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Canadian supplement company owner guy here! Mods: I'm not

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Canadian supplement company owner guy here!

Mods: I'm not going to post my url. I took ads out on /fit/ so I wouldn't need to <3
Ask a supplement company owner anything round 302.

Want to know how supplement companies are screwing you over?

Have any general questions about starting a fitness business?

Want to know how to get sponsored?

lets do this boys,

for my night owls !

It's you. You getting your stuff into Popeyes or a supp store anytime soon? Or you going pure online?
Hey brah

I've been toying with the idea of putting it into some stores but nothing concrete yet

Ideally i'd love to do online only
fish oils?
wouldn't supp companies want more people to have access to roids so that they can sell them loads of supps?
what is best flavour?
Fish oils will be coming soon. BCAAs are next in line

and as far as steroids go, I have nothing against them. I considered doing a cycle of var myself but didn't end up doing it

People should do whatever they want with their bodies. The problem is supplement companies leading people to believe you can achieve a roid physique naturally
I've always been a chocolate guy... but when I make smoothing and add ingredients I always use vanilla as its a better base.

I've been wanting to try cooking with protein powder too... like protein pancakes

Cool. Just a few criticisms (assuming you are healthsupplementsdotcom)

Packaging talks about how your whey has gone through numerous "third party accountability tests" but nowhere does it talk about the organizations that did so on your webpage. Details like this are super important for any athletes competing in WADA tested federations.

I see you're based out of Coquitlam, I'm on the Island, and I'm over to the mainland a lot, so let me know if you ever open a storefront so I can drop in and try some stuff.

I will say your pricing is super competitive.

yo OP

I assume you don't produce your own whey.
How much do you buy and what's the cost you buy it at ?
in for cheap local supps?
I do make my own whey in my own facility

That's why there is only 2 products on there. I will only put up products that I make myself because I don't trust the supplement industry.

as for price, that's no profit. Doing it to build traction, and eventually able to my profit by doing more wholesale and getting ingredients cheaper

How do you mix the ingredients?
>Want to know how supplement companies are screwing you over?

Yes I do. Go ahead
I have lab tests and was toying with the idea of putting it on the site, but I dont think its a good idea because the lab tests say 80%.. a lot of people probably don't know that whey protein concentrate is 80% protein and might think my product is only 80% pure or something

also about the certs, i looked into it and it only makes sense to get them at that price if you're selling to athletes like you mentioned.. and that would raise the cost to the customers

and it doesn't even really mean anything, because muslepharm has those certs and we all know what happened with them

they are mixed in gigantic chemical grade ribbon blenders weighing thousands of pounds, powered by a 20 hp motor
thank you very much for the reply, best of luck with your business! hope it all goes well for you :-)
Your pricing is about as competitive, if not more so, than Costco's.

The protein amount is *slightly* worse than Kazien Whey Protein (35 g protein ~140 kcals) but it's better than most proteins that deliver 24-26 grams.

Goodluck opie, it seems like a solid product
no problem man

if youre thinking about getting into the business ask away

the more honest companies the better
these snake oil salesmen need to be pushed out
>also about the certs, i looked into it and it only makes sense to get them at that price if you're selling to athletes like you mentioned.. and that would raise the cost to the customers
>and it doesn't even really mean anything, because muslepharm has those certs and we all know what happened with them

Understandable. The CBC just did an expose on the actual protein vs advertised protein in some supps. Consider offering to throw down; they may make an interesting story out of it.

Honestly I'm just looking for some assurances here, because anything startup and 4chan affiliated is going to be a little shady to me, but if what you're saying is legit, and at those prices, plus you're technically local for me, I'm in.

I'd even ask you about sponsorship, but I haven't started competing yet.

Actually, might be 30g, but at this point it's important proteins have a god-tier price/taste ratio because even if you take lmao4scoops that's at MAX 12 gram protein difference.
thanks man <3
Hey OP, I mean this with no sarcasm whatsoever but what's better about your protein than what I have now? I'm used to buying big ass 15lb bags just for convenience and I've grown to like my current.

Better Flavour? Better Quality?
Is asking for email on here something you can get banned over? I was going to ask for your so i can send you something, but i don't want to get banned again for advertising (even though I have paid for 2 banners on this board)
Ay brah, I'm the Ottawa friend who just ordered from you

Looking forward to it <3
Honestly man, protein is protein.

If you're happy with your protein provider, their price, their taste. I would say stick with them.

