>put usb stick on
>run Opera customized with all my bookmarks and shit
>suddenly internet goes out for unknown reasons in the all lab
>anon wtf are you doing? Stop that!

they still think it was my fault.
I forgot.
>Only the educational parts of youtube are allowed.
>Find out that ssl lets me go wherever I want on the internet
>Wonder how this works
>Figure that it's because ssl stops people from messing with my connection
>Wonder why they haven't blocked most of what I can get to
>I think they eventually fixed it
>Can't remember
>Find a site that lets you get to the deep web through it
>Show others
>See younger kids looking at porn through it
>Wonder if they'll look for cp and the feds will come
>Wanted to fuck with the printer since anyone could send a print request
>Wanted to fuck with most of the school before I left
>Never end up doing it
>friend's parent set password on Win XP
>on login screen Ctrl+Alt+Del (x2)
Everytime I installem a program or a new os, people think that I am an hacker. Not so cool.
I was burning 30+ CDs a week in high school for $10 each. I miss those days
>>I've already had an FBI investigation for my internet "trolling" activities at this point, so naturally I lol
you still there? this sounds interesting
File: 162.jpg (10KB, 268x262px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 268x262px
Kids were actually offering me money for games and shit but I knew it was illegal and wrong so I just gave them games for free (they only provided the CD/DVD).

I always made my .isos properly structured and with everything needed (cracks, serials, updates, etc...) so they were top notch and ready to use.

Then this asshole comes with a shitty CS 1.6 with no bots and full of bloat (the bloat that some crackers put) and demands 10€ for it.

File: 1399421005647.png (264KB, 480x422px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
264KB, 480x422px
>Senior year of highschool
>Taking some bullshit MS office class
>Kids in the class managed to get CS 1.6 on a flashdrive
>They have a fun LAN party
>Decide to be a sociopathic asshole
>Next day enter their server with some shitty aimbot
>Kill everyone over and over
>Everyone gets pissed but cant yell because "no games allowed in class"
>Run everyone out of CS
>Eventually nobody is playing CS anymore
>They start playing Halo CE
>Do the same thing with Halo
>Force everyone to go back to playing shitty flash games
>Nobody ever found out it was me

When I was 15 I used to send keyloggers and password stealers over MSN and told the people it was a new update.
It never really worked well. Guessing the secret question to get into email accounts was easier.

But once I could enter someones email account and MSN I did nothing with it because I had no purpose for doing it, besides 'hacking'.
They probably didn't notice you because you were the fat lonely kid in the corner
Some of those loggers worked by sending commands over MSN chat, after which the requested information was pasted in the chat window. I still dont know if the other person could see my commands or not.
sauce on OP's picture?
>someone is standing at the printer
>quickly open word and print: ur a faggit
This is the most fascinating thread I've read here.

>teacher I hate has a newspaper project
>check the newspaper's email address
>secret question is "who's the best teacher"
>put teacher name
>it works, change the password, nothing of interest inside
>brag about it to some kid I knew
>a kid overhears and tells the teacher
>get called to the office, nothing but a warning

>later make a video game in RPG maker about the school
>get send to the office again
>"did I do anything wrong?"
>"no you didn't"
>"okay I'm out then"
>right before closing the door
>"wait COME BACK"
>they make me come back, one of the teachers holding back laughter
>make me play the game in front of them
>main teacher's computer overheats and shuts down halfway through it, before anything bad shows up
>deathly silence, even the teachers not sure if I did it on purpose
>get another warning

Yeah not very interesting stories but I had to do my part
>Instead of PE
Every time
Please post dog.jpg
>Come into I.T class (fucking awful. Never learnt anything. British education systems approach to computers was pretty disgraceful in those days. Still kinda is)

So much this. I'm 19 and only recently (well, 3 years ago, still remember it well) did GCSE in iMedia, CS and IT. Holy shit the only interesting one was CS, but fuck it was prolly worth suiciding through the other 2 for muh qualifications. Fucking I.T. we were literally learning spreadsheets through both years of GCSE, my teacher was LITERALLY a 50-something year old feminist who looked 80, all she ever talked about was women in tech, meanwhile she'd get lost while doing spreadsheets.

