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Low test

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So, recently I've been to an urologist and got my hormone levels checked because I couldn't get my benis to work with this chick I was dating. Long story short: 328 ng/dL test. Doc says it's "normal" and nothing to worry about and just gave me a daily dose of arginine and cialis to take for 60 days and then come back.

Thing is: I've been lifting for about 8 months now, been stalling on my lifts for about 3 months, which had me suspecting low test since I tried deloading, eating more, sleeping more and what have you. I also watch my diet as to take a healthy dose of cholesterol and get my vitamins, reduce carb intake. If 328 is "normal" despite all that I can only image what my test levels were like before.

Since its kind of relevant here are my stats (don't know my 1RM's and everything I do is in 3 sets of 10 reps)
>1,85m (6'1)
>97kg (214 lbs)
>about 20% bf, mostly on my legs, butt and love handles
>Bench press 65kg (that lmao 1pl8)
>Squat 65kg (1pl8 again, haven't been squatting long)
>Dumbbell shoulder press 14 kg (31 lbs, thats the closest thing I do to OHP)
>Don't do diddys

Anyway, here is the deal: Doc wont recommend test reposition because it will likely fuck me up in the long run, and I've been doing everything I can to raise test the natural way. I've been reading and it seems like creatine has been linked to increased test, but I can't find anything about the effects of creatine on test in the long run.

Can any of you faggots shine a light on this? Should I take creatine? Im already on arginine, zinc, and 7mg of cialis. Are there any other methods you would suggest to increase test?
Yeah, go for creatine. 5g a day. No need to load or cycle. Report back here in a couple of months.
>>Dumbbell shoulder press 14 kg
thats first day at gym for a female
how long have you been going to the gym?
Not OP, but DB OHPs are a lot harder than barbell ones (they are for me anyway).

Here's what's happening:
- Your body fat isn't anywhere close to 20% because you're using words like "about" which means you just looked at one of those shitty diagrams where they go in 5% increments and thought you looked most like 20% when in reality you're closer to the 30%
- You have lower test because you're fat, and untrained
- Cut, then bulk

Quit blaming it on test. I had a brain tumor that lowered my test to 100 ng/dL, and one of my symptons was "extreme weakness", and I still outlifted you on everything.
Breh, 14 kg is like 30 pounds. On each dumbbell.

I've had my bf checked when I first started lifting 8~9 months ago and it was something around 35%, can't quite remember the number. I've lost 30 kg since then, so I'm guessing Im around 20% now.

I have one of those pincher things at home because my nutritionist forgot it there and Im not quite sure how to use it to get my bf%. It gives me a 5 on my arms, around 7 on my legs and 20~25 on my belly. I'm pulling these numbers from my head since it's been around a month since I last messed with it.

Im also on a 2k cal cut.
Bumping with a complement:

The numbers I listed are what I do for reps. Im not saying Im fucking zyzz over here or anything but a 1pl8 bench and 1pl8 squat for 3x10 REPS is borderline intermediate.

And since you said you had a history with low test, did you manage to bounce back up? Were you able to still gain lean mass while your test was on the low? Get full erections?
Its nowhere near intermediate at 214lbs bodyweight. Stop being a delusional fuck and actually look up what intermediate standards are.

Ofc you know better than a fucking doctor? Oh yea you have low test blablabla.

Test has high and lows, it ALL depends on the time of day, the diet you've had, NOT being a fat fuck (which you are).
Btw 328 IS normal, because it can be up too 700 later in the day.
Also what you wrote about your goddamn diet was just what the fukkkkk????
Reduce carb? Watch your cholesterol? You where obviously a fat fucking shit and are finally getting better. But your body will need time and 300ngl at your fat percentage, history and the fact that your a bitch is very nice. Now pls, fuck off with your low test whining, having 700ngdl isn't going to do ANYTHING for your lifts, other than your dumbass brain thinking it will.

