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>Injuries that just won't go away I sprained my wrist

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>Injuries that just won't go away

I sprained my wrist in the most innocuous way possible about 2 months ago and the fucking thing still causes me pain.

I thought it had gone and have been working out okay but doing deadlifts yesterday (not even heavy) seems to have set it off again. Been doing them weekly over this time and slowly working my way back up towards decent weight, no fucking idea why it decided yesterday was too much.

Now it's should day and I'm going to have to lift babby weight lest I injure this thing more. Why won't it just get better?

What injuries do you have that just don't seem to go away and how do you manage them?
I have posterior shin splints from a combination of shitty posture and basketball.

I try to space my basketball games out by a week. If it's really bad i'll take painkillers/ice, I haven't tried compression or anything but I may look into that too.

I spend too much time sitting, pelvic tilt.
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>tfw tietze syndrome

No workouts in 6 months now

Moral is low

All the gains are gone now

The men are restless, and i suspect they are plotting mutiny

Still have the pain in my chest

Curls are all i have left

Where a man once stood, only a spooky skeleton remains

Bulking season is almost over
...God help us all...
Fuck, I just did my first set of OHP and my wrist started fucking really hurting. Only managed 4 reps. Is this my body saying rest the wrist?
some cunt knocked me off my motorbike 6 months ago and fractured my ulna. Still have pain in it occasionally. I was only going 25 mph or so, dread to think what would have happened if I were going 50.
high hamstring tendinopathy

havent squatted or deadlifted in 2 months now
My right elbow just fuckin hurts, been lifting almost 1.5 years and It just seems like I can never hit my right bicep 100% perfect because of it, really really annoying, some days I can notice and some not at all
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got that shit over my kneecaps, cant squat but i guess i can deadlift.

Feels fucking bad man, hows recovery going?
you have it where your hamstring attaches to your knee?

recovery is slow as fuck, it still feels 75% as sore as it was 2 months ago
In my quadricep tendon attaching to my knee
Damaged cartilage in my ribs at the beginning of the year. Its healing rate has improved but it's still way too slow. 2-3 months rest my fucking arse. Still get the occasional agonizing nerve pain in my back/stomach and can't twist or it pops. Considered HGH or something but whenever I ask for advice it's "lurk moar newfagg xDDD".
Pulled something in my back months ago, and refused to stop training (just greatly lowered weight) because my muscle practically rots off if I don't lift. In most of my experiences working through the injury and cursing at my body heals it, but it didn't work this time. Even with 2 weeks I had to take off because of exams and papers I haven't really healed, I'm thinking of just accepting the pain and continuing on anyway.
Thinking about doing the same with my knees, atleast loosely wrapped compression bandages or sleeves alleviate the pain during the training itself.
My groin has been hurting ever since I attempted my first power clean a few weeks ago. Probably strained my hip flexors or something. Been persistent and hasn't gone away
i had this garbo. Happened to me because of leg shitstensions. had to rest for 3 months and didnt do deadlifts either.
Ripped my ankle muscles 3 years ago. Never completly healed still troubles in long cardio runs.
I have a piece of bone chipped off above my 5th metacarpal bone in my hand from HEMA, and it affects nearly everything I do physically. Can't do pushups because of pain, and shaking hands with anybody is always a painful experience.

I'm finally getting health insurance after being fired from temp to full-time at my job, so soon after that I'm looking into surgery to remove it, because god damn I am really tired of feeling pain whenever I have to put strain on my dominant hand.
How long have you had shin splints? I ask because I've had them for almost a year now and it pains me to run, but I can hike all day no problem.
pulled a back muscle 5 months ago or so
Havent recovered
Latissimuss Dorsi I believe
Not an expert but idk if its a sprain or tear
back hurts sometimes moving it a certain way and weird burning sensation sometimes.
I got that too, at the point where I can't type normally, only if I rest my left wrist on the desk.

Still going to go to the gym today. I'll wrap my wrist up so it won't hurt that much I guess.
Thread posts: 21
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