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>newfag catastrophic data loss story

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catastrophic data loss story
>be me
>back-up my shit every 3 months
>no catastrophic data losses

>also realize if there ever was one, it won't be catastrophic, and I will be able to rebuild eventually

Damn autists. There is life beyond your kamputah, you know.

I don't get what the fuck this thread is about
>get letter in mail about torrenting
>some porn company wants to subpoena me
>throw drive into lake
>tell them had catastrophic data loss
>never hear from again
>now use vpn

>back up everything to NAS
>entire house burns down
>24TB lost
Used 'delete from disk' instead of 'delete from inventory' option in ESXi once. Byebye all data.

...good thing I keep backups.
>Admitting you had copyrighted materials in the first place.
>Implying it was you.
>Have two bay external enclosure
>~1700 GB of data
>Become mentally ill
>Literally toss it 6 feet onto hard floor
>It no longer works
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Huh. How odd.
>have external 1 tb drive
>one day its not recognised anymore
>fucking WD
>most of it was anime and shit
>however there were important files likes pictures from years before
>all lost :(

I still have the drive hoping that one day I find the way to recover files, the drive seems to work normally, it starts, spins up, the light is on, its just computer doesnt see it
tried the freezer method but it didnt help
if youre not too short of money but an identical drive and swap the logic board
Sounds like what happened to Austin Evans
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>be me
>have external 1TB
>need to burn .iso on usb
>cd /media/faggot/External_1TB/Documents/Iso
>dd of=iso.iso if=/dev/sdd bs=8MB
>sleep 3s
>remove usb
>try to boot with usb on different pc
>no boot medium found
>check out external TB
>still works fine
>question everything now
>reboots pc
>boots into usb
>look at pc, only usb that is plugged in is the External HDD
>oh dear god why
>check out live disk
>open up gparted && check out /dev/sda
>one partition of 750mb
>930gb unallocated space
>oh dear god why (1)
>tfw 11,000+ audio files and 200+ gb of Anime gone
>shut off pc && unplug External HDD
>be paranoid as fuck
>don't touch HDD for two months
>in that time, learn all that I can about Data Forensics and Recovery in GNU/Linux && Unix
>It's time
>plug in External HDD
>fdisk -l
>dd if=/dev/sdd of=youdunfuckedup.iso bs=8MB
>mkdir /mount/faggot/nicegoing
>mount youdunfuckedup.iso /mount/faggot/nicegoing/
>fuck its just the live boot
>start up testdisk
>search for lost partitions
>found one NTFS 932gb
>write to disk
>live disk still comes up
>in gparted delete all partitions on /dev/sdd
>back in test disk, write NTFS to disk
>define insanity, this is it
>barrow a windows computer
>chkdsk D:
>sleep 5s
>boot into testdisk one last time and write to disk
*External_1TB Mounted*
>check file system, everything is here
>tfw only lost 750mb of data

And this is why you use Windows.
Dat insurance doe
So I can fuck up other parts of my system with no hope of recovery?
No, Windows doesn't have dd :^)

sudo chmod -R 777 /

It wasn't really "data loss" as much as it was "completely unusable operating system" and "reinstall everything".

Actually, it certainly can have dd.
Why would I want to use an inferior system?
This just epitomizes why linux is shit. Having to go through convoluted, and frankly error prone steps to do a simple task.
>pir8 all my shit
>if lose everything, I'll just redownload
>nothing of real value was lost

So basically you didn't lsblk and you fucked up.
Your own fault.

No, it "epitomizes" why being retarded is shit. It's not Linux's fault that Anon couldn't just "lsblk" and make sure he dd's the right device.
One time I had a Seagate that shat itself and wiped it's entire memory for no reason one day.

Nevar again.
But people fuck up, the reason linux will never get mass adoption is because it allows people to mess it up so easily. It isn't a parks fault if someone jumps off a cliff. It is the parks fault if the area around the cliff is slippery and happens to be the only way into the park.
No, its my own fault not the systems. I fucked up the dd command but other than that it did EXACTLY what I told it to do.
I when I looked into recovery options for windows they were all proprietary and cost over $100

I keep my important docs on Dropbox
>inb4 botnet or cloud shit

I keep my music backed up on my server because I have close to 200GB that I've built up over the past 6 years. It'd destroy me if I lost it.

Movies, game ISOs and other shit just hang around on my Samsung 1TB because it doesn't really matter if I lose that shit.
That proprietary system worked perfectly to recover your files whereas linux failed miserably though. This shit wouldn't have happened in the first place if you just weren't trying to be a faggot and use
>muh free software
>muh elite command line
>don't keep any important documents
>don't take photos

No loss here.
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This is the reason dd has the nickname "disk destroyer".
The point is that I couldn't of done it just using windows.
And in Linux I could of just used fsck instead, which somehow I didn't find out until later.
Exactly. You wouldn't be in that god damn mess if you had just used windows to begin with to watch your anime bullshit. Then you also would've noticed the "drive" you were erasing was shaped like a flash drive and not a fucking HDD from the icons. It also would have been clearly labeled.

