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Friday Night /fit/ Feels

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I've opened up a bottle of Jack Daniels, let's hang out.

How was your workout today?

Got any feels to get off your chest?

Got any plans for tonight? the weekend?
>not nighttime
>not even 8am
It's 10:53am
based EST
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>another weekend alone
whats a good hobby to pick up so i can meet people
I've got legs today and am trying to muster my motivation. The other night I was dicking down this girl and the whole night she was squeezing my thighs and saying they were "thick rugby thighs". I loved being mired for my legs but it made me less motivated to hit them and it's really been putting my leg days in a funk.

I work weekends so my schedule doesn't align with those of my friends and acquaintances, so my social life has significantly decreased, but I've been able to put much more effort into my diet and lifting. The weird thing is, I feel fine about it. The minimal social interaction I get at work and maybe hanging out with someone else once every week or two is plenty for me, otherwise I want to be to my own devices. Am I in cocoon mode or am I just autistic?
A sport
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CPA exam next week. I'm scared bros, so fucking scared. I've spent over 150 hours studying for this test and I still feel scared.

Crush it bro. I'm in the middle of CFA L2 and Actuary stuff. You got this senpai.
So I don't know what to do with this or if this is acceptable

I am in a dept which has no local presence, I work from home but requested an office. Basically I might get an office now and I want to start coming into work but the issue is nobody in any dept will know who I am. I think it will be good and I can just chill with other people for once and not worry about anything else. They are giving me an office and the thing is I don't know anyone. Is this an excuse to be social again?

Go to work, talk to coworkers?
Absolutely! Work is one of the best social circles, presuming you ultimately do your work and don't piss off management. People love being engaged at work because it breaks the monotony, so if you can get a witty interesting conversation going between some people you're sure to make friends with some folks at your office. It'll be nice to have a clean slate and not no anybody, just don't sperg out on your first day and you'll be fine.
it's not night yet but rather afternoon, gonna head out to the gym, wish me luck brahs
Heading back to my hometown to visit my family. It's my dad's birthday and I gpt us matching gaurdian bells for our motorcycles.

Today was supposed to be a rest day anyways and tomorrow I'll have to take an extra day off from the gym, but it's worth it to have a healthy, loving relationship with family.
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Leg day today
Probably going to watch YouTube later
Just did 90 minutes of cardio and about to get some chipotle. Making good progress on this cut. Maybe I'll have a gf by Christmas. [spoiler] I just want my grandma to know I've made it before she dies [/spoiler]

Gonna listen to some GY!BE later. So enjoyable. I like longer more melodic stuff ya know. Jethro Tull is pretty good too. I like music like that because I have it all to myself... nobody except rare oddballs listen to em.

I too enjoy girls touching my thighs

I'm going to college next year (I took a gap year) crossed between going into finance or accounting or actuarial science. I really don't want to do hard work and I think Finance is a good compromise because being an actuary requires statistics which I fuckin hate.
Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMivT7MJ41M
Accountants have the easiest time in finding a job though so watch out. Unless you go to a top school be wary of finance.
This hit me in the feels.

I don't have an awful relationship with my parents-certainly not as bad as other people- but I don't really feel like we can connect to or relate to each other. Every time I come in to town my mom wants to by me a pair of new jeans or something and our primary way of hanging out is getting food. I feel like they aren't willing to delve deeper with me, but maybe I'm just projecting.

I come into town about 3 or 4 times a year for a few days and am always ready to leave by the last couple days. I get mad envious when I hear about people's awesome relationships with their parents.
I really like this thread.

It reminds me that the week is over. I don't go out, like ever. This is what I look forward to.

I'm planning on getting baked, listening to Dune on audiobook and working out in my home gym for approx 3hrs tonight. Really looking forward to it.
About to go to the gym, doing HIIT between lifting. Will this kill my gains?
Brass jam-session in an hour then we head for out for dinner and beer.
Workout was solid and not too hot in my homegym/gardenshack. As annoying the weather is currently with rain and 15°C in the middle of summer, thats the one positive thing. It's a big plus actually.

