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>heavy deadlifts are the only thing that stop the pain >can't

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>heavy deadlifts are the only thing that stop the pain
>can't do them 24/7

Bench, squat, and [spoiler] cardio [/spoiler] help a little, though. What other exercises can I do to keep my mind off her, now that it looks like I'll be lifting 7 days a week?
I guess if I wanted any replies I should have just made a fedora-tip thread.

If I wanted humor I'd just look at your max deadlift
I'm just here for the feels..
You should improve yourself as a person. Lift, work, learn repeat man. I know they say you burying yourself in these things are just distractions from the real problem, but when it comes down to it, these are the most productive distractions you can do so you might as well gain from them.
Keep at it and find a hobby as well my friend.

It gets better.
who says you can't do heavy deadlifts 24/7? its time to stop being a little faggot and to start doing heavy deadlifts 24/7.
Nah, a pathetic feel thread is a good way to go. Just go lift and go on runs with some decent music.
That's what I've been doing, man. But if she would just return my fucking calls, we could settle this whole thing, and I could move on, and maybe this constant sinking feeling in my stomach would go away.

I have no friends. What other hobbies besides lifting can I start on my own? Anything non-athletic? I bring my body to it's limits almost every day, and vidya doesn't immerse me like it used to.
Try teaching yourself a new lift.

When my ex broke up with me I decided to spend my time learning how to do Power Cleans.

By the end of the month, I was so obsessed with doing the lift properly and with enough weight, I forgot all about my ex.

It changed my physique quite drastically, too.
Hey that's a pretty good idea, thanks anon.
Pull ups.
Force yourself through the transition to muscle ups.
only way is to do isolation bodypart split and forget all those heavy ass exercises

>be me
>realize green texting is too much work on smart phone
Get kicked out of house from gf of 5 years
Move in with grandma temp.
Get kicked out of grandmas house before I can save up for my own home because I work from 8am to 9pm and never around to help around house
Move into friends single room appartment
Get kicked out of friends house because said saved money was used in moving into said friends house and rent was ridiculous because of location
Move into dads wife's house as long as I fix it up
Just learned recently she's kicking me out because the kitchen is always dirty
Don't know how, I eat protein shake, oats, tuna and bread 24/7 never stepping into kitchen because all my shots in my room
Listen to a lot of mazzy star, Elliott Smith and sun kil moon at works speakers because I thought I liked how soft they were and are lounge appropriate
Regular customer tells me I listen to a lot of emo shit
Realize I listen to them because they sound as cold as I feel
Break down in bathroom
Just keep lifting until someone loves you Mann.. we're all going to make it together
Power cleans usually help me out. Idk something about taking weight from the floor and moving it all the way over your head ( if you choose to jerk too) makes me feel accomplished
I know this feel
deadlifts are the only lift that feels like raw fucking power
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>Just keep lifting until someone loves you
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Build a camper and live in it..
Blaha pls go
It's over. Sometimes you don't get a clean break because the cunt can't be bothered to respond, and that's super shitty, but it's over.
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Please hold me.jpg
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Yeah, I know. I just need to know what caused her to do such a complete and total 180 on me in like a week.
Try photography. Go to the weirdest places and take pics and get better.
If she just took the most cowardly possible route of "cut off all communication" then she's a pretty shitty person anyway m8. Just a heads up, this is likely not the last time in your life this will happen to you, it's a pretty common girl tactic unfortunately.

>these feels on a Sunday

I'm with you anon. Most of us are, probably. The girl I was with asked to "take a break" and left me for real a couple weeks later, something about focusing on herself... Saw her with some other scrawny guy a week later. Turns out she had lied to me about a whole laundry list of things and then covered up a lot of shit, even said she only stayed with me out of guilt.

Since then I got stronger, my grades got better, and I have been more motivated in general.

Use it, anon. She is the one who lost when she walked out. Become the best person that you can and make her regret it
Brooklyn didn't come home for over a month. I don't where she was, figured with friends or family-she was busy, I was busy and I'm not her keeper so I acted like an adult and treated Her like an adult because I figured she knew what she was doing. She called me one day while I was tearing drywall and installation from a house and told me we had to talk. Asked her what about and she said not over the phone and that I need to come over in that kind of way women do.. that's mean, I guess everyone do. Anyway, i told her to just put my stuff next to the door. The day after our 5 year anniversary to. She wasn't even there for that but whatever. That was 8 months ago and about a week ago my sister slipped that while at work Brooklyn said(they work at the same bar) that she and the guy she let move in are buying a ps4 even though she wants an Xbox one. I didn't care about the guy or the months or the house. I just wanted to get her the Xbox one because we both really connected after skyrim came out and splurged dungeons together on the same profile.
Tfw I know she's thinking about fallout 4
The she could give a shot about Sony
The her in-game spouse isn't going look like me
But hey, I beat my 1rm squat the other day by 15 lbs...
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Find some one new, it's the easiest way to get over her cause you'll realise she wasn't all that great, and I don't mean a random drunk at the pub or something I mean an actual person
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