>delete system32

Windows lets people fuck it up just as easily. IT EVEN GIVES YOU A GUI TO DO IT WITH!

for fuck sake
>*External_1TB Mounted*

and for that split moment everything is right with the world and you're completely contented. There's nothing better than the feeling of recovering a load of data after you think you've lost it all. That huge sigh of relief when you see your files again.
It doesn't allow you to delete it by default. If you fucks had a legit copy of windows you'd know this.
This. Stop spreading bullshit.

>implying I'm stupid enough to go and delete sys32 to "try it out"

Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

At least you have an INCREDIBLY small chance in Linux of installing keyloggers.

I'd rather lose all data than get keylogged on and have all info stolen, tbh.

You two are the ones spreading bull shit.

Just type,

del C:\WINDOWS\system32

in your Winshit and watch what happens, cunts.
The point is that there's a barrier of entry. You can do ALL the same shit you can in linux in windows just for people that are likely to mess things up they are less likely to be able to. Also in a retail copy of windows it won't do anything. It's only pirated "corporate" copies that create accounts with those privileges by default that allow you to do dumb shit like that. So your average person would not be able to open cmd prompt and do that.

Your average person shouldn't be doing "sudo dd if=0 of=/dev/sda"

You can't do it in Linux without going into a root account either. So, it's the SAME exact shit, ass wipe.
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It says permission denied on all files, even when running cmd as admin.
Show me the gui elements that would allow
To burn an iso that are included with a common distro. Also show me how these elements have a clear differentiation by default. The point is if it was that simple in linux people wouldn't do dumb shit like that all the time. And they do do it al the time. Also
Only corporate copies allow you to do anything with critical system files. And the only time you'll get a corporate copy is if you pirate it
Not trying to hate on windows, its a fine OS for most people.
But I've had enough issues with it not to use it.
Ethical, Hardware limitations, freedom..
And that's understandable. But this whole "year of the linux desktop" thing is bullshit because it doesn't work well for most people. I use it on my inspiron 7000 laptop because
>better battery life
Also all I do is watch movies, respond to emails, cut PO's through software that runs in a hypervisor for work, and edit spreadsheets. It's functionality is perfect for me. On my desktop I use windows 7.
Moving data from an 8TB array to a 32TB array. Forgetting that /MIR is data destructive...

robocopy old new /MIR
http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/add-take-ownership-to-explorer-right-click-menu-in-vista/ try this
So, you're telling me the pirated version is better than the retail one?
God bless microsoft
it happened yesterday

oh, rm -rf...
You're missing the point
> Having backups on external hard drive
> Using RAID5 in desktop (main) machine
> Not being an idiot
> tfw never had any data loss, being able to easily go back 10+ years on my hard drive.
>separate / and /home partitions
>install essential/desirable software and image / partition
Can I have a 2001-era image please.
reddit is our greatest ally
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My fav band at the time: Korn
Good taste; they're great live.
seeing them next week in KC
>Toegang geweigerd
Anyone here used Spinrite?
>liking nu-metal
>being assblasted about music
Why the hell would you want to have access to something as potentially destructive as dd to being with?
dd is good for shredding a drive, it's also good for prepping a drive for block encryption
>become mentally ill
once for some reason i formatted the wrong disk. i lost maybe four years work of music, code, pictures.

though: all this was from my learning years so it was all shit and i didnt mourn it one bit
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>subpoenaing people
I've received 6 subpoenas from lawyers; you can throw them right in the trash. They are unenforceable against anything but corporations. Tell them to come back with a warrant and a cop.
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>Work in data recovery
>Don't even really need to care about drive failures
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>tfw format my surface pro two days before an assignment is due because I plugged in an external keyboard and I was in my dorm bed leaning on the keyboard while installing ubuntu on an external partition
>the automatic option for ubuntu is to erase the entire disk and my ass was on the enter and arrow keys so it selected "yes" to everything
>try to recover data for both days, day in and day out
>newest backup was last week and I don't have time to make everything again, and my dropbox backup got fugged as well somehow
>The day of
>load some software, can't remember the name into a liveboot disk
>Recovering files
>first one to actually find _anything_, and it's finding a shitload of stuff
>runs for two hours, dumps content onto flash drive
>open folder
>A bunch of broken files with no extension, all named shit like 09123$231
>the only totally non-corrupted files are three thumbnails of porn that are like 100x100px
>I had been keeping my prof updated on this and he actually assisted me in the recovery at one point
>End up getting a 100 on the assignment because he had seen my project before it was due and he loved it
>and my ass was on the enter and arrow keys so it selected "yes" to everything
How fat are you?
I'm clinically underweight
I just happened to be ontop of the keyboard
Punched my laptop in a fit of anger over the hard drive. Lost everything.
Thread posts: 70
Thread images: 10

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