My cutie crush will be there again like every weekend and she probably still doesn't want to bang me. We are really good friends and both around the same on the looks scale but apparently I'm not really her type. Its really such a pity that I love her so much.
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>How was your workout today?
Shitty, I'm at a hotel for a work conference and the gym only has a bench and up 50lb dumbbells. Not even a pull up bar or bowflex or anything. Basically just got a pump to flex on the other sales reps
>Got any feels to get off your chest?
Hooked up with a super qt sales girl last night. Been crushing on her all week. But her phone lit up as I was taking her shirt off: FaceTime from Boyfriend *heart emoji*. Turns out I was cucking some dude. So i bailed.
>Got any plans for tonight? the weekend?
My flight leaves at 9pm so I'm just chilling at the airport after dinner. Gonna get home at like 1am so I may see if a FWB wants to come over while I sleep all day Saturday. Then Sunday I'm just prepping for the week.
You did the right thing by leaving the qt anon.
I've decided that leg day is largely a meme, and I'm going to drop all of it outside of squats and calf raises. Good idea/bad idea?
Stayed up until 1 am working out yeserday, felt upset that the people who invited me out ditched me for the 100th time. Did pretty good actually, broke some PRs even though I was tired as shit.

Then they give me a text to come join, so I figure, better late than never, so I go, and my oneitis is there, and she's all over this guy, but I try to act cool and just enjoy the night, even though I know I'm not fucking welcome there. Fast forward a couple of hours she makes fun of me for being a 'greasy creep' and everybody laughs, I just fucking left. I have to work with these people. Funny enough 'Creep' by Radiohead started playing the minute I started driving back home.

Worst part is, I thought I was close to my oneitis as a friend (before I developed feelings for her), I even spilled my guts out when drunk one day about how my relationship with my girlfriend is going to shit and I haven't felt any excitement with her in years, she'll probably go and tell everyone how I tried to fuck her or some shit. Even though I had feelings for her I never tried to do anything because I still have a gf.

I am such a fucking piece of shit. Gonna go lift again, probably just do light weight since I lifted heavy less than 12 hours ago.
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Another weekend alone. I just realized that much of the reason I lift, self-medicate and try to acquire savings like Shylock himself is because I was dumped into daycare for long hours as a child and had a workaholic father who didn't teach me how to be a man. Your childhood shapes your perceptions in ways you can't imagine, now I have such low self-worth I can't imagine my company being beneficial to anyone's life, hence why the few friends I do have are the ones that aggressively try to get me to hang out with them. Now that I've realized all of this I can't at least confront the emotional pain head on and try to move on with my life.

To keep this /fit/ related, I'm going on a beach run this evening.
been cutting a while fed up with looking slim but im still carrying some fat i want gone
guess i havent put enough muscle on
honestly hope rich piano is ok anon

>I've opened up a bottle of Jack Daniels, let's hang out.

>careful with that stuff anon

How was your workout today?

>today was my rest day, still eating clean and maintaining 500 kcal deficit

Got any feels to get off your chest?

>I fucked it all up (fucking Jack Daniels)

Got any plans for tonight? the weekend?

>Gonna still in and practice Guitar tonight, working tomorrow and sunday
Dubs confirm. It sucks man, she's fucking gorgeous and tall and a really good kisser. But I refuse to be that dude
If you can do proper HIIT between lifts you're either superman or you're doing one, or both, horribly wrong. Look up a basic lifting guide dude.
Take 3 seconds out of your life to realize that self-medication is degenerate and decide to stop doing that.

Watch the rest fall into place by some miracle of "logic" (drugs leaving your body).
are you me?
I only use nicotine lozenges for self-medication. I hardly drink, nor do I use illegal drugs. It's not like it's clouding my judgement that much.
>Jethro Tull is pretty good too.

you should listen to rush
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I'm at the lab waiting for my gels to finish running, regretting taking this research position. Trying to quit and transfer to an unpaid exercise oncology lab/research position. I was originally offered the exercise oncology position, but I turned it down because my resume would have "X School of Medicine - Y Heart Institute," it was paid, and it sounded glamorous. I was hoping to learn more about metabolism, endocrinology, and biochemistry, but I haven't learned much besides lab techniques. It's really just a lab mule position. Learned a big lesson in taking this position over the unpaid one.
Not doing much tonight. Probably going to hit the gym after work, cook some pasta, play guitar, and play Borderlands 2 with some friends. All of my friends are moving in tomorrow so I'll have people to hang out with finally. I was the only who stayed at uni for the summer so it's been lonely.
I cut things off with a girl who I really liked because I didn't see it working out. She only lives about 50 minutes away, but I don't want to have to drive that every other weekend.
for real? I heard it was difficult to get an accounting job.

My biggest worry is actually automation, I mean, will computers take over most accounting in the next 35 years?
>Addictive drug
>Doesn't cloud judgement
>I wouldn't be better without it

Okay buddy
Gym tonight, legs and tris. I switched up my chest/leg accessory lifts mostly because, after legs, I'm worn the fuck out and struggle with all my shoulder routines. Not so much on my triceps tho.
Works pretty well so far
fee fi fo fum
I smell the blood of normie scum
update from generation iron says he's stable and improving
Be my friend, anon
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s'okay. currently at work until 5pm est. supposedly got a date tonight at 5:30 with qt off tinder. she hasnt confirmed anything today when i had messaged however so im thinking its dumpstered.

so instead will likely go home, hit the gym and push out a solid chest day.

7/10, give or take
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Lower/upper back were sore and neck was stiff, so got a massage this morning from the masseuse I've been seeing for a year, she's a bit old (40-ish?) and also a lesbian but she's nice and gives me a good price. Really got me calm and loose, I barely even thought about suicide on my way home.

Took a shower, ate lunch. Jerked off twice, watched some youtube, found out Chris Cornell killed himself some months ago, hmm. His bodguard sounds badass:

> He then had a telephone conversation with Vicky Cornell. “I told Vicky that they wouldn’t come open the door and she told me to kick it open. I did. Upon entry, I found the bedroom door locked. I called the hotel operator and told her that I needed security to open the bedroom door. They refused again, and I told them that I’m going to damage the hotel room and (they) need to send security, call 911 and call an ambulance. I kicked the bedroom door 6-7 times before it somehow popped open. I went inside and the bathroom door was partially opened and I could see his feet."

Nothing to do, as usual. Friends are tending to their kids, no one to go out with, actually I prefer staying in and feeling miserable like ever Friday. I want to die again. Also on a cut, 1500kc isn't easy for a fatass.

Have some fun for me too, other Anons!
20k Forrest road bikeride, 2 hour walk in the forrest looking for eatable mushrooms. Gona eat spagetti and mushrooms. Gym tomorrow. Work sunday. Mealprep.

>my wheel got caught in the lock. Its fucked now
>ask mommy for new wheels
>have to Face her husband
>her husband gave me shit on their surprise wedding so i missed it
>has called me a junkie nogood ever since
>been clean since before the wedding and he introduced me to drugs
>feeling weird
>also now im into powerlifting
>he never cared
>feels intensifies.
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>dad hassles me for years to work while in college
>never could due to taking too many credits
>graduating in a few months, started an internship
>got internship via essentially bullshit
>company's kinda desperate for developers, so whatever
>out of nowhere, get offered basically my dream job
>it's low-ish-end tech at a trendy company, but holy shit it's a great place to start off if I want to move up, especially coming out of an internship
>pay is so-so, but absolutely liveable
>easy to shift from tech to creative work if I wanted
>excited to tell dad
>he actively attempts to talk me out of taking the job
>anon, why aren't you trying to work at Google?
>why not Applel?
>why not Fagbook?
>anon, you need to send your resume to Amazon
>move to NY
>move to SF
>anon, you're better than those designers
>you need more ambition
>your degree is more comprehensive than tech
Fuck you, dad. I'm not even doing what I went to school for, and that's
fine. Negotiating with my manager as soon as I can because I refuse to look a gift horse in the mouth.

God damnit I do something good and I still can't get approval from this asshole.
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>Literal 10/10 qt 3.14 I've had as a friend for a while now really seems to like me
>No when I say 10/10 I mean like 10/10, blonde hair, piercing green eyes, skin like snow
>Stable personality too
>Literally on the verge of asking her out when
>"Hey anon I'm going out on a date tonight how should I wear my hair?"
I don't lift for girls, she constantly hugs and is generally all over me, how could it go so wrong?
cheer up anon, you'll make it if you keep at it.

fight the good fight!
No workout today, did two days in a row with very little to eat; only protein shake, some white bread for breakfast and fish soup for dinner. Felt exhausted.

I also wanna play guitar hero but my neet brother is using the PS4 so I'll probably watch TV or play some starcraft on my laptop.
She either thinks you're gay or she's overly friendly and/or slutty.
Thanks Anon, but I will not, it's too late. Like a rocket that has to have enough momentum to escape the gravitational pull of the earth to leave its mundane origins behind, so must an old depressed weirdo, and I've realized recently that I'm still too low and in a too-shallow angle, and have run out of fuel. I calculated wrong when I started and this life's trajectory is taking me back to the earth faster than I should. Statistics aren't kind to people like me, I will likely be dead by 40.
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>tfw shoulder cracked
>tfw I thought I was injured
>tfw I did shoulder day slowly and steady
>tfw even though collar bones is a bit distended, no unusual pain or ROM or strength loss.
>tfw when its just probably a sprain from work and not a serious injury

I was seriously worried it was something bad. I just need to not favor my right side as much at work. Im also going to be easy on things like OHP but I super fucking happy everything is basically ok
oh hi there, friday night depression.

i hate weekends. how many of you guys hate weekends because you are always alone and don't know what to do with your life?

any tips?
I know what you're saying but I don't think my life will fall into place if I stop using nicorette twice a day. You don't get any psychotropic effect from nicotine replacement therapy.
Maybe I'm running from the problem but I find solo outdoors things to do.
Join a club. MMA gyms, sports leagues, gaming clubs, animoo clubs all meet on weekends. What do you enjoy besides lifting?
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>Got any plans for tonight? the weekend?
i plan to put together this ikea dresser i bought like a month ago. wish me luck bros.
>spend hours trying to describe your feels
>never click 'Post'
Been shopping with my woman, clothes and books. Today is rest day. I plan on opening a bottle of wine and either read or watch scifi series Babylon 5 – recently got the box with all seasons, spin-offs and movies on DVD. I'm not sure, if my current job is the right one. Tomorrow I meet my godchild and his parents. We'll visit a fair. Then groceries, cooking, sleeping, maybe fucking and sunday is gym day.
>any tips?
None. If I knew, I wouldn't be in this mess now. I just spend my free time waiting for the day to end.
trajectory can be adjusted. dont give up and be a bitch, you owe it to yourself to experience life.

or fuck it. you know what, just give up and die. never will amount to anything after all.. entropy continues.

the choice is yours in the end anon. you lead your life, make of it what you will.

just dont let it fuck you. this is your life, play the best hand with the cards that are dealt to you.
i'm literally just sitting at my computer repeating the youtube/fit/reddit cycle until it's 10pm then I got to bed sad lol
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crystal head vodka.jpg
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I appreciate the tough words, especially since you didn't default to namecalling and appeal to emotion in typical 4chan spirit, as if that ever worked on anyone in a bad place. But I gave up some time ago and I don't care anymore, so I'm just waiting to die. I don't have much keeping me around at this point, I think it's more inertia than drive and the knowledge I would hurt family members if I do anything drastic, and living is not that hard that I can't keep doing it for a while longer to avoid hurting them so here I am.

Trajectories can only be adjusted if you have fuel and control - I feel like I have neither. In my youth I was too scared, too shy, too comfortable being alone, I admit that was my fault and it haunts me now, but it's too late to change now that I'm over 30. I tried fixing it multiple times but it's no use. Are you older than me and see things differently from further down the road?

I'm getting the vodka from the fridge, who wants to join me so I can pretend I'm not drinking alone on a Friday? pic related, despite the meme it's actually pretty good.
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Out of curiosity, how much do you usually drink?

By the way, you say you're over 30 but some people aren't don't even fix themselves until their that age. Your not lost yet, you could still have a fulfilling life ahead of you if you want it. Watch some old Stefan Molyneux videos and sort yourself out.
>Stefan Molyneux
The man who made Dungeon Keeper? Didn't know he did motivational videos.

I don't usually drink, only when I feel self-destructive, which is very rare (once every 6-7 months), then it's maybe 500-600ml. Tonight I'll just have a few shots to soften the hard edges.
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Update at the gym:
Started warming up with planches and I lost my balance and face planted.
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