Then there was iMedia. Didn't get into media studies so I picked this shit. It was better than IT, we did photoshop and shit, at least our teacher was pretty relaxed, this young Jamaican woman who was chill as fuck was our teacher. But it was still pass-out worthy in terms of the actual course, did more filling in sheets with inconsistent info about definitions of words like vector than any work.

And the only reason CS was cool was because our teacher was a French dude who was almost like a /g/entooman in the best way. He knew his shit and would constantly fuck with the IT guys. He liked me cause I was the only one who knew code from home and stuff like that. The other CS class had the same teacher I had for IT. Needless to say it was cancer
>13, learning python
underage b&
File: 1305139527817.jpg (21KB, 202x204px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 202x204px
>make student group on learning platform
>add custom periods with random titles
>I'm the only person in the group
>how boring
>notice an invite option
>ridiculously high invite limit
>invite entire school
>many accept
>they all get pretty batshit schedules next to their normal ones on their calendar
>some of them approach me and ask me to remove the virus I sent them
>tell me they are reporting me to IT
nothing ever came of it though and I deleted the ones who asked me from the group because I did not want to be mean
getting MSN to transfer executables is a bitch
getting people to make non-executable files executable is a bitch too
or was
Uhh. No green text sorry but when I was 15 I installed XBMC into my xbox and my friends still shit their pants to this day
probably the microsoft doge that is in some login icons
unless that is from 7 and onwards
>be ~12 y/o me
>school launches parental controls program
>wikipedia blocked
>I do leet haxor things, all with shitty windows batch files.
>Now I am the only admin. I lift all blocks, and send a notification balloon to all users telling them their freedom is at hand.
>Some snotty kid tells a teacher.
>sysadmin summons me.
>'Did you break the usage agreement you signed?'
>'What usage agreement?'
>he can't find it
>mfw I paperaeroplaned that shit.
>'Did you write the .bat file that revoke my privilages'
>'whats a dot bat file, mister?'
>I get off free. sysadmin spends a week fixing his shit. I ruled the school for 4 more glorious years.

muh niggah, in those days shit was easy. I got full 'ums' marks in most of mine, with loads of time to dick around.
I honestly believe this is how this shit should be dealt with.

I've never really come across a kid who just wants to do actual damage to a server. Perhaps he does but he doesn't see consequence like an adult.

Most of the time, he's just learning and experimenting and giving him the opportunity to be guided is huge.
Yeah shit was easy. At one point we had to do java but the shitty IT fags refused to install JDK and eclipse on PCs, so our CS teacher got them to set up VMs with vista to do it. I then proceeded to install backtrack, android and other linux distros on virtualbox (they left it unsecured completely). My CS teacher just laughed when he saw it, he was such a bro.
a lot of kids in special classes aren't retarded, just assholes their teachers don't want to deal with.
I remember being assigned to those classes as a punishment for beating other kids up. It was fun giving incentive to tards so they would get in trouble.
I'l participate instead of studying for finals

>Be 15 in sophomore year intro to Comp Sci class
>Want to be in AP level already but I was forced to do pre requisite
>Teacher has ability to share a student's screen (of her choice, one at a time) to the main projector at the front of the class
>Entire school has system where you can login (whether its student, teacher, or admin) and it will auto customize computer
>Manage to see teacher's login info
>Ask my friend to pull some bullshit and distract teacher
>Get on hidden computer in back, log on with teacher's info
>Pull up gay porn (I was surprised it wasnt blocked) and share to screen in front
>Volume at 69%
>Entire class was either laughing, covering eyes, or both
>One chick vomited
>Was never caught
>Teacher was put on probation
>You will never find a Starcraft CD chilling in one of the school library computers and bring it home only to realize you don't have the CD key for it, so in a brazen and by-the-gods attempt to satisfy your homely boredom, you try dozens of methods of inputting random characters, until finally, you count out the numbers of each letter in the word 'STARCRAFT' and press Enter, and to your amazement, install a random copy of StarCraft on your fucking computer without having the CD key.
>>I've already had an FBI investigation for my internet "trolling" activities at this point, so naturally I lol
> The key is 13 digits long with the first 12 digits starting from the left being used to determine the 13th digit. If the 13th digit is correct then installation proceeds else there is an error message. If one where to "lose" the CD-key, then it is possible to randomly put in the first 12 digits while trying all digits 0 through 9 for the 13th one.

>takingsoftwareapart () blogspot () com/2008/01/

I also did this back in the day thinking I was some god among men for a while
I have problems with handwriting, twitchy hands and "disgraphia" whatever the fuck that is, essentially make my handwriting unreadable. I'm a great typist so i was put on the special needs register (at the same time as the gifted and talented register which caused problems) and allowed to bring a laptop. The spacktard room was just a room reserved for all the nutters at break times. But i could go there and play games on my laptop with my friend so yeah.

Honestly the school was really shitty about it. I was getting A's in all three of my sciences but they put me in for lower tier exams purely on the assumption that i was on the special needs register so i must be an idiot. Had to fight tooth and nail for them to change it too.

Mannerisms like that are 4chan's embedded newfag detectors. To anyone who is a regular here, you skim over it, it's processed as nothing and you continue on. Newfags don't get it, so expose themselves.

Exact same thing with 'turn 360 and walk away' to anyone regular, it makes perfect sense as they're used to it, newfags on the other hand are too new to understand.
I only got the option to take one GCSE. GCSE I.T (Im 20). It was awfull. I ended up getting a D overall because we were never even given the last exam. It was that much of a shit show.
File: huehuehue.jpg (14KB, 500x300px)
14KB, 500x300px
>be in highschool
>have 7z on my USB stick
>fuck around during labtime
>find out that the 7zFM can bypass the limits for users
>start browsing files
>find one with the address of every teacher
>find another with that of every student
>compress it onto my USB stick and print it out later at home
>whenever people fuck with me because I was the weird kid, I just pull out the stack of paper and say their home address
>if it happens frequently I find out other information about them
>no one bothers me after a year of this
>Mannerisms like that are 4chan's embedded newfag detectors.
Not him, but I always thought people complained because they're autists.
Everyone knows what they mean.
>>find one with the address of every teacher
>>find another with that of every student

Holy shit. Lunch ID anon here, I remember finding the same shit
I almost got my hands on everyone's schedule, but a teacher took it.
and posting stuff like that is the autism detector
>Selling illegal files on flash drives with your father's company's logo on them.
> school beta testing online grades
> whole system worked by all the teachers going to a room at the end of the day and entering grades onto an ancient dinosaur of an imac from paper
>get people to pay to make me go in there to change grades
> fix people's grades and destroy ledgers so they have nothing to go on
> making a four figure pay in high school
> people call me a hacker
> literally just sitting on a iMac typing in people's grades
User: teacher password: teacher1
> able to script things quickly because reasons
> make chrome plugins for menial tasks i don't feel like managing
> made a plugin to manage project/assignment in school interface (notifications/ alarms for due dates/ etc)
> peers firmly believe i am a 1337 hax0r who has gamed the system
> for fucking real
Does everybody at this school use an internet alarm clock or something? He didn't explain shit.

well the FBI stuff is basically "blah blah, defacing websites, blah blah you can't hold them ransom"

then one of the friends in our group managed to deface a congressmans website as well as the girl scouts of america. this was back when defacing sites was all the rage

there isn't much story tbh
>scan and print a copy of the highschool parking pass on high gloss
>nigger security guard gets a hold of it
>thinks I am manufacturing fake parking passes en mass
>suspend me
>they sit there and feel every parking pass one morning to make sure there are no fakes
>Discover net send
>Drive IT administrators nuts
>They disable cmd
>Write VBA script in an Excel 'app'
>Easter egg: sends every tenth message to "*"
>Head teacher (Principal for you Burgers) flips her shit when a message from a hapless retard calling a teacher a cunt appears on every screen
>Bans computers for the entire school for a week

>Buy hardware keylogger with pocket money
>Buy ergonomic keyboard identical to the one owned by the head of IT
>Hide keylogger inside
>Drive him insane by printing his passwords with his Dymo label printer and sticking them to his whiteboard every time he changed them (ended up being daily)
>Realise later that I aged the poor bastard from the stress
>using computer as an alarm clock
i am pretty sure the fan noise would've kept anyone awake, also dat power consuption
I remember having a python interpreter preinstalled on my family's prebuilt Compaq from 1998.
How's that teenage angst going for you?
Yeah, the worst part of this system is that it's so inconsistent. The grades don't mean shit because every school seems to do shit differently, it just doesn't work.

