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how do you force yourself to eat properly? /fit/ I'm a

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how do you force yourself to eat properly?

/fit/ I'm a fat fuck 262lbs @ 5'11

I've lost around 25lbs since I started back in June, the reason my progress has been so shit is because I just fuck all the time.

any tips from former fatties?

I think it's all mindset but I'm having trouble getting there.

>pls respond
Keep yourself preoccupied and you won't always think about food.
Don't go out drinking, because you'll most likely be in a "fuck it" mindset and eat shit as well as drink a lot of calories through alcohol

Stop being a bitch and man the fuck up
yeah you're right m80

i work overnight at a convenience store, so it's slow/boring as fuck and there is shit food all around me.

i will try harder for the both of us /fit/
Make a deal with a close friend. If one of you eats candy, ice cream, chips or any dessert in general before a certain date, you'll have to pay 200 dollars to said friend. The deal should also ban sugary drinks (ice tea, soda etc.) and stuff such as jam and nutella. Did this with some friends from Sept to Dec, and everyone were able to do it.
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I have photos of me back when I was really fat put up in strategic places.

Thinking about having my flatmates left over kfc, BANG! picture of my man titties inside the wrapper

Oh maybe one bit of cake wont hurt, BOOM! picture of me having to wear a shirt while swimming stuck to the bottom of that cunt Geoffs coffee mug

Maybe I'll just order a pizza for dinner, SHAZAM! the phone is actually a 1/18 size replica of me when I was fat

Works everytime
"Stop being a bitch and man the fuck up" really is the attitude you need.

You're stronger than your desires. Thinking about fast food? Just say no and that's that.

Have nothing but healthy things in your fridge, and you'll eat it when you get hungry enough to.
This means absolutely no processed food, junk foods, nothing with sugar. Stay away from condiments
and dressings especially.

Most importantly, learn to count calories. This might seem hard, but it really isn't.

I'm also 5'11", and I got tired of being overweight after being 220 lbs for a few years. I gained the
"man the fuck up" attitude, and I'm now 190. Literally all I did was start small at-home exercises
and cut ALL junk foods. I learned to cook, and on top of my body feeling better, my mind is
feeling healthier as well.

It's a long road, but you'll start feeling amazing about yourself once you see progress.

i live with my sister who has 3 kiddos, she feeds them junk mostly because she works all the time.
little debbie tempting me with that sweet cream filled pussy everytime I open the cupboard. I've been pretty decent avoiding those but like I said some days I just fuck up.

and I do count calories, except when I it fuck up because of the shame țbh

what exercises?
I cannot afford a gym membership right now but I think doing something would make me feel better and help stay motivated.

thanks 2 all my fãm in here, talking about it kinda helps on its own
something that did really help me is getting a calorie counting app, just so you can actually see how bad everything is
What an attention whore.
Have a reminder about what your goal is.

Mine was a picture of me at 17, I was in the best shape of my life (at the time).

For others it's clothes that they want to be able to fit into.

Just set a goal that's more specific than 'lose weight'.
>what exercises?
>I cannot afford a gym membership right now but I think doing something would make me feel better and help stay motivated.

You'll probably need to do some bodyweight stuff. Lot of peeps on /fit/ shit on calisthenics, but don't listen to them. You'll still need some stuff like bars for pullups and dips, though.

Here's an /asp/ thread with a lot of good info:

An easy place to start is a simple full body routine like Start Bodyweight or the one from /r/bodyweightfitness.
learn to cook
You have to mentally tame yourself to desire long term gratification over instant gratification.

"I can eat this burger now or I can be lean as fuck 6 months from now"

You have to have this thought every time you even WANT to eat.
As long as you're making progress, it's not a big deal.

If it takes 5 years, it takes 5 years. If you wanted it any sooner, you'd go for it.
Stop drinking soda. Even diet. Weight will fucking fly off.

Just do it for ~3 weeks anon, the results come fucking quick. But you cannot drink ANY soda or anything with calories or sweeteners.
eat only rice without any uisng and walk 4 hours on a day that's all
why not diet?

I've been drinking regular my entire life so I made myself switch to the bitter juice.

will I die?
self control
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>how do you force yourself to eat properly?
it's easy if you only buy mostly whole foods
Cut soda, energy drinks, and mixed/processed juices from your diet and if you're not much of a cook, only eat recommended serving sizes and try to limit sodium. Salt hold water weight, which when combined with sugary drinks basically turns your blood to syrup.

No fast food, but if you must, just grab something small and cheap; no meals, fries and sugar-water ain't worth it. One little burger has enough calories to keep you going and yeah, you'll want more, but its not worth it.

If you want soda, have one 16oz can every 2-3 days. Make it a treat but never more than one.

Also, if you feel hungry between meals, drink a little water and it'll satiate you for a bit. Still hungry? Looks at fat people in Wal-Mart that eat open bags of shredded cheese while riding mobility scooters and remind yourself they don't skip snacks.
Just eat the same thing every day.

Figure out some healthy foods that contain all your macros and a good assortment of vitamins and such, supplement what you aren't getting in that, and just eat that every day. You'll get really good at cooking it, tupperware and different hot sauces will become your best friend.

Welcome to gainsville, population you

I was a fat ass fuck about 14 months ago and started dieting and exercising a lot. Lost 50 pounds then got lazy and started eating at maintenance and not working out, plateaued like crazy.

About 2 months ago I remembered that I don't want to be a virgin forever and I want to have sex with thin women with big perky tits, smooth, unblemished skin and pretty faces and started getting really disciplined again.

I don't care, you guys, I want to fuck hot, young pussy, that's not the ONLY motivation, but it's by far the greatest at this point. When I make it, I'm sure I'll transition into a more self-concerned state to keep making it, but god fucking damnit I cannot and will not fuck some slag or fat bitch.
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Hey /fit/, is hating someone passionately motivates you?

This fucking guy:
>must be around 50 kgs and still doesn't realize he should start lifting
>probably kissless virgin
>27 and still living in the nest
>spends all his money on smart watches and Apple tech
>has a really crappy podcast
>really unintelligent, spelling problems when tweeting in his mother tongue
Work on other healthy habits.

>Stop or limit doing things that make you sedentary.
>do research on what successful people do to be successful
>do research on proper food intake
>read the sticky

I miss /sig/

Plan your menu before you go shopping.

Use the Myfitnesspal app to keep a food diary - WEIGH EVERYTHING you eat.

Drink more water, I mean LOTS of water, helps you feel less hungry.

16:8 intermittent fasts could help. I eat between 1-9pm, hit my macros and it feels like I'm eating more food, even though I'm not. I eat two meals that are 1000 cals each (pretty big) fruits, a protein shake and a snack.

I've been a fatty all my life mate, back in August I was 6'2 and 255lbs.

>Started my journey in Jan 2015 @ 260lbs
>April 2015 I was 240lbs
>Gained back 15 lbs because of EPIC comfort eating
>August 2015 @ 255lbs
>Dec 2015 I'm now 233lbs and halfway to where I want to be.

Gonna stop @ 215 or so
Diet soda has no calories and is probably more unhealthy than water, but if that's your vice that's your vice.
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you can do it OP. I was 278 in the first pic (5'11 btw). lost over 100 lbs since last xmas. the first month is tough, just get through it, but after that you will start to notice the changes, once you see progress it gets really easy to keep going.Pro tip DO NOT CRASH DIET. I did. it ended up really bad. just dont. also, take a pic every week in the same place, then look back every month and watch the changes come
when I started I was too ashamed to go to my campus gym, so I just did cardio. I found a nice trail in the woods next to my dorm and ran a few laps per day, bumping up the speed as I progressed. give that a try. But cutting sugar is super important too. pic related was when I had lost 75 lbs without much of any weight lifting
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thx fąm.

yall did help me today, I hit my calorie goal.

ill be rereading the posts tomorrow for all of your advice.

now is time for bed gnight (3rd shift kill me)
Work late shifts at a pub, only food available all night is shitty bar snacks. Take your own food bro, it's the only way.
Top progress lad
another fucking fatty hipster, AIDS is the only sure way for you to drop weight and to stop you posting fucking pics of yourself, faggot bait
Only drink water. And skim milk sometimes. Force yourself to eat a can of green beans everyday. Get one hundred percent of your fiber. Or more.
Everytime you cheat have your friend beat your fingers with a ruler. Also have them make fun of you until you aren't a fat ass.
Nice job m8
I don't know you, but I want you to know that I love you and your happiness is important to me. Focus on your goals and resist temptation. You have succeeded in other facets of your life and you are more than capable of doing this. It is worth it. I believe in you.

What kind of success has this guy had when hes [email protected]'11 and works late nite at the gas station?
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Thread images: 8

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