The problem is a lot of these companies are shady. How many big name companies have been caught deceiving their customers by amino spiking? and that's just protein powder... not to mention the shady ingredients they use for pre-workouts

I stand behind my shit. What i advertise is what I sell.. I don't believe in shady tactics like amino spiking and my prices are unbeatable
>Ay brah, I'm the Ottawa friend who just ordered from you
I don't get it. What's his company?

Someone reveal.
that's also assuming your provider isn't amino spiking

there was a thread somewhere a while back listing all the protein companies and how many of them weren't even near advertised protein
<3 brah

You're up late huh ? haha... I usually get to bed at 3-4am every night so I can't really say anything
File: sweat.jpg (38KB, 560x560px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A-amino spiking?
From google:

This is a long article. The more we researched this, the uglier things got. Here are the bullet points:

Some companies are adding extra amino acids such as taurine, glycine, glutamine, and creatine to protein powders.
They are counting those added aminos as dietary protein on the label, even though they’re not nearly as beneficial as real food-based protein.

This saves them big money because these added minos are very cheap.
There are banner ads all over /fit/ now


Yeah, uni classes are over and I'm working full time evenings, takes me a bit to wind down, so sleep is fucked as a result
Good answer OP, i might give it a shot when my current gets low.

I'll send you an email on your business account and you can reply to that. I'm about to hit the bed right now, but I'll give it a read over coffee tomorrow.
Hey guy, I remember your spooky halloween deal! I just saw your banner ad earlier tonight and was super pumped for you! Already went through a bag, gonna order a new one soon enough. If you end up selling to brick and mortar distributors, I'd love to see your product at popeye, my local guys are great and I'm sure they'd do tonnes to support your product.

Fuck you man this guy is based. Homegrown guy, offers discount to /fit/izens, super polite.
Alright, OP, I'll give it a try. Please add info on shipping to your site though, it's not very convenient to go to the checkout page to see details.
Which email are you sending to? or try sending it to my facebook page, probably easier..

not sure if the form on the site is working properly for the contact form

Well, I don't have a facebook, so I sent it on the contact form. If I wake up tomorrow without anything in my email I'll try a DM on twitter.
Haha no way! Halloween deal brah!

I'm honestly so pumped that you liked it. You were one of the first since launch, so it was a huge relief to get that feedback <3
Wanted to ask OP, you're not in the hole for this company or anything, are you?

I've got no idea how businesses work or anything. I think it's awesome that you're putting in so much effort, I just worry thinking about a fellow Anon going bankrupt. So pls make lots of profit so I don't worry
you can also use mike @ the url for email

That works for sure
Are you going to expand and offer more than just protein or is that it?
The plan is to have everything possible as far as non "snake oil" supps goes...

end of this month will have pea protein / unflavoured protein and also something non pumping related.. matcha tea
Yeah man, I'm the guy who had the trouble getting the payment to go through! Ended up missing the sale but I still bought a 5lb bag. It was a great feeling using locally sourced protein powder, it didn't even strike me as a product that could come from anything but some enormous corporate factory in the states.

Keep on trucking!
any /fit/izen wanna go the strippers in Montreal next saturday btw? me and another fitizen are gonna meet there (no homo)
Definitely not profitable yet. Setting up a proper facility and complying with all regulations is expensive a faaakkkk.. I wanted to do things properly.

We're also still brand new, so nobody even knows who we are or what we offer. I think after some time it'll get a lot better.

I think people are tired of getting screwed by shady companies and will appreciate an honest company.. That's the plan anyways
Ottawa guy, would say yes but exam that day :(

Get a lapdance for me brah
Gaddamn OP why is shipping so expensive even in Canada.
$12.19 for cheapest which is almost a third of your 5lb bag.
Shipping in Canada is a joke man, I know. That's also with a big canada post discount

Still works out cheaper than buying from a store though
Alright, just please don't starve!

If I'm happy with my order, I'll definitely be a regular customer. Matcha tea also sounds pretty good
>tfw live in Vancouver

I'm 100% sure that only two other anons live in Vancouver, and they're two /soc/ literal homos out in fucking Surrey
I'm jelly.... I love montreal, but you're across the country

I'd bring my protein and make it rain on the strippers

might get kicked out, but at least i'd be contributing gainz
>stuff Popeye dollars into g-string
>tip servers with 4 heaped scoops, 5 times a visit
How do I get sponsored? Not just by your brand, but by most companies
Sucks that Canada's so big, would love to meet up with you guys. Met up with a few other people in Ottawa, all cool dudes.

Maybe next year I'll hit up the Toronto Pro Show, if anyone in Ontario is around it? I hitchhiked to BC last summer, and kind of wanna do it again, so it would be cool to gym with /fit/izens from all over.
I set my site up to not only decline any order from surrey, but also to redirect them to lemonparty
>mfw when I used to live in vancouver too
Fuck it, still bought one anyways.
Hope this chocolate flavor tastes as good as it looks OP.

Goodluck with the business.
Build up a following on social media
Be a positive person
Be active in the fitness scene
Be CAREFUL what you post on social media (even if its personal and a private account)

most importantly just align with the companies goals and who they are trying to reach.
Will go out first thing tomorrow

Thanks man, means a lot this early in the company <3

(also mirin 5% tax rate in AB)
If you wind up in Hongcouver I would love to put you up in my Kitsilano flat, hosting travellers is one of my favourite things.

It's basically reddit the city, but I love it anyways no matter how shitty and expensive the club scene.

Good man.
ALA, Policosanol.
Actually have effects or snake oil?
What clubs do you like to go to?
Won't be until it warms up a lot. I went out in mid-April, and Northwest Ontario was a shitshow. Below freezing and still snowstorms, while Southern Ontario was 15 degrees. Western Canada was pretty warm too. Ended up just getting a bus from Sault Ste Marie to Kenora due to weather (and that's a bad stretch to hitchhike as well, lots of Native reserves so people don't pick up hitchers).

It's up in the air between summer classes, biking out west, hitching east, or flying somewhere.

What item was that?
Shit dude, shipping is expensive.

Your taxes are also all kinda fucked up. I'm not gonna bother checking every province, but why are you collecting QST if you're operating from B.C. exactly?
>You must register to collect and remit the Quebec sales tax (QST) only when you have operation in the province (such as production or marketing activities), when you hire an employee and/or when you have an address in Quebec. Otherwise, you are not obligated to collect QST on behalf of the province if you sell taxable goods and services to residents of Quebec.

why you rippin me off bro
My fault, transposed a digit on zip code
Supplement guy here

You're living my dream... I wish I wasn't so obsessed with starting a business

inb4 wake up one day at 60 and life full of regrets
Hey Canadian here

What are your thoughts on steroids/dnp?

Also any pro tips on supplements? It's my understanding that creatine, omega-3, and multivitamin are the only ones have any significance, in addition to healthy eating/sleep/exercise of course
huh? It's trying to charge you QST?

Not trying to rip anyone off brah, we haven't been live or received a ton of orders for that long. There are still problems we're catching and fixing as we go while we work out the kinks

I'll look into that right now

as for shipping... It's expensive man. I have no control over that :( that's the price I pay to canada post... and that's with 30% discount
if i calculated correctly your stuff is like 10 eur per kg
i am in yurop and i just got 2kg for 50 eur and it is one of the cheapest ones from local internet shop
are you planning to expand abroad? i guess the the price of transportation would hurt, but it shouldnt raise the price 2x
Dreams are funny like that brah. I work as a cook while going through a degree I'm not even sure about. I wish I were self-sufficient, and have dreams about being a personal trainer or just coming up with something to get me money without relying on a shitty job I hate.

Life is a long time brah, do whatever you wanna do
If I have an interview for a sales and marketing internship do I pretend not to know that everything they sell is shit?
Man you guys are chill...

Keep an eye out for the image I started this thread with.. we can meet here and shoot the shit... and You guys use it too when you want to summon the canadian brahs :D
File: 1448182568326.jpg (157KB, 650x366px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>want to know how to get sponsored?

Hypothetically I'm very interested in that. Would love to know more. I have a boatload of questions (possibly redundant) but generally any info is appreciated.

How many athletes do you sponsor?
Are they all Canadian?
Are they all just bodybuilders, or do other sports get a shot at getting your sponsorship?
Does the coach/PT representing an athelete make the deal with you? How involved are they?
Contracts? How do they work?
If you sponsored a seasonal athlete, what changes vs a bodybuilder or gymnast (if you were sponsoring them as well)?
What sort of compensation do you offer? What's expected of the athlete in return?

Thanks fàm.
My thoughts on steroids are do whatever you want bro

It's your body. You're not hurting anyone.

just please educate yourself on anything you are putting in your body. If you're going to cycle, then talk to you doctor and tell him. He's not going to rat you out to cops or anything, but he'll help you do it safely unless he's an idiot
Depends who I go out with. If I go out with my work friends, mostly the Biltmore and Fox. My girlfriend is too good for that and basically refuses to go anywhere that isn't Celebs. My one buddy from highschool is a big organizer at UBC Calendar and gets cheap entry to a lot of the clubs on Granville, so once in a blue moon I'll do a circuit of Republic, Caprice, etc with him.

