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>Eating at a 1000cal deficit >Have gained 4 kilos over

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>Eating at a 1000cal deficit
>Have gained 4 kilos over the past 3 weeks
W-what the fuck is going on here /fit/? I'm weighing my food and calculating my intake every day, I know I'm not making a mistake if anything I'm conservative and probably eat ~200 cals less than what I enter into my app.

For the record:
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 135kg
Cals per day: 1800

Typical days meal is:
Breakfast -
Piece of Toast with Butter + Protein Shake

Lunch -
Fruit Salad

Dinner -
Pasta or Steak/Chicken with veg

Does anyone have any idea whats happening here? How can I gain 4 kilos when I've been eating 1000cals less than I use for over 3 weeks?
Holy fuck, OP! It looks like you've disproven the first law of thermodynamics!

Publish your findings and collect your Nobel Prize in Physics! Donate a portion of your winnings to me if you get a chance.

Congrats, OP. Really. Simply epic :)
this means calculate better

you either fucked up your calculations or your tdee is lower
>you either fucked up your calculations
I didn't.
>your tdee is lower
Possible, I guess? Unlikely though. I was thinking some kind of hormonal water retention would be causing it.
>Fruit Salad
Sometimes this is dressed with sugary syrup, are you sure you're calculating this right?

Are you weighing it raw and counting the calories for when its cooked?
You gotta do the soy sauce diet.

See, 100g of soy sauce have 53 calories, but 8g of protein. You drink a bottle of soy sauce in the morning and another one at night.

It's really easy to gain muscle and lose weight like that!
Nigga I'm 6 feet and 180 lbs, I lose weight while getting more calories

You must be calculating something wrong.
>are you sure you're calculating this right?
I make it myself so yeah. It's watermelon, kiwi fruit, banana, strawberry and blueberry. 250g
>Are you weighing it raw and counting the calories for when its cooked?
Are you counting cooking oil?

Are you counting drinks?

Could your lean muscle mass be below average making your TDEE calculator inaccurate?
your TDEE is probably lower than you've calculated

online calculators can only give you an educated guess, they're not accurate

count your calories + weight yourself: if you haven't lost weight in a week, go down and repeat

you have to figure this shit out on your own
You might as well give up, OP. Your body is clearly unable to lose weight. Sorry about your shit genetics.
Your body is simply using less energy instead of burning more body fat. Move around more.
>Are you counting cooking oil
>Are you counting drinks
I don't drink anything but water and the occasional coke zero with dinner.
>Could your lean muscle mass be below average making your TDEE calculator inaccurate
Possible. I'm pretty weak, I can manage 4-5 lat pulldown reps per set at 30kg. I'm skinny in the limbs, but with a really fat ass and gut. 1800 should be low enough even then though, I could try 1500 for a few weeks but it's already tough to go through the day on 1800
>People saying his TDEE is probably lower

Are you guys for fucking real? He's fucking 300 pounds. 1800 is more than enough if he wasn't a fucking retard.
dude. go on low carb. it is callories in callories out.
but skipping refined sugar, focusing more on meat and pure fruit and vegetables (nothing canned, except corn!) lets you eat more and makes you more full.

also holy shiy fuck, 1000 deficit? why? 500 and two hour walk leads you to 800 deficit thats more than enough to start losing weight.

remember its a new lifestyle, not a temporary shit. healthy lifestyle is a new life, don't go extreme in it, it can scare you
I'm 6'3, 230 and I don't lose weight at anything above 1200 due to a lifetime of sitting on my ass
ITT: People getting fucking b8d.

I can just as easily say I am losing weight while eating 4k calories at 3' 7.
> due my complete uninterest to go running cycling swimming or climbing

fixed that for you champ!
Long walks are GOAT for fatties.
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whats GOAT?
Greatest Of All Time
oh, seconded

God Of All Things pleb
So no one here is considering the slight possibility that a large deficit combined with a sedentary lifestyle will cause the body to use as little energy as possible, causing Opie's TDEE to drastically drop?
Keep your headcanon to yourself please
nope. sorry it takes him more effort to carry that shit around

Crock of fucking shit.

The amount of ignorance in this thread is incredible.

99% of the time people are incorrectly calculating their TDEE and greatly miscalculating their calorie consumption.


I did that shit for months and barely lost a thing. It wasn't until I actually counted down to the packet of ketchup that I realized I was hitting maintenance or barely below it.

