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Build/Guts Thread

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Hey /g/, I'm slowly raising up money for a high-end build I'm gonna keep at lest for 4-5 years.
I want it to last, if it's necessary, I don't mind spending a bit.


It would be basically

>Case: Fractal Design Define XL R2
After a Micro ATX shenanigans, now I want a full one. And this one looks good. I'm tired of the Obsidian style.

>Corsair RM1000
I currently have a RM850 in my system. I don't want to savage it firstly because I need to sell the whole rig to a friend and secondly I heard multiple times of the gpu (see below) shitting itself with less than 1000w. So yeah.

>Mobo: Gigabyte GAX99BlahBlah
One of the cheapest X99, seems good enough, I don't want gaymen shit and seems to do the job.

>CPU: Intel Core i7 5930K
High-End CPU, 5960X is overkill and stupid and the 5820k doesn't justify the other system parts imho, so a good in between sounds good enough. The more PCI-E lanes will future-proof me for upgrades on the VGA side.

>Ram: Crucial Ballistix Sport 2* 2x4GB 2400Mhz DDR4.
Aside from being the cheapest I could find, doesn't look like a huge ass clunky piece of plastic and seems to do the job well.

>VGA: Sapphire Radeon R9 295X2
Currently the best graphics card available without going into full autism with Titan Z.
>b-but m-muh 970 sli
I can find a R9 295x for 100€ less than a pair of 970. And this card blows the 970 away anyways.
>b-but amd housefire
Dual AIO water loop + dedicated 120 for the vram + benchs shows that this card runs cooler than my current gtx 670. So yeah, shitty memes not allowed here.

Already have them in my system. 3TB Nas-tier HDD + 2* 512GB SSD for fast accessing stuff and OS.


And that's about it really. I want to play any game I want however I want for at least three years. If the R9 295X2 runs dry I can still get a good kickback by reselling it and perhaps I'll get the R9 395x2 in the future or something.

Any tips? Ideas? Also uh general build/guts thread I guess.
Fuck you nigger. You've chosen shit parts.
How so?
Also I'm whiter as milk, EXCUSE ME

>Fractal Design Define XL R2
Choose Define R5 Series.
Where are you from?
Le epic reddit.

Also hence the "XL", I prefer that over the Define R5, which is also good.
Not bad. I'll post mine in a minute.
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17KB, 809x247px
Few things I haven't decided on yet.

I'd really like a case that doesn't show the power supply, like the Air 540. But the Air 540 won't properly support three GPUs.

Cooler, probably a Nepton 280L until I work up the courage to do a custom loop.

Waiting for the 980Ti or 390X.
Why the 5960X?
I'm puzzled between the 5930k and 5820k now because I'm good on money for this build but I don't have a crazy amount.

A well known youtuber who has a channel that ends with "LInus Tech Tips" made a video that shows how many fucks you could give about the more lanes if you don't do 4 way SLI (http://youtu.be/rctaLgK5stA) and since I'm going AMD with 2 way Crossfire on the same 16x lane well...

You know what holds me still? It's the faggotry consumerist whore feeling. Literally there's a tiny voice in my head that says
"hey goy, you can get the 5930k too... sounds better than the 5820k... whaa you're making a high-end rig and you get the entry level processor? *rubs hands* "
And that is killing me. I know it's disgusting but what can I do about it?
I'm getting the 5960X because I do a lot of file conversion. Should be a decent step up from my 955BE.
6 core vs 8 core is that big of a deal?
Honestly, my current i5 3570k never shat itself in the past three years even when doing heavy multitasking.

What about my issue? Are you "that guy" who is going to help a faggot up?
For what I do, the 8-core is important.


The 5820K only has 28 lanes. Imagine you're running the 295x2s on 16 lanes each, you're probably going to run into problems if you try to use an M.2 SSD as well.
No I don't think I will ever have anything else other than the 295x2 on the pci slots.
Perhaps an expansion card? Are 28 lanes really not enough for the 2gpu card + more?
Also this thing puzzles me. If it's a dual gpu with single pcb card running on a single 16x slot, does it take 16 or 32 lanes? Logically, it would take 16 or even less, as I've seen dual 290x setups (two cards, not the 295x2) running on 16lanes consumer-grades cpu (4770/90k) so I really don't know. I think it uses at best the full 16x lane so I will be safe and sound with the 5820k.
M.2 SSDs have a dedicated slot on the motherboard. They don't use PCI slots, but they do need lanes.

I'd assume a single 295X2 splits it into x8 for each GPU on the PCB.

Are you planning on a single 295X2? Or two of them?
>Imagine you're running the 295x2s on 16 lanes each, you're probably going to run into problems if you try to use an M.2 SSD as well.
Surprisingly enough no, no you don't.

Get something better than that piece of shit.
You don't need the extra lanes.

>16 lanes for 1st GPU
>16 lanes for 2nd GPU
>4 lanes for SSD

Do the maths, dipshit. 28 isn't going to be enough.
I5 4690K (£170) inside an ASRock Z97 PRO4 Motherboard (£70) Is this a good idea for me?

Also have £300 for a monitor, whats the best monitor right now guys.
Did you even bother checking the link?
99% at x4 speeds aka negligible
Single, and the R9 295x2 has the peculiarity of not chaining up the two cores like a normal two gpu pcb would. It's really two 290x in one, also slightly overclocked.
If they do 8x8 on board I don't know, probably? That doesn't seem to be an issuea, as it performs even better than two 290x in parallel.

>Get something better than that piece of shit.

The RM850 after a year of almost 24/7 use has yet to fail on me. A single fucking time. I think the fan never spun up a single time.

The only real bad thing I can address to it is the shitty sleeved cables. Being flat for "cable management" really makes it only uglier. But there's custom sleeving you know.
Jonny does not recommend the RM series if you want high end because of poor caps in it.

If you truly want to do yourself a favor, check out the HXi line.
>Then again, we can also remember situations when a single AMD Radeon R9 295X2 managed to shut down a PSU (PCGH, 1200W Enermax Platimax), or even destroy it outright (Tom's Hardware, Corsair AX860i). In these cases, the power supplies should have had more than enough capacity to handle the hardware.

Don't mind me, I'm listening to you, I just want to be clear about this.
I fail to see how this is relevant to what I said.
The HX is way more expensive. Unless it's that big of a deal I don't see the point honestly.
Hmm, how about the capstone?

Thanks, no thanks.

Anyways, what do you personally think about DDR3 vs DDR4? The same guy I shilled already in my old post had to disable two cores in order to show the bench between a 4790k vs a 5820k. No wonders results are kinda the same.
ddr4 is jew-tier right now, give it a few years
As if you're going to notice a difference between semi and fully modular, you're going to use that ATX24 pin anyways.
see >>45387976
The jew factor is running strong on me now, especially because I can actually afford it.
bumperino 2
Thread posts: 31
Thread images: 3

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