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Do vitamins actually improve your health?

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Do vitamins actually improve your health?
yes, you should eat your veggies
Vitamin therapy is legit. Multivitamins are shit.
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If you have a defiency yes.
I'm low in biotin so I take a large amount daily. I also take a multvitamin. Physical and psychological stresses, the former from lifting are more likely to lead you to being depleted in something so it's a good idea to take vitamins. Of course branded shit is usually overpiced and unneccessary.
what do you mean by vitamin therapy. should i go for vitamin IV drips? they aren't expensive for me. (not boasting)
Not him but I am currently successfully treating my chronic fatigue using a combination of these vitamins. Dosages and timings must also be right otherwise it doesnt work. It would be impossible for me to be healthy using a multivitamin even if it contained all this stuff that Im using. Good multis exist but they are kinda expensive (life extension mix powder, thorne extra nutrients, etc)
>Dosages and timing

Could you elaborate, please? I'm actually interested.

How much and at what times should you be taking certain things?
Dosages needed for every person will be different. Some people who might not need all of those vitamins and some might need some vitamins that I dont need. I started with low dosages (sometimes even 1/4 of a pill) of most of these supplement and adjusted until I felt better. I change minor things in my protocol all the time but for now it looks like this:
8am: 2 capsules of carnatine and 1/3 of 5mg methylfolate tablet on empty stomach
9am: after I eat I take fish oil, vitamin E,1/2 of B complex and 1/4 of b12 (dibencozide)
11am: 25mg of vitamin b2 and 2 small scoops of potassium (it's a tiny scoop that came with something I bought from myprotein)
1pm: after lunch I take 1/3 of methylfolate and a scoop of vitamin C
2pm: 2 scoops of potassium, 25 mg of b2
7pm: 1/3 of methylfolate, scoop of vitamin C, fish oil and vitamin D, 1/2 of B complex
8pm: 2 scoops of potassium, biotin, saw palmetto (i take this for other purposes)
12pm: before bed I take 2 metafolin tablets,zinc, 25mg of b2 and put a tablet of 5mg of b12 (methylcobalamin) split intio 4 pieces in my upper lip

This is my daily protocol and it's working great so far (been on it for 3 months but it took me 2 months to adjust the dosages to the point where I can say I feel great and stable without crashes). This protocol that I'm doing is called Freddd's protocol and I learned everything about it on methylation section of phoenixrising forum, which is biggest CFS forum.

Here is link

unless your deficient in any of these, you're supposed to get all your vitamins, except maybe b12 and dha, from food sources. some studies show that vitamins can actually be bad for you in pill form
My bloodwork suggested I was deficent in b12 and folate and when I started supplementing those I felt great for like 10 days but then I had a major crash which, according to the guys on forum I linked, meant my some other deficiencies and I should add some vitamins they suggested. I did and now I'm feeling best I have ever felt in my life so I'll keep taking stuff that I'm taking because it's obviously working
>meant my some other deficiencies
*some other deficiencies occured
>he thinks his body can process all that shit
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Damn fit is stupid. You are taking snake oil.
t. a jason blaha fanboy
Keep wasting money on that bullshit moron.
Can someone explain how taking a multivitamin is bad for you?

I realize that I'm supposed to get the vitamins from food already, but I just figured that the "extra" vitamins from the multi would just be filtered and pissed out harmlessly.
it's just something poor jason blaha fans like this retard >>40644003 spew
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