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times where you have almost made it

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I am considering to renovate my apartment just to distract me from being myself /fit/

>visiting female friend I have known for many years
>do friend stuff, nothing fancy
>plan was that I stay the night if it gets too late
>oh boy I have prepared myself so long for this
>clean shaven, got my best cologne out and even bought a nice new tracksuit to hang around at her place ( we are long past gone the point where we pretend to not be hobo-tier while being at home )
>at night
>we go to sleep and browse shit on our phones
>could clearly see her miring when I got out of the shower before bed
>I have lifted so long for this very moment
>decide to be bold it's now or never
>"hey wanna have sex?"
>ALPHA AS FUCK this is my new me
>she puts phone down and smirks "uhm haha what? I mean yea sure why not"
>stare at her for 5 seconds
>bros you can't imagine how long 5 seconds can be
>autism spike
>look at her and say "yea well I didn't expect that answer"
>she looks at me for a few seconds clearly expecting me to make a move
>she eventually rolls over with her back to me and gets back on her phone
>don't talk or even mention it next morning

Hold me, /fit/. Please hold me and tell me everything is going to be alright
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what the fuck were you thinking
It comforts me to know I'm not the only retard on /fit
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thanks for the laugh buddy
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>"Women can be cruel, Jack"
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Nice try bro, better luck next time!
Sad thing is I totally empathize
Damn bruh... why didn't you start kissing her or something?

Here's my shitty story
>Have oneitis for this beautiful latina
>We hang out often, never anything serious
>She knows I like her but she's not into me like that
>Eventually accept it and move on
>NYE comes, we're both under 21 at the time so she invites me over to drink some wine and just chill out
>We dress up for fun, we drink wine, eat pizza and watch scary movies cuddled up. Think nothing of it
>time to go to bed, I usually always crashed on couch
>She invites me to sleep with her this time
>Tell myself it's nothing, she's not into me
>Get to bed, it's tiny so our bodies are touching and I start getting a semi
>but she's not into me so I do nothing
>Since I usually sleep on couch, I don't bring PJ's or anything specific and I'm literally in her bed in a wife beater and dress pants
>You know anon, if you want to take your pants off....that's OK
>The thought of me in my underwear next to this curvy Latina guarantees a full fledged boner
>Decline, don't want to embarrass myself more since she's not into me
>You sure anon? It's fine, take your pants off
>Tell her no it's OK
>We go to sleep

Eventually I thought about how she was probably open to doing something...we were both virigns at the time, it was NYE, we were really good friends, slightly drunk from the wine...

Over time I develop confidence and eventually make out with her, which was a huge highlight in my life (I never really got over her) but unfortunately, we never ended up having sex and after we made out we lost touch.

Dammit Flora...you were the beautiful sexy as fuck Latina I never got with.
>Girl I've been obsessed with for months but has always had a boyfriend is finally single
>We grow super close, just constantly around each other, literally everyone assumes we're dating
>About a month and a half later she comes over to my house one night to study
>End up just laying in bed my bed watching movies
>Start making out, super passionate and intimate
>After she's just laying on me cuddling, we're talking about "us" confessing our feelings and stuff, she's saying all this wonderful stuff that is making me so happy to hear
>First time I've felt this happy in a while
>Make plans to see each other the next day
>Nice kiss goodnight
>Day we're supposed to hang comes around, hit her up, she says she can't hang
>Oh well no worries
>Texts me again and says she wants to be friends in a nonromantic way and isn't ready for something serious
>Fucking kill me
>Ask if she sees anything in the future for us, says she doesn't know right now
>Since then nothing awkward between us, still have the normal flirting and crazy tension, everyone still assumes we're dating and she doesn't negate that fact to them
Why? Fucking why? I was so close, and now it's just like torture constantly being around her still and not being together after having a taste of what it could be like
thx anon, not even I am so fucked in the head as some of you.

this made my life
That shit happens sometimes man, You should have made a move when she gave you the hiney..

Just try again. Be more confident.
>meet girl on discord who lives pretty close to my hometown
>I'm currently studying on the other side of the country
>she drunk calls me and says next time I come back she'll fuck me
>chat on and off the next few weeks
>make fun of her for being flat chested and she sends me a pic of her clothed, decent titties, cute
>go "wow what is this clothed shit I was expecting nudes"
>she teases me "too bad", and to use my imagination, and jerk off to my waifu
>Tease her back, ask if she's jealous
>she goes "sh-shut up"
>say "don't worry I'll play with yours too when I see you in person"
>she stops responding and hasn't said anything substantial back, it's been several days
I thought it was pretty alpha. Oh well. Don't even know where I went wrong.
Next time try "oh I sleep naked so.. yea I'll be right there.
Best advice I can give you bruv: ignore her and stop talking to her for a few weeks, preferably start flirting with other girls near or in front of her, ask her for advice for other girls, etc.

A few things can happen
>She realizes how much you mean to her and what your loss means, and she'll come back to you
>She realizes she doesn't give that much of a shit about you, and moves on leaving you no choice but to move on as well
>She gets jealous and hooks up with you and it ends up working out
>She gets jealous and hooks up with you but then it all blows up anyway

In my experience, a girl who is "into you" but "isn't ready" for a relationship or whatever is not that into you in the first place.
Why didn't you pull it through? Why? Why are you such a coward? I know it makes you nervous but it makes everyone nervous, there's no reason to not to make a move at that point.

Why bro? Why?
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Holy shit!

Thank you, thank you so much op!
you are young, you will learn.

I'll give you some insight. She smelled that you are a virgin and not ready for sex. Next time you are intimate and kissing in bed rub her pussy, then tell her you want her to feel pleasure and tell her you'll lick it if she wants it. Every woman wants it, so take her pj's and her panties of but very, very slowly, while you yourself are still in yours. Start licking the clit, the little pimple on the top, lick it very, slowly... eventually put your dick inside it and have sex you fucking idiot.
I dunno, we work and go to school together, and I do seriously love her, I don't want to make her jealous and like hurt her

I mean I almost agree with her about it being too soon, it's only been like barely 2 months since she got out of a relationship and it was a pretty long one too, so I can understand her not wanting to jump right back into one, it just fucking hurts how she said all this stuff and got my hopes up and then crushed me
I'm not a virgin, we just didn't have sex that night. Like even the make out wasn't very sexual, it was more intimate and like close, then we just looked into each others eyes and stopped and started confessing our feelings for each other
bruv....LISTEN TO ME

When two people like each other there is NO SUCH THING AS "too soon" or "not ready".




Take this advice from someone who's been there, who's gone through it and who's learned from it. Think about why she chose to make out with you? Because she liked you? Or to inflate her ego?

I truly hope things work out for you, but I'm telling you right now you're falling into a classic trap.

If you insist on waiting, at least give her a time period - and if nothing happens after that you're moving on.
Dude, maybe she is one of those ''i want him to try harder'' girls.

Don't force yourself on her, but maybe just maybe try harder. Confess idk these girls are insane.
I don't know why she chose to make out with me. That's what's stressing me, if it was to inflate her ego why would she say all the lovey shit? Especially cause I know her and she usually doesn't venture deep into emotional stuff like that, so for her to say all of it makes me think it was genuine
Like she said she told her friends about me, thinks about me all the time, I make her happy, etc. I just don't get it
>I dunno, we work and go to school together, and I do seriously love her

you want to fuck her and make her yours. you don't love her. the fuck you know what love is.

I love my girl, like I would love a child. She is a retard, a fucking idiot and goes on my nerves more often than not, but in that one moment when she comes out of the shower, without any of her fucking make-up on after a hard days work and curls next to me, she is the most beautiful thing I ever have set my eyes upon and I know that this being is a part of my body and it is the place where she belongs.
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jesus, i couldn't imagine being in a situation that awkward. i hope at least that if i ever do something like that i can nut up and follow through. feel you man, that sucks.
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smooth moves op
I disagree. I don't want to have sex with her unless we're together. I'm not interested in her as a hookup, I see her as more than just something to have sex with
I can't imagine how awkward literally every single encounter after that has to be. How do you even stay in contact after that
Ignore her
she's testing you bro. Go get her.
Start talking to another girl and make sure she finds out
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>tfw i am not OP

posts like this give me hope
i am blessed that this has never happened and never will happen to me. life is good. thanks OP
There is this one girl who is super interested in me that that she doesn't like, I told her about the fact that this girl was interested in me and she just said a bunch of shit about her
>same thing happened to me when I was 16
>she said but I said "haha just kidding loser" expecting her to say no
>I tried to get my friends to act it was a thing we all did all the time, pretend to ask for sex but then call the other person a loser
>it didn't work and I just exponentially made the issue worse
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Thread images: 9

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