My IT teacher fucking hated me even though my grades were consistently the best. I guess it was because I would fuck around all lesson, but I got the shit done, and didn't distract others really, just one person who was muh bezzie who would fuck around either way.
M8 that means she has nudes she doesn't want you to see
>Playing with this desktop destroyer flash thing
>Old bitch thinks i have actually destroyed the screen
>get sent to the principles office
>he's a bro show him it's just some stupid flash thing
>Bitch teacher leaves about a month later
Why do people store nudes on their computer?
Why don't you ask Jennifer Lawrence?
I have a bunch of nudes sitting on my pc that i have been sent. People get horny they do stupid shit. Welcome to the world.
>People get horny they do stupid shit. Welcome to the world.

Also people get drunk
Why would someone get horny behind their computer (apart from watching porn)? Were they having internet sex with you?
>be in middle school
>really want to play flash games
>friend of mine shows me that apparently the website is blocked but the IP is not
>use ping command on the websites
>use IP to get to flash game website
>holy shit it works
>people think I'm a hacker for getting in, I didn't even figure it out
The desire to play flash games was really strong when I was a kid.
redditfag detected
This entire thread is nothing but reddit. Read any of the stories.
Once or twice. Mostly just flirting with people i know.
>have two monitors
>everyone that sees them thinks i am a hacker or thinks i use two computers and once and asks for the second keyboard and mouse
>move a window from one monitor to the other
How do you even flirt on the internet? It sounds incredibly awkward.
Take your dick out and slap the keyboard. I find that works pretty well.

Yes its awkward as fuck but when drunk and horny that doesn't matter in the slightest.
Does it matter if I have a razer keyboard
Yes. Because that would make you 13.
blackwidow is a decent mechanical for the price fag
If you say so mate.

buyers remorse?
>will slapping my dick on a razer be bad
>highschool programming class
>make simple program that opens and closes the cd tray when I press left ctrl
>spend every day tricking people into thinking I can control it with my mind/wave of my hand
> Be me, can't remember what age but in high school
> Had a shitting website assignment (ms frontpage), one of the optional requirements was to implement some kind of JavaScript that did something
> Noticed a file conveniently name JavaScript code
> Out of curiosity, copy pasta code. Can't quite remember how i got the JavaScript code window
> Turns out code makes those animated clock and follows where ever the mouse is
> "Oh, pretty cool" showed to my buddy
> teacher notices "le gasp", calls other teachers
> apparently a coding genius

>13, learning python
> the incident put me off programming for seven years.

13 + 7 = 20 != underage b&
But American majority starts at 21 because they grow up more slowly than other people.
circa 95-97 go to all the Best Buy, Circuit city, Incredible Universe

deltree *.* /y

all their display hp, micron, gateway bricks

At a minimum, the guy's 20. He's probably older, though. But I suppose you have a point.
>talk to cute girl about computers at middle school in 8th grade
>"Wow anon, you must be smart"
>Later, one of her friends approaches me about cleaning his records with the feds
>"so femanon tells me you know how to hack"
>"Sort of"
>he got busted for trying to change his records and he's one parole
I won a free arctosa in some random-prize bullshit raffle at work a while back
I must be 13 because of that
> that guy who made the drink holder program which just brings up a window with a single button that toggles your cd tray open and closed
don't even own one
>eating lunch
>random guy eats my apple
>find out his username and login for his school computer
>write a batch file that opens itself with the message 'enjoyed the apple?'
>put it in the startup folder
>2 weeks later
>the same guy from before gives me an apple
>ask me to remove the batch
>i agree
>become best bros
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