If you misplace 300 calories - which is EXTREMELY EASY TO DO - it can be the difference between losing weight or hitting maintenance.

When in doubt, go even lower. if your "500 calorie deficit" isn't working at all after a couple of weeks, aim for 1000 calorie. That way, your dumbass will hit a 500 calorie deficit in an attempt at hitting 1000.

your starvation-mode meme cannot account for WEIGHT GAIN on LESS FOOD unless by sedentary lifestyle you literally mean bedridden
There are two things to take into account:

Your portions are probably off. If you eat 10 yoghurts and 3 steaks with a fuckhuge part of pastas, you're going to gain weight.

Second is, when you drastically lower your calories, your energy expanditure will decrease a lot. Many people do a hardcore deficit and gain weight. You should try 500 or 300.
Water retention
stop it you trolls
Just do keto, closer your carbs are to zero the more effective it is. You don't even have to worry about calories. It's almost physiologically impossible to put on a large amount of fat eating only meat, eggs, cheese, butter, etc. I've actually tried it, you'll want to throw up. Your insulin levels will lower allowing you to burn up the energy in your fat cells which means you don't have to eat as much as you do and you won't often get hungry. That and you'll lose all of that water weight.

Honestly, you don't even have to keto if you don't really want to. Just cut out sugars and starch from your diet and you should still get good results unless you are extremely resistant to insulin.

Good luck anon!
He can win 4 with that:
aaaand Peace for solving the world hunger issue
I've steadily been losing weight for 6 months, after struggling for a few months before that, and it wasn't until I cut down to 1250 calories a day.

I eat the same exact thing every single day now and it's working perfectly. I up the calories on lift days to help with my lifts.

My metabolism is completely wrecked from 35 years of sitting in front of the tv / computer for 18 hours a day.


Keto is great because it takes water weight out of the equation. It will give you a better look at your progress.

A regular calorie deficit diet will cause fluctuating water weight due to various factors (carbs, sodium), and can be discouraging; you may very well be losing fat, but the wrong food causing water retention won't reflect that.
That would actually be a valid reason, and mean that Opie is actually losing fat despite the number going up.
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This kills the crab.

Dude, it doesn't work that way. And I was the exact equivalent. Hell, I STILL sit in front of the computer for 12-16 hours a day. And my job is more sedentary than it was when I was OVERWEIGHT.

I was 250 pounds and had a night stocking job, and I burned calories like a motherfucker. But I also ate like a cow.

I now drive a forklift and weigh 180. I do 0 cardio, and rely only on lifting weights 3 times a week.

You are only lying to yourself. I did the exact same thing. I refused to count calories, and instead I went by my own judgement. I was always OFF.

At your weight and height, there is no way 1500 calories a day wouldn't result in weight loss.

Tell you what. For one week eat at maintenance, or slightly above. COUNT THE CALORIES.

Then go back to -500 calorie deficit. If after two weeks, no results, go back to your 1200 calories a day.

I never dismiss the possibility of other medical issues, but in my experience, it's almost never the case.
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>I did the exact same thing. I refused to count calories.

Where do you even get that from my posts? I count my calories and I eat the same thing every single day. I eat 1250 on non-lift days and 1650 calories on lift days.
>1800 cals per day

nah you've either fucked up counting how many calories are going into your mouth or it's water weight


calories from these can add up pretty fucking quickly, but it shouldn't be '2000 extra calories without knowing' quickly

There's something really simple that people do. It's known as "see a fucking nutritionist". If you think about it, a person that went college and studied years on a certain subject might be more competent at said subject than a fucking novice don't you think?
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Aw snap
Looking at Keto it's saying I'd have to eat 125g of fat a day.
You need to know every fucking gram you're consuming.



Well, you can be inaccurate, but 4 kg in just 3 weeks? That's 190 g/day, which would be a surplus of 1700 kcal. Nobody is that bad at math. Maybe you underestimated your "before" weight? Maybe you weighed yourself at very stupid times (always weigh yourself in the morning, right when you get up, before eating, drinking)? Maybe you ate more carbs than usual before weighing yourself?

Anyway, that's not possible, don't pull the fatty escape, you fucked something up.
That seems like a whole lot of grams of fat.
Don't even know what I'd eat to get all that fat
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Thread images: 5

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