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Does a good 3 day routine exist?

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Does a good 3 day routine exist?
Yeah it's called Reg Parks routine
This the stupidest thread I've read in years. Bumping for the one in a million chance someone with skills and free time will track ur IP address and go to your house to rape you.

You are a fucking idiot. And I cannot imagine how much you have disappointed your parents. Kill yourself.
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fucking faggot
Pull (Back, posterior delts and biceps)
Push (Chest, shoulders and triceps)
Legs and abs
I thought the whole point of PPL was to train six-five times a week, type PPLPPLx or PPLxPPLx?
source on your 4chan theme?
Sheiko 3day under80kg
texas method is gr8 for intermediate lifters (however it's more concerned for strength in powerlifting lifts than in total hypertrophy
(not saying that's bad, but it's not for everybody's tastes)

past beginner stage 4 days on u/l or push/pull style will be a optimal

ppl is meaant to be implemented in pplxppl format
doing it once per week you acumulate total of only 1 workout for each muscle (inb hurrdurr volume will make up for the lack of frequency)

if training only 3 times per week, fullbody will be way better
fullbody doesn't necessarily have to be "your beginner 3(5)x5 ss-style"
also check out HST training
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>are you a gunsmith
>cause i got a cannon for you to calibrate
Seeing as this is here, whats a good strength and hypertrophy 3 day a week program? Be looking into Zion or maybe modifying madcows 5x5
You could just do a full body routine similar to SS but make it more hypertrophy based by changing and adding things, for example:

Workout A:
>Squat 3x5
>Bench 3x8
>Row 3x6
>Side lateral raises 3x10
>Bicep curl 3x10
>Tricep exercise 3x10

Workout B:
>Squat 3x5
>Deadlift 1x5
>DB Shoulder Press 3x8
>Chinups 3xF
>DB Incline Bench 3x12

Something like that would work. But to be honest, it would be best if you started going 4 days a week and do an upper/lower.
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Day 1 upper strength
5x5 Flat bench press
5x5 weighted pull UPS
5x5 pendlay row
3x10 incline dp press

Day 2 lower strength
Front squat 5x5
Deadlift 5x5
3x10 calves on leg press
Ab training of your choise

Day 3 arms&delts volume
Just do ridiculous volume training for tris,bis,delts and forearms. I mean really stupid volume, you have to literally kill every muscle from arms. Use alot supersets and dropsets. If you can easily brush your teeth before bed you have failed.

2-3 days rest and again

I did this for 6months and it worked for me. I made great strength gains and my arms grew like fuck. I was clean bulking and natural.

3 day routine for Jason Blaha physique
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>3 days a week
>making it
>being a faggit

Pick 2 excluding 2nd one.
dat facial contouring

Would replace calves for some treadmill run on day 2. I know I'm suppresing lifting for cardio, but I don't like overdeveloped calves as I'm 1,68m. Also this routine lacks cardio.
I'm not OP.
I'm really new to this shit but does 5x5 mean like 5 times 5? So I have to do 25 pull ups? The same with all the other ones?
first number is the number of sets, the second the number of reps, x just means "of" in this context
I do
5x5 binch
3x8 incline dumbell
3x10 Dips
3x12 pec flies
3x8 skullcrushers
...some other triceps shit

4x5 Diddylif
5x10 Pullups
3x8 barbell rows
3x12 cabel rows
...biceps shit

5x5 low bar
4x6-7 frontsquat
4x8 glute ham raises
4x7 shoulders press
3x12 side raises
3x12 rear delt flies
5 sets each with 5 repetitions. You are supposed to five of them, then rest for 60 seconds (or more, there are people who rest up to five minutes between sets. I generally always do 60 seconds because that's easy to see on my watch) and so forth. It's pretty stupid how hard it is to find actual definitions of those abbreviations. Even when you found the right pages via Google, all you find is just countless irrelevant details, but not what the fuck it's supposed to be.

Ahh, thanks a lot. I expected people calling me retarded.
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>...some other triceps shit
>...biceps shit

My fave lifts. Just managed to biceps shit 50kg last night!
Oh and checkem faggits
Yes. I'm not going to give you examples though because you've told us nothing about you or your goals.
>4 days a week

Not him but how do you do this?

What the fuck man...


Be sure to wear a helmet
Isley pls bb go back to /plg/
Your a headass you can make it with a 3 day split even if your an expert lifter with fast muscle recovery. My favorite fitness youtuber ONLY works out 3 day a week and makes massive gainz more gainz than you can ever acomplish.

pic related
And a good 3 day routine would be...?
I only go three days a week.

>Pic related nothing special but you dont need to look like a pulsating cock.
Its called google you dip. Search up kinobody 3 day workout or something like that
Thread posts: 37
Thread images: 7

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