Yeah man, fuck Vancouver winters/springs/falls if you don't like moody ass rain, summer's the only time worth visiting. But damn son, getting drunk on Kits beach all day in the sunshine is 10/10

Gotta say guys I'm loving this Canadian sense of camaraderie going on in here, makes me want to go bang outside midnight sets.
File: nLB63fE.png (24KB, 449x279px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's charging QST when ordering from Quebec, yes. Which shouldn't happen as you have to register with Revenu Quebec to even be legally allowed to collect it (and, from what I can tell, you have no reason to)
Holy shit man that's almost as bad as BC
I can only speak on my own behalf, but here goes

>How many athletes do you sponsor?
Currently none. Still a brand new company
>Are they all Canadian?
They will be for now, until I expand to different markets
>Are they all just bodybuilders, or do other >sports get a shot at getting your sponsorship?
Nah. Anyone who is a positive person and has an interest in fitness / healthy living is welcome. They need to have a decent following though, or else it would be lost money sponsoring them
>Does the coach/PT representing an athelete >make the deal with you? How involved are >they?
Not usually for your typical small company sponsorships (no idea how it works for huge companies)
>Contracts? How do they work?
Usually over email. Non formal and probably not even legally binding. Again not sure how big companies do it
>If you sponsored a seasonal athlete, what >changes vs a bodybuilder or gymnast (if you >were sponsoring them as well)?
As long as they have a following on social media, or attend events. None.
>What sort of compensation do you offer? >What's expected of the athlete in return?
At my size of company, and for other smaller companies its usually just giving you free supplements whenever you need them. Aside that there isn't really much. What is expected is just to rep the brand whenever you can. a post here and there on social media, nothing crazy

I'm trying to find out how to disable this
Can you try again and see if it's trying to charge you QST?
Still doing it.
I think I may have fixed it.

Can you try one more time brother?
My bad, read your thread after posting. Didn't know who you were.

Thanks mang, you helped me for sure. And I dig your angle, your mission with your business.

For what it's worth, I'm also an entrepreneur less than a year in and boy, it is tough working with consumables.

Thanks for your time. I really want to see you do well. We're both gonna make it.

(Love from Kingston)

I LOVE kingston!

dat prison museum tho

What project are you working on? and thanks for the support <3
It really makes me happy to see my fellow canucks out in this thread supporting a fellow /fit/izen. Best of luck OP, I'll be making an order soon.
Hey bro, any idea when you may possibly start delivering abroad?
You're cheaper than anything I can find and while the shipping would be a pain I'd imagine it wouldn't double the price.
Love what you're doing
Where are you located?
How do you make protein powder taste like chocolate / vanilla?
Thanks man

All the love in this thread has honestly helped my morale a lot. Was pretty stressed lately wondering if I've made a huge mistake getting into this business and if it's even possible to compete with these huge companies

the outpouring of support and feedback from people who have tried it have honestly made me feel a lot better

(i don't mean to sound like a little bitch but it's moving <3 )
Whats your formal education OP? How and why did you decide to open up a supp business? Care sharing some details on how the start-up process went?
Every protein powder uses these things

a sweetener
natural or artificial flavour
protein powder

Some other people add stuff like xanthan gum etc but all that really does is make the protein shake thicker in texture. I don't add it because I don't like using ingredients with no nutritional value unless its needed to make it bearable (like flavouring and sucralose/stevia)
Cheapest protein I can find would be $116 (Canadian) for 5kilos.
So two of your 5lb pouches would be much cheaper. So if shipping was under $36 I'd buy from you man

Sorry friend, I wish I could help you. Sending 5KG from Vancouver to England would be in the neighbourhood of 60-80 dollars :(

also can I like try a sample flavour? I'm in abbotsford so idk how much shipping would be, but I only have like $15 in my bank account so I can't afford full packet for another few weeks
It's no problem man.
I hope all Canada bros buy from you. If you ever expand to shipping to UK/Europe with company rates and whatever just post on here and I'll jump on your shit.
That was meant for you obviously. Stupid phone
I don't have post secondary. I've always been an entrepreneur. I kind of with I went to uni or something, not even for the formal education aspect which would be nice, but because I feel like it would have been a great life experience

I don't mind dropping knowledge on people who are interested in learning

There are some things you absolute need though

1. a big budget. Manufacturing is a huge cost. Setting up a warehouse, all the equipment, electricians and plumbers to make sure everything is up to code. Probably need a machinist and also a welder

You have to hire a food scientist, so they can make your formulas and make sure your processes are safe

You need to comply with regulations, GMP practices etc

Apply for NPN numbers for your products

That's just the basic stuff you need, not including the marketing/site development/ingredient costs etc

If you want to start small, I would suggest you look into private labelling your own product from a company that already manufactures. Good luck man
Ayy. I'm not from Kingston (Newfie tho) but fiancée went to school here and we stuck around after. I'll miss it when I leave, but I'd like to have the amenities of a larger city (I don't drive).