You're a gigantic pussy
Using a 1RM calculator available at http://www.exrx.net/Testing/WeightLifting/StrengthStandards.htm

>BP calculated 1RM: 193 lbs
I know for a fact that I can pull at least 210 because whats my brother is doing for reps

Intermediate levels for my weight range is 225 lbs, so...
Buddy I'm 1,8m 96kg I'd also say around 20 maybe 25% bf, I've been lifting for 3 months and I'm on:
bench 65kg
ohp 45kg, 15kg for arnolds
I only tried squatting once and that was 60kg
I do everything 5x8, more if I have the energy for it, so my professional conclusion is, you're fatter than you think, cut, bulk well, don't evade the gym.
Oh my god....

You're fat as fuck...

You're on a CUT

And your whining about 328ngdl of test? Seriously? Are you retarded? Have you done ANY research about test? Did you google before shitting all over this forum with your diarrhea of dumbass assumptions?
Jesus Christ the newfags get dumber and dumber by the years. You're within normal range. Stop blaming your shittieness on low test. Because if you HAD low test your DOCTOR would do something about it because it is seriously dangerous and he KNOWS it. How does he know? Because unlike you he has knowledge, facts and years and years of studying to back it up.
youre an ignorant faggot and many points you made were incorrect
Many points?
Well, with your expertise, please tell me which of these points are wrong?
They weren't many, surely you could have named one. But you didn't, because you haven't RESEARCHED ANYTHING! Even though you tried lying about it.

You're a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch
Do diddlies, also do you run? Start running, and if you can find a good hill to end your run at, do hill sprints.

Start running. Srs.
I've done a moderate amount of research on test friend, I'm even considering the "normal" levels as the reference values the lab that did the bloodwork put on my results, which by the way is 166 to 923 (encapsulating an age range of 15 to 49).

But I also know that I'm still on my "prime time" when it comes to test (I'm 25).
I also know that low carb, high fat/protein diets promote higher test levels. As does zinc supplementation. And Vit C. And Lifting.

To be honest the only thing I wasnt doing before having the bloodwork was taking arginine. And the daily dose of tadalafil, which also increases test apparently.

And I'm not really whining over this, I was only a bit worried because despite all that my bloodwork came back on the low end of "normal". And to be fair, what I asked on the OP is if adding creatine to the mix would help in the long run, since there is evidence it does on the short one.
get these fucking commie units out of here

>1,8m 96kg
what the fuck is that?
I've kind of always avoided diddies because my gym doesn't have much free lifting space. There's fucking benches and machines everywhere, but I'll try and squeeze a diddy in there.

Also, I used to run as a light warmup to my workout (5 min warm up, 5 min actual running, 5 min coold down), but stopped a while ago because I started doing kickbox with my ex on my rest days, since they do make us sweat quite a bit.

Also, I should note this is not me if it isnt obvious by now >>35175150
Wow OP I literally came to /fit/ today to make a thread about having soft benis problems

do you get morning erections?

I'm gonna get my t-levels tested soon
You need that solitary cardio mane, tbth. Kickboxing with your ex is pretty low test, like, do itn but don't call that your cardio. 20 minutes running a workout day c'mon.
>low test
>doesn't do deadlifts

have you considered gender reassignment surgery?
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. To be quite honest I haven't managed to get a full erection for about 4 months now, but that wasn't a problem before because >nogf.

I've only started on this daily cialis shit for like 4 days now but I've started having random erections again. Still kinda soft tho, don't know if it would be able to poke someone with it unless she was a human cave or something of the sort
sounds similar to me brah

my girlfriend says she doesn't really notice but i know it's bullshit

any other health issues?
None that I can think of the top of my head. I did notice that I have been having difficulties in making mass gains (strenght is still coming along slowly, mass just kinda plateaud).

But since we're talking about the limp dick issue, try asking her if she can feel you harden up right before you cum. I never noticed this bit until my gf told me that she can feel me getting very hard right before I cum and that was the ideal hardness for anything. She even mentioned a couple times that she was afraid she would break my dick or some shit if she was on top.
Thread posts: 24
Thread images: 1

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