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How do I open my own gym? What do I need to know before doing so?

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How do I open my own gym? What do I need to know before doing so?
you'd probably need to know how to open your own gym before opening your own gym.
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something doesnt look right
Wrong board buddy

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You will earn the most money by luring beginners and seniors to machines.
Its a bad idea to open a new gym in the middle of a fitness hype. The market is saturated with discounter gyms...

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Tbh, this guy is right.

In business, be prepared to sacrifice some ideals.

The most profitable way to run it is (typically) to aim for the most exploitable people. Fad users.

Fad users have two sub groups
>Economy buyers
This is a large silent group of buyers. They are the bulk of your people. They pay for something inexpensive but rarely use it. Think planet fitness.

>Brand buyers
These people are the bulk of your income. They'll pay 250 a month for "specialized" training. There aren't as many of them.
Ideally, you find a way to open a gym that is profitable but still has a room or area dedicated to the atmosphere that you want.
A gym itself needs a culture more than most businesses since the equipment is only part of the product. You need the type of people lifting there that you want to attract.

Ideally you'd have
>Sr's/novice friendly area
>Cardio bunny lane
>HeavyBois room
>Possibly a Oly/CrossFit room.

The size of your gym to make this both profitable and have what you'd want would be pretty large. Like, LA fitness.

If you're just going to open a hole in the wall PL or OLY gym you could get away with charging something between what a premium CrossFit gym does ($200-250) and a high end cheap gym ($30) somewhere around $50-$100 a month or even just a cheap daily charge.

This only works if the market is starving for a PL or OLY gym, but people will pay for that culture to develop there.
That grill has a horse body
That's the power of Team Farm
The best customers are women!
Seriously, no matter how old they are.

>they signed up for the most stupid shit
>two year contracts
>paying for useless classes and extras
>stop going to the gym after a few weeks but keep paying
>forget to cancel their contract
>visit the gym only on special occasions (after NYE, before a wedding or some other shit)

Focus on women!
like with every business - have cash on hand or be able to get a loan
Obvious shop to sell more placebo.
Even when you have an idea of the setup/layout, what gear you'll have, who you're marketing to, budget etc., remember that you will have to check out health & safety regulations and make sure you are up to speed with all that shit - you will need to train staff, make sure you have fire exit routes, disclaimers for equipment use and health questionnaires, release/liability forms for customers, and a million and one other things.

I would say it's definitely doable but it's a serious task and will take a hell of a lot of research and hard work to get it up and running, and even then you will have to work seriously hard to make sure your business even survives its first year.

If you're serious about it I'd speak to a business advice service, there are probably government services that can give you information on starting a business and all the shit you'll need to consider, maybe even for free as well if you're lucky. If you're in the UK you can try to get a grant or a loan from Business Gateway or a similar service if you come up with a viable business plan, they can probably offer advice in terms of legal compliance etc.
Look at this awesome video of a guy who opened a gym.

There already are plenty of "casual" gyms (think planet fitness) in the area. I want to open something for more serious lifters. Maybe a hole in the wall gym >>40641233 said. The area is starving for a PL gym.

I will look into a business advice service thanks
Well you need to learn how to successfully run a fucking business and you're not going to learn that here. Do yourself a favour and don't waste your time and money.
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>that was cancer.
Literally the worst advice i've ever heard.
>You like something? Don't try to make a career out of it.
Look at where the light source is coming from, retards.
the ass was fat
do you have any experience in owning a shop beforehand?

theres lots of paperwork to do, taxes, bills, everything has to be catalogized or however you call it and someone has to do the books ( better be you )

also you need to invest some sums into the machinery... even if you look at the cheap shit

would be easier to just open a tshirt store and sell shit than this
You will probably barely make enough money to pay rent and insurance. Then you will spend all your time there and make less than minimum wage. There's a reason giant gyms packed full of people are everywhere. That model makes money. Those tiny gyms barely get by.

>Rent and insurance in a decent location:
$4,000/month (could be much more depending on area)
>Cost per month per customer:
$45 (a bit on the high side unless you are offering personal training to everyone)
>Customers needed just to pay rent and insurance:
89 customers
>Now you have your pay, employee pay, unemployment pay, electricity, taxes, internet, equipment repair, cleaning supplies, water, cleaning crew (come in once a month), marketing cost, licenses, etc etc etc:
$7000/month (probably more)
>customers now needed per month

And now you just need money for all the equipment, mats, ropes, desks, computer, toiletries, etc etc etc.
This guy has the right of it.

I've done several business plans for different gym structures.

The economies of scale are not in your favor.
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