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Let's bore each other with some stories, /g/. >Be in

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Let's bore each other with some stories, /g/.

>Be in CS class.
>One of those intro- to prog classes.
>Taking C++ instead of Java, still upset there's no C class though.
>That's besides the point.

>6 or 7/10 girl walks in.
>Red, fucking astroturf... as in, this-color-does-not-exist-in-real-life red hair.
>Pony shirt.
>Bracelets out the ass.
>Either one of those "gaymur girls" or straight feminist.

>Try ignoring the obvious turd in the punchbowl.
>Start taking notes
>Going through pointers, operators, etc.
>Look over to her.
>She's playing on her fucking phone.
>Tumblr logo is clearly visible.

>Begin remembering all those stories I heard on /g/ about wymmin being the first to drop out.
>Start laughing a little.
>She hears.
>Turns around.
>I'm still looking at her and chortling.
>My face is beet-red by now, I'm sure.
>She puts down her phone and raises her arms in this "What's wrong with you" fashion.
>I mouth the words "Sorry, sorry" and wave my hand to dismiss myself.
>Trying fuckhard not to reveal my powerlevel.
>She rolls her eyes and frowns, then returns to her phone

finish the story
I agree, I'm interested now.
>I dropped out before her
I don't get it, are you angry because she was browsing tumblr? Or because she wasn't paying attention in bar none the easiest course you could possibly take?
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>About to take a picture of her, thinking I'd make a thread like this for later.
>Before I could do it, professor tells us we're going to work on 'Hello World' for the last few minutes of class.

"I see everyone has brought their laptops, or iPads, what have you."
"This doesn't matter, we're simply going to analyze the code, not run it."

"Would everyone please open up the text editor of their choice on their respective devices and follow along?"

>Prof hooks up to projector and begins typing out 'Hello World' in C++.

"Now pay attention, this bit of text here called 'std::out' functions a bit like a chalkboard."
"These two left arrows are like the chalk to the chalkboard, whatever is in front of them is-"

>Tune out his terrible, inaccurate analogy and look over to tumblrgirl.
>She's doing some sort of long report.
>On her Eee PC.
>In Libre Office.
>Alt-tabbing between her report and what looks like nano every so often to copy what the professor types out on the overhead.

>She tabs back to her report.
>Page Up
>Page Down
>Resumes typing

I don't think she even laid one finger on the touchpad

/g/, I don't care what her beliefs are...
I think I'm in love.
I'm glad you're one step closer to becoming less of a bigot.
man up and stick your dick in her then
i hardly know 'er haha
She's lesbian, also

Nano? What a pleb.

I'm fuckin' serious, I want this girl to straight up teach me how to use a computer, no sexual innuendos implied.
I use nano. Fuck you.

Just fucking do it yourself you pleb. No girl is attracted to dependents. They wanna learn computers from you, not have you follow them around all day
>thinking somebody that uses nano knows anything about computers
>took a few cs classes in undergrad
>CS201 + 202: OOP, C++

>sperglord in class, clearly is good at programming
>tries to be buddy buddy with professor
>recites fucking xkcd comic panels to professor
>prof just chuckles and ignores him
>prof likes me because i do all the work, comment my code like crazy and have clean code
>switch majors shortly after lol
i feel bad for that kid though, he's probably still a virgin, that was like 6 or 7 years ago now.
Why does /g/ hate nano so much? Is it just an epic maymay or is there a legitimate reason that makes it bad?

get the fuck out of here
i use visudo
post discarded, thread retarded

it's not hard on purpose enough
C is fucking useless when are you ever going to use it? are you gonna work on Hurd? get the fuck out.
It's a part of the epic Vim vs Emacs meme.

Any text editor that is not Vim or Emacs is automatically shit by shitposter standards.

Other editors mocked like this include:

I wanted to say because vim is more customizable, do more with it.

But to be honest, I never actually ever tried to customize nano...
because vim is light years ahead

If you're a diehard GNU person, use emacs. I never had time to fuck with lisp though so I never got into emacs but I hear it's a good editor.
What a twist!
that would legit be a good thing to have on a resume though, wouldn't it? sure it's never going to reach 1.0 but it's still systems programming.

