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Is anyone else like me here? >meet one of those 1/100 girls

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Is anyone else like me here?

>meet one of those 1/100 girls that I actually like, once a year
>she breaks me in one way or another
>start lifting hard to forget the pain
>life calls me back and I can't just be a soulless lifting machine even though it's the only thing that makes me happy anymore
>the cycle starts all over again

I used to never lift/exercise

Dated a really cool girl, dumped me one day and started dating my friend a month later

I started lifting and shit to forget it, and now I'm very healthy, met a wonderful new girl, and I'm happier than I ever was with her.

I gotta thank her for making me /fit/ and /happy/.
Somewhat similar situation here.

Went to visit exgf that I'm on good terms with, still care for her etc. Flew from Oslo to Stavanger to see her (norfag) and on the 2nd day of my planned 5 day stay she tells me to basically get out of her apartment without giving me a proper reason.
I'm now sleeping on a friends couch in the same city (still day 2).
She seemed really excited about me visiting too, sending hearts and shit. Shit is fucked, I lived with this girl for close to a year at school and in just a few hours we went from cuddling to her apparently being completely "done" with me.
I'm still semi drunk from a night out, so idk if I'm even making sense, but what on gods earth possesses girls to do this shit? I was perfectly nice to her, yet she suddenly changed her mind in an instant.
I'm gonna go talk to her tomorrow before I fly back home (had to reschedule my flight) since I forgot my scarf at her apartment, see if I can get a proper answer and so on.

She was my ex, but it still hurt. Not sure what advice I'll get from Fit, but w/e I'm venting, got nowhere else to turn.
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Women are just soul sucking leeches breh...
Yeah its always the same.
>be good while alone
>meet cool girl who could be possible gf material
>screw up somewhere along the lines
>depression and anxiety
>get to be a better person with myself to compensate
>get it over with
>the cycle starts all over again.
Oh my god man, we're living in a fucking hell...why can't there just be a place where there's no women?
>find 1/1000
>likes alot of what i like
>act like a total bitch around her
>pretty much get dropped
>dont talk to her for a month

saw her today and she was acting really different. like being giggly and smiling at me alot.

i-is this a sign, /fit/?
Bro, you're just gonna dig yourself into a hole again.
Well, I might as well give it a shot. Pretty sure I have nothing to lose. If I fuck up I'm just back to where I was before.

You can't be broken unless you allow someone to break you.

Basically, stop giving other people control of your life and emotions. You are the source of your emotions and happiness. Not someone else.
Never get back with your ex. It might seem like a good idea to try it again, but they are your ex for a good reason. It's much better for you to start over with someone new.
Bro, that's literally fucking impossible. I tried doing that and eventually that 1/1000 girl will find you, stab your heart and scar you forever with nothing you can do about it.
>Meet the girl. THE girl
>She drags me out of the depths
>I feel better and start getting in shape again
>Down 50 lbs, feeling strong
>She dumps me, long story
>Still go to the gym, still diet but its a chore
>Wading through the misery of having dreams and getting them crushed

"Oh, I'll take you to my parent's and we'll go to my favorite spot outside of town.."

Nah bro, you won't.

It's only impossible because there is a difference between your assumptions about the situation and person and the reality of the situation or person.

Basically you assume that 1/1000 is always going to be that 1/1000 and nothing is ever going to change. Every time you have been disappointed about something, or had your heart "broken", its probably because you assumed something that wasn't the case. And that discrepancy between what you thought was there and what actually was there is what causes you pain.

If you honestly dig down deep, honestly introspect and reflect on yourself, your environment, the state of people and those closest to you and refuse illusions to cloud your judgement you will rarely if ever feel heartache.

The only problem is finding out the truth of the situation, regardless of what others tell you or try to convince you.
Fuck, we're all just broken men here, huh?

God, hold me /fit/ ;_:
Ok, what if Ms 1/1000 does literally every last thing in the world to click your buttons, is super into you, you've been alone for the whole year and are emotionally starved...wtf are you supposed to do? Just pretend this girl doesn't exist?

Again, like i said here >>35142894

You are assuming that there is something intangible other people have that you do not. You should stop viewing other people as the source of your happiness and start viewing yourself as that source.

You're mindset, in regards to relationships (and perhaps other areas) is one of "What can the world give me" which is naturally a passive one and opens you up to manipulation of outside forces (if other girls and people can give you happiness, than they can also give you pain and suffering).

However, if your mindset is "What can i give myself?" than that implies that you are the result of your own actions and the source of all your problems including happiness and despair. Basically, if you are unhappy or if you are broken that means that somehow, somewhere down the line you messed up and not someone else. It means taking responsibility for the fact that you, your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are ultimately the result of your actions and responses and not someone else's.

In your example, I wouldn't pretend the girl doesn't exist. It would be more like

"Wow, cool." Pretty awesome. Let me enjoy her for what she is rather than what she can give me.
(Granted not that cool or logical, more like wow, we could have fun).

And that's it.
But that's how I treated that girl, and unfortunately it didn't end well because deep down I have feelings. Suppressing isn't the end all be all solution.
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I'm on girl 3, year 3.
It all started Junior year. Pitch-black hair, skinny, bright blue eyes, a girl ripped from Heaven. But then she chose the skinny underweight hipster who was so malnutritioned he couldn't even give blood. I really don't get why, as he has literally no redeemable qualities. Not all girls are into me, and that's fine, cause I ain't no bitch, but choosing hipster tattooed trash over me? Fuck mang
i fucking hate how women are able to make the best of men fucking putty at their feet and when she does him wrong or dumps him, it completely destroys his spirits.

i cried when my last ex left me. i honestly thought i found someone who could understand me and liked me for me... but because i was a virgin, she decided to hit the road. i want to curse her out but even here i can't. i lost contact but i would never... she knows too many things about i would never tell another soul and i just really like her. fuck you guys for making me reminisