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Mirin stories

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Today i got mired by a female i never met before for the first time. I started lifting during long sleeves season and have been at it for 5 months and no one has seen me shirtless yet and none of my friends even know i lift.

>at health check up for college
>enter the room and there's a cute blond doctor girl
>asks me some stuff about college while measuring my pulse and asking me some stuff
>she's very nice and talkative
>tells me to take my shirt off and sit on the bed so she can check my breathing
>after she's done with that tells me to get up so she can check my spine
>as im standing she asks "so which sport do you do? Because its pretty clear you're doing something"
>tell her i dont do anything
>she says "come on, you have to be doing something"
>tell her i go to the gym but that i have the habbit of not telling anyone i go to the gym because it feels like im bragging and im doing it for no one but myself
>she starts telling me how its not braging and its a positive thing that i care about my body
>tells me how i look better than 95% of the other students she gets
>we talk a bit more and it was time for her to check my testicles
>i pull down my pants and we talk some more while she fondles my nuts
>im done and we say goodbye and she gives me a big warm smile
>exit feeling like a million bucks

This was my first time getting mired by a girl and i gotta say i liked it.
yeah, but are you still a virgin?
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> 3rd year unifag
> mom calls me for the first time in 2 years
> i am too autistic to ever call her
yes... And im 21.
I've had plenty of chances to fuck a girl and a lot of girls show interest in me because i have 7/10 face and apparently im funny, but im just so fucking insecure of myself that i cannot come to terms with the fact that some girl genuenly likes me and i end up not doing anything about it.
I Know im a little beta bitch, but a few times when i was drunk i came very close to fucking but somehow never sealed the deal.
As i said, im battling my own insecurities when it comes to women, since im a pussy.
Talk to your parents more man. There's so much shit in college that your parents can give you good advice on or at least be a good sounding board. No shame in realizing that your relationships are the greatest source of emotional strength you can ever draw on.
>doing squats for like the 2nd time
>some middle aged woman is doing squats on the rack next to me
>she's squatting with an empty bar
>i load up my pathetic 200lbs because i cant really do more at this point
>she gazes at me
>i start squatting
>she's in awe
>finish my set
>she says "wow, well done! I could never do that"
>"haha t-thanks" i say, knowing my squat is shit

At least i outsquat a 40 yearold mom
>female nurse being friendly so it's not awkward as fuck because OP is staring at the ground

Hahahaha, this fucking board
"while your down there"
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>friend can't open bottle
>i ask him to hand me the bottle
>he and his gf laugh at me because he is buff and i'm a skinny little faggot
>little did he know that i have the magic power of DEADLIFT GRIP
>i open the bottle easily

no one is in awe
why even lift
you gotta open the bottle then call him a pussy, since they laughed at you
>be me
>doing homework on break with lad and his gf
>gf is commenting on my arms and chest (I'm wearing a v neck shirt)
>lad is visually perturbed
>says he's going to the washroom and storms off
>gf puts her hand on my thigh and whispers in my ear, 'I won't tell anyone if you won't'
>Tell her I have class and leave the library awkwardly
>bump into lad and he asks me why I'm leaving
>make something up

I'm so confused. What did she mean?
wow anon, that must be a real story!
I had the same problem friendo, esp in regards to actual sex (had a bad experience with premature ejaculation 2nd time I had sex, fucked up my confidence). Then I got drunk and fucked a sloot. Turns out I can't cum when drunk.

It sounds and is stupid as fuck but alcohol really does help you lower your inhibitions and insecurities so you can 'break the glass ceiling'. Get drunk, fuck a random grill, get it over with and then take it from there once it's 'done'
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>walking out of uni gym to go to water fountain
>gril approaching to enter the gym, briefly glance at her before turning to fountain
>literally only us in the hallway
>hear "Hi!" in a cheery voice
>my autism thinks she's talking to someone else when there's nobody there
>mfw completely ignore her, get drink, walk back into gym
>not suggesting she squat on your dick

missed opportunity senpai
>be me benching
>warm up with bar only
>really lean and muscular roid guy ask if he can bench too
>i get up and he loads 1pl8 and do 15 reps easily
>he was about to remove the weights and i told him thats ok
>did the same 20 reps as easily as him
>he went up to 180lbs, do about 10 reps, not so easy
>i also did with the same weight but did 15 reps
>he goes up to 200lbs, and did 6 reps
>i take out the p8s and replaced with another 45, now i'm benching 225
>do it for 5 reps
>he miring, his turn, ask to spot him
>he does two solid reps and one hald rep, help him
>tell him i'm going to need a spot cuz i'm trying a new pr, added a 25lbs pl8 each side
>going for 275lbs for the first time
>first rep was perfect, bar went down slowly, touched chest for about half second, went up easily, second rep was pretty sloppy but didn't needed help
>he says to me holy shit dude, you are strong as fuck for someone your size
>thanks man, i'm sure you can do it too man
>get him hyped, he tries and fail the first rep, i help him get out the bar from his chest
>he leaves without saying a word
I doubt someone who does 275 bench can look that skinny. Post body? N-no homo
My mom said im handsome at my birthday party

thanks mom
hey anon, I spoke to the devil in miami, he said everything would be fine
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Wow, that describes me perfectly. But I am 28

You're not a pussy, just stop jerking off and your confidence will return
Thread posts: 23
Thread images: 5

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