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ROUTINE CHECK Please take a look at my routine. its basically

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Please take a look at my routine.
its basically SS by the grey skull method with added stuff

squat 2x5+1x5*
bench 2x5+1x5*
power clean 5x3
chinup/pull up alternating 4 sets
cable crunch 3x20
barbell curls 3x8
1 dropset curls on the cable machine
calf raise 3x20
squat 2x5+1x5*
OHP 2x5+1x5*
deadlift 1x5*
deadlift holds x3
dips 4 sets
cable crunch 3x20
hammer curls 3x8
1 droperset of hammer curls.
lat pulldown 3x8-12
wrist roller 3x up and down
this is the order i do the routine in.
-should i change the order
-am i doing stuff thats inefficient
-should i add something ?
anything i am missing out on ?
6 months lifting
/fit/ usually responds to routine checks..
Are you making strength and size gains? Are you developing proportionally? If so then keep going. Your routine literally matters to no one but yourself. If you're getting pains while you lift then you need to catch that body part up before you hurt yourself. Otherwise keep at it.

If I wanted humor I'd just read over your routine
whats wrong ?

i don't know if they are good enough though. this is my first time gymming.

i went from 8kg dumbels x8 to 14 kg dumbels x 8

The routine seems fine. I would change the lat pulldowns for some type of row (horizontal pull), since you already do chinups/pullups (vertical pull) on day A. But this is a minor thing.

You can change the order by doing the OHP and Bench before the Squat. This usually makes it easier to progress on those lifts.

I would say 20 reps of abs and calves aren't exactly the most efficient, though we have no real consensus on how to properly optimize hypertrophy for those muscles.
Maybe try 12-15 reps instead, just to be safe?

You don't really need to add anything. There's already enough volume, and you're hitting every muscle group already.
Then just do phrak's greyskull or fierce 5 as it is written
thanks trappy. did you find a strong boyfriend yet ?

for the abs i am just following the video that says to do a lot of them. though i am at 91 kg for kneeled ab pull down at the moment. which is the max for the machine. and i cant find an extra pin anywhere to hang plates off.

for calves. to be honest i kinda skip them most of the time. when i do them i do them on the calf machine because i dont really know how to hit them better. same with this machine though. i need to try 1 legged calf raises if i want to increase the weight.

but first it takes more time then i care to give to calves and two i dont think i can do it properly. i am still looking for other ways to do calves.
Upper A:

Bench 3x5
Yates Row 3x8
DB Shoulder Press 3x10-12
Pectoral Fly: 3x10-12
Pullups/Lat Pulldowns: 3x8-12
Lat Raise: 3x10-12
Tricep Rope Pushdown: 3x10-12
EZBar Curl: 3x10-12

Lower A:
Squat: 3x5
Calf Raise: 3x15
Leg Extention: 2x12-15
Leg Curl: 2x12-15
Cable Crunch: 3x15
Cable Pull Through: 3x10-12
Romanian Deadlift: 3x8-10

Upper B:
OHP: 3x5
Incline DB Press: 3x10-12
Chin up: 3xF
Machine Shoulder Press: 3x10-12
DB Curl: 3x10-12
Skullcrushers: 3x10-12
DB Bench: 3x10-12

Lower B:
Deadlift: 3x3
Leg Press: 3x10-12
Seated calf raise: 3x15
Leg Curl: 2x10-12
3 Side Plank: 3 sets of 60 seconds per side
Back Extention: 3x12
Cable Crunch: 3x15


Not even a weak one :(
But I'm mostly focusing on my studies right now. Haven't gone out it's been almost a month. Too much stuff going on on college atm.

Yeah, as I said there are many differing opinions when it comes to doing high reps for training the abs and calves. We don't really have a definitive answer of what works best.

You can do hanging leg raises or dragonflags for the abs instead, I find them to be much more intense and complete exercises than the crunches.

There aren't much stuff you can do for the calves. They are pretty hard to grow.
When I do Sissy Squats I do feel them burning a lot, so maybe try that one? Scott Herman has a video on it. It's mostly a quads exercise, but since you are on the tip of your toes, it does work the calves as well.


Looks fine.
I suggest you try a few things:
Cable crossovers instead of chest flys. They have a longer range of motion, which leads to better chest development.
Hanging leg raises or dragonflags instead cable crunches. While cable crunches are good, I usually find the leg raises and dragonflags to be more effective as they have a longer ROM and seem to be harder on the abs.
Try the Sissy Squats (quads and calves isolation), Pistol/Tuck Squats (works the legs unilaterally, and is the best exercise for the hip abductors - gluteus min/med, TFL and Sartorius), or Front Squats (very intense for the quads and glutes) instead of the Leg Extensions (terrible for the knees) and the Leg Press (not a very complete exercise).

As for the exercise order, do the main, harder lifts before the ancillary stuff. On Lower A, for instance, move the RDL up.
>people are taking a mentally ill faggot's advice on routines

Enjoy no gains

Just do eatablished and proven routines, faggots

Hm, who's advice should I listen to?

A random anon insulting someone else

Or a well known poster who has proven time and time again they know what they are talking about

Hard choice.
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How's this?
>bench press last
I swap it with OHP every other A-day
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 2

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