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New to Being /fit/

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Hey there /fit/,
I'd like to start off by admitting that I don't normally browse here. I've read the sticky, so i'll make sure to stay away from anything mentioned there. Anyways, I have a dilemma, and it's pretty /fit/ related, so I was hoping you guys would give me some advice.
So my friend is a personal trainer, and he has gotten me to start working out with him. I'm currently a fat lard, standing 6'1" and weighing in at almost 270. Now my friend is helping me for absolutely free, as long as I let him use before and after pictures of my transformation. I've started eating right (less than 2,000 calories a day for the last month, already lost weight), and he's started me on a lifting schedule.
The issue i'm having is that I see my friend, ex marine, personal trainer, all around animal, doing some insane stuff for a guy his size, and I get discouraged. I want to get big, I have the body and mass to do it with, I just psyche myself out when I see people smaller than me doing way more weight than I am.
My friend says that it's good to get the fundamentals and form down first, like laying a foundation to your house. Should I just be more patient? Wat do, /fit/?
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Shameless self bump, and some /b/ related nonsense.
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The fuck you worrying about peoples weight for? You may lift more weights as long as you are a fucking fat ass it doesnt mean shit. Wait until you become /fit/ you can start worrying about what people do in the gym
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>tl;dr I'm fat, have a friend helping me get not fat, I'm just not patient and psyche myself out.
I couldn't think of how to sum it up earlier. Sorry m8.
no, i'm not sure what your problem is, people get to your pic related in like 2 months usually

nigga if you're losing weight and gaining strength and still disappointed then you're just being too self-conscious/critical. do things at your pace, everyone's different
Well thanks. That's what I was wondering. Are most people this critical of themselves when they start?

Well man up and be patient.
Patience is a vertue that can get you really far not matter the discipline we're talking about.
Probably, I was.
Don't get discouraged and have a negative mindset
Instead think something like
>shit man, I'd I keep working I can do that

Try and do that with a lot of areas of your life too, school, art, music, ect.
I've been trying. Unfortunately, I grew up an artist, so i'm really critical of myself. Trying to change this mindset is harder than changing my body at this point.
Hahaha wtf thx for making my day
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Also, thanks for being understanding so far guys. I know im OP and I suck cocks or whatever, but really.....
You guys are way better than say..... /fa/ when it comes to asking things.
>tfw this thread had no prior thought put into it
>tfw I was browsing /b/ and decided to ask here
What kind of art?
I play drums, and I used to be intimidated by people who were better than I was.
It wasn't till I surrounded myself with people who were much better than I was that I started getting a lot better and realized that I should look at these people as inspiration and not something that makes me lose motivation.
I started drawing, then wound up tattooing for a living. My dad did that shit too, so that's pretty cool I guess.
With the art I do now though, that shit's forever. I sell people permanent life choices for a living, and I have to give it t them too. Kind of stressful.
Also, I asked my friend about somatypes and he told me to shut the fuck up and go do more deadlifts. Are somatypes that much bullshit? Should I even be mentioning them right now?
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Life ain't a track meet, it's a marathon.

Lifting is the same
Either you accept that you have to start out at the bottom and work your way up, or you're never going to make it - in anything.

Successful people accept that their limitations exist, and then figure out how to overcome them through planning and hard work. If you can't push past being discouraged at your limitations, then they're never going to change until you get old and die.
They are bull shit
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Also, because clearly I demotivate myself like a faggot, can we get some motivational shit that's /fit/ related in this bitch?
I love anything Arnold related.
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