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>doing tricep pushdowns
>gym pt comes over to correct my form
>severely autistic about my form
>maybe he has some wisdom
>just shows me a different way to do the exercise
>go home to make sure my form wasnt wrong
>it wasn't

Why do these faggots think they are some kind of experts at fitness?
he knew you were doing nothing wrong, but he still probably felt the need to do SOMETHING so that he could feel like he earned his money
That makes me so angry just reading that. If somebody did that to me I would lose it completely. The next time I saw that smug schmuck I'd let him know my displeasure. Let's just say he'd need his own PT to help him walk again haha...
If they're so stupid, then why aren't you making a killer living by training people yourself?
ex-pt here, used to work for a large chain of gyms
they make us do this shit. nobody fucking wants to because its retarded but they make us talk to everyone anyway in hopes one of the dumbfucks we talk to buys a training package. left because management wanted us to focus more on that dumb shit and less on progressing our current clients.
pt is an awful fucking business unless you do it on your own
>pt is an awful fucking business
Your clients don't really want to do what works. They want something flashy and novel.

That's why PT's do what they do. It's what the clients want.
>doing chest flies
>everything's alright
>PT comes over
>tells me I'm lowering one arm more than the other
>know I'm not
>maybe it's just a tiny bit
>do the movement as controlled as possible
>still tells me it's asymmetrical
>what the fuck is this shit
>do it again, super slowly
>still tells me it's wrong
>what the fuck I've been doing this for years already
>do the movement, purposely leaving the arm that was going deeper halfway through the ROM
>"that's it, perfect"
PTs aren't usually bad dudes, but some try to give you advice because otherwise they're just there for decoration.
>PT comes up to me
>know it's a PT due to his shirt
>starts to say something
>cut him off
>"sorry man I'm not paying for a session, leave me alone"
>he looks mad and walks away
seriously, people in the service industry are subhuman. don't let them speak to you.
wow man ur so cool

wish i was cool like u
PT's at my gym just says hi
Ever consider you are delusional, and they are seeing reality?
that sound awful. Thanks god my gym doesn't have a PT
>Second time ever adding deadlifts into a workout
>Personal trainer comes up to me AFTER I'm done with deadlifts
>proceeds to tell me my form is off and to find him next time I try deadlifts
>See him with a client showing her complete incorrect form on rower
>Avoid at all costs interacting with him
I actually considered I might be doing the movement wrong at first. I did it wrong at the end, like, extremely wrong, and was told it was right. I'm not an expert weightlifter, but come on.
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cunt slayer.jpg
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I think it comes down to

>we don't like to be disturbed mid lift
>we don't want other gym users to think we are incompetent
>we don't like other people looking at us other than a casual glance
>killer living
lmao. not everyone here have mcjobs, loser
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>ask about it
>tell them when I'm working out next
>day of PT walks me to the circuit and before he starts his spiel
>"I'd just like correction on my form for my current workout"
>smash cut to
>"Don't squat below parallel it'll hurt your knees"
>"Don't bring the bar below eye level when your doing overhead"
>"Alright, well I also have a workout to do. I'm not going to just stand here and watch you workout"
>*ring ring*
>"hello anon it appears you've stopped paying for your gym membership"
Where I am you're lucky to make 30k-40k a year doing personal training.
I'm just saying, if all PT's are incompetent, and there are thousands of potential clients who want real, effective training, then why aren't you making bank and taking advantage of the demand, brainlet?
pts would freak out about my low bar squat all the time, telling me my stance was too wide, that my feet should point foward, that my knee shouldn't go over my toes, that going below parallel is dangerous, all kinds of meme. (normie gym, ppl only do high bar) until i was doing 150 kg for reps, apparently a mind blowing weight for normal people.
Ha! Yeah I guess you do kid, I guess you do...
Even though you said the right thing most people are pretty sensitive by nature and took that as curt. Just don't let it bother you if this is how you usually are but if it continues to piss you off then try being a bit more neutral with your words
The PT's at my gym seem like a mixed group of assholes and generally nice people but they have never walked up to me for anything. They usually keep to themselves unless when they are training hamplanets.

On a sidenote there's a PT with a really nice big ass at my gym. Any hot PT's at your gym?
OP here. There is this really cute pt that is there sometimes. She trains some fat lady that never seems to lose any weight and mostly get told to do meme exercises. Would totally ask her if I wasnt such an autist
Actually squatting below parallel causes slightly more shear forces on your PCL when compared to squatting at parallel
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Thread images: 3

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