I've never been further west - I'd like to, but I'm hella poor. Maybe one day.

I co-own a cafe in a medical mall in a nearby town. I'm also a published author on the side and was curious about sponsorships because it's relevant to that, haha. The person I'm writing about passed away a few years ago and thus I'm not able to ask him about such things.

I'm aqqainted with the owner of BodyRock and even worked for him for awhile, if I end up writing for them again, I'll softplug your product if I get the opportunity (and things still seem on the legitimate). Nothing more than a mention and a link embedded in a larger article about whatever. No idea if that would actually help you at all, but my articles get tens-of-thousands of views sometimes and it's a relevant field. Some are bound to follow those links. CEO-guy is pretty down for promoting other people's shit subtly... Maybe that's a sell-out, but hey.

Unless you object to that.
I'm definitely interested in that man. Send me an email to "mike" at the domain and we can talk more about it
Sounds good. Have a good night.
no that guy but posted almost exactly the same post above which you didnt see probably lol
i am from eastern europe though and realise that shipping single packages is a no go
how much of your stuff can you put on a single europallet? without the shakers, only the packages
euro pallet is The EUR/EPAL-pallet is 1,200 by 800 by 144 millimetres (47.2 in × 31.5 in × 5.7 in)
then i can get transport price to my country

I have no idea man. I've never tried to see how many bags of protein I could fit on a pallet. Are you asking for reselling?

Without individually packaged, I can fit 750KG in big bags on a pallet (big bags as in 20kg each bag)

but actually packaged and ready for resale, it would be a lot less because of air in the bags etc.
Boys it's been fun. I'm going to hit the hay and get some rest now though.

Lets do this again ! I'll always use the same image as the one I started with in this thread

Have a great night everyone!

Pricing strategy seems kinda weird.

You invested a ton (setting up facilities n all) and say youre going for rock bottom prices.

Sell 10 x 10$ product, or 1x 100$. I know which one i prefer.

Do you plan on adding premium products after you collect a big mailing list?
>tfw Kits
>tfw literally no 4channers let alone /fit/izens
>except my Lithuanian coworker who I'm too afraid to ask to be gym buddies with because he can probably curl my bodyweight
Kits is a neighborhood breh, abbotsford is an entire TOWN
reselling is the only viable option i see
everyone here is concerned only about the price
i ll try to calculate the transport costs, no idea what the border tax may be though
Op, how do I go about purchasing? Direct website? You seem to give a shit about what's going into your product so it seems to me that you're more than worthy of another customer. Doing a good thing man, keep it up.
The ads are at the top and bottom of the page brother
Why the fuck is shipping so expensive between Canada and USA? So aggravating aaaaahhh. Love the packaging, best of luck with everything!
ok, so with transport for one pallet of 750 kg i get roughly 12 eur per kg
customs might add 1 eur max, so i will get 13 eur per kg
reselling at 16 eur per kg would give 2250 eur minus expenses (i have free storage, hosting is 50 eur a year or smthng, so only fuel and vehicle amortisation cost)
but user price with VAT will be 19,5 EUR, which is only marginally less than what others offer


actually i can sell without vat if i keep turnover under 16k per month, thats exactly one pallet a month, ok OP are you ready to start a partnership with an anonymous member of Mongolian oujia and voodo laces board from third world eastern european country?))
How bullshit are BCAA supplements?
Amino spiking? What does this mean? Are protein powders with Glutamine bad?
So how ARE supplement companies screwing me over?
File: n.png (100KB, 819x151px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Whats your stance on Beef Protein?

I didn't make a total switch from whey, but bodybuilding.com had it on sale for like 3 bags for the price of one so I tried it.

Seems like I'm less bloaty and farty, but obviously its quite a bit more expensive then whey.
How do you plan on competing with CanadianProtein.com? They are a pretty big site and I imagine that they dominate much of the Canadian market for online protein and supplements.
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