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Research Points To Mental Health Risks Associated With Meatl

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Research Points To Mental Health Risks Associated With Meatless Diet


Checkmate vegetarian retards.

>"vegetarians reported that they were less optimistic about their future more often than people who kept meat in their diets. That same study found that vegetarians were 18 percent more likely to report having depression and 28 percent more likely to experience panic attacks and anxiety.

The question that people considering a vegetarian diet have to consider is whether or not the gains outweigh the risks. Will the number drop on the scale be worth it in the long run if you feel more sluggish or anxious than usual?

While there might be some clear reasons to avoid meat, it has benefits as well that impact your mind and your mood.

B Vitamins, zinc, iron and tryptophan are all found in abundance in meat and are often time in low quantities, or missing altogether, in vegetarian diets."
they get depressed from the animals getting raped and slaughtered on a daily basis while the general population doesn't give a fuck and are all like "yolo! money rules the world, fuck our planet and polution, I'll be dead anyway when shit gets bad. now let me upload a picture of my steak on instagram. I loooove animals, I have 2 dogs, yet I eat dead pig flesh every week hihi!!"

When you're vegan, any non-vegan is a piece of shit
and the autistic child shows itself.

This whole 'quit eating meat' meme is getting big lately. With them saying how meat causes cancer and all these people getting all vegan. Historically, kings and warriors ate meat, and the peasant ate not meat. Somehow tied up in a lot of shady shit with our elites trying to fuck us back to serfdom.
Yeah, I'd be curious what other data correlated with depression and a meatless diet. Atheism and agnosticism is something I know is correlated with depression – and I know several atheist vegetarians but not a single religious vegetarian. Just a thought.

High intelligence is sometimes linked to depression, have there been any studies showing vegetarians possibly have higher average intelligence than meat eaters?

Maybe the vegetarians just happen to have a more cynical view of the world. This study doesn't appear to be predicated on the health benefits or lack thereof of meatless diets, just whether they're happy or not.
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for the record, I'm not a vegan
>went vegan
>few weeks later I realized the reason I've been hearing voices and got fired is that the Deros have focused one of their malicious negaton rays on my pineal gland
>realize women's gyms are the Deros bases on the surface would where they convert, control, and breed with fat women
>take my weighted vest and tape road flares on it, buy flare gun and six shots
>driving to Curves(women's gym) when I get a shooting pain in my hand and know the Deros are on to me
>start firing flares at car as I'm barrelling down the road
>crash into a tree
>wake up in hospital with big black nurse feeding me loose hamburger from a bucket
>finish the bucket nig nurse says its time for main course
>all the dark meat I can fit in my mouth

No regrets m8s, me and nurse Jim are dating now, he makes the money but I wear the pants in this house.
Nah m8 peasants ate tons of meat but they mostly got bacon, organ meat, and fowl. Except during famines pheasants had a great diet.
You're REALLY reaching to try to put a positive spin on this.
What if depressed or anxious people are more likely to become vegan?
Thread posts: 13
Thread images: 2

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