Sublime is for hipsters
notepad ++ is for grandpas or grandpa fuckers
get rekt, go back to your dreamweaver/visualstudio corporate sellout

stop liking what I don't like etc.
/g/'s just a bunch of dirty fucking hipsters, trying to get by using elitist shit no one else can/will bother using
C is fine if OP was doing CE or EE. For CS, pretty much any language is fine.
>Sublime is for hipsters
You look like such a cool computer dude though 10220
Because it lacks features necessary for real coding. It's fine for editing config files, but generally I find I can make config changes in vim with a lot less keystrokes.
/g/ shits on nano because using nano is equivalent to firing up notepad.exe because you cant figure out MS word

after your first day of at the command line you should be comfortable with vim or emacs. then you get to debate C-x C-s vs wq with the big boys.
>i feel bad for that kid though, he's probably still a virgin

That's no reason to feel bad for anyone nowadays.

He was good at coding, so he did good in class, yes?
I'd rather be a kissless virgin with a degree and a good job than a stud with failing marks.
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>after your first day of at the command line you should be comfortable with vim or emacs
mount stupid incarnate, everyone
What a faggot.

Honestly though fucking talk to her next time you see her and don't be a creep that stares at her all class.

so are you arguing for or against the use of sublime?

I use sublime, and I enjoy it. Out of all the text editors I've used it's just...nice...out of the box

and they've got nice packages I can pull in with the package handler for whatever I'm working on
I do 100% of my development work in emacs in c (i work for an android device mfg). I'll occasionally fire up eclipse for java shit for the tools, but that's rare.

That said I still use vim occasionally as it's always installed everywhere. There is no excuse not to know the major shortcuts of both. Unless you're not really a programmer, i guess. Like a javascript dev or something.
You seem to know what you are talking about.

In emacs, how do you deal with all the finger-contorting key combinations? I found vim's modal editing to be a lot easier to remember, and a lot easier on the hands as well.
I know some people like to remap control to caps lock, but it doesn't seem to help for me
For, it's a really nice text editor.

That also makes you look like a cool dude.
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>comment my code like crazy
Guess we found the real sperglord
evil mode m8.
it was for class, you nerd, not to impress /g/.
>commenting more than required
That makes sense, but then, what benefit does emacs pose to me over vim?

Instead of installing emacs, and installing evil mode, couldn't I just use vim from the beginning?
I'm EE and we use C++

why are CS majors always the worst type of people?
Yeah, I don't even bother to remap my ctrl key. Ctrl already seemed fairly easy for me, considering the ctrl-whatever windows keys i grew up with.

C-M-f/b i wish were easier to hit though (expression jumping). I've thought about remapping it, but that and shift-m-> (go to end) are the only things that are difficult and i usually can just use end/home/pgup/pgdn.

Everything's customizable, of course, so change things to fit your needs. My .emacs file is in box and git and i copy it across different VMs, laptops, work servers etc, so that i've got the same feel everywhere.
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>Unless you're not really a programmer, i guess
Name one good reason I need to know VIM or emacs if I'm a C/C++ developer? I get by pretty alright with multitude of IDEs available for them.

Something like QtCreator ties together your compiler, debugger, valgrind, etc and makes development way easier than with something that gives you very little in the way of a user interface.

I can profile at a glance, debug visually, quickly scroll through multiple pages and projects, set breakpoints without touching the keyboard etc

I get if you like VIM and emacs and thats just your preferred way of doing things... but I don't know why people who use emacs and vim have such an elitist mentality towards it.
That's interesting, I've heard some good things about it.

How does vim's regex capabilities and macro system compare with qtcreators' equivalents?
Do people comment extensively on code to impress an anonymous imageboard about technology?
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>EE majors
enjoy checking meter boxes the rest of your life
I see, that makes sense.

If I am already comfortable with vim, does emacs offer any significant benefits which would make it worth learning how to use?
If it pays well
Some new guy at work showed up from some startup and said his old place not only did not comment things, they had started stripping comments from everything they had existing.

Sounded cool, so I started writing comment-less code. Other than an occassional //Todo youll never see one. It's actually improved things a lot, since I have to think more carefully about naming and function size. would recommend
I don't use vim or emacs so I don't know ... thats why I was asking whats so good about them.

QtCreator has regex searching through files and you can save macros and assign them to whatever key combo you want. I don't use the latter at all and have only use regex like once or twice.

It also has vim and emacs emulation ... which just sets up certain shortcuts im assuming
Thread posts: 58
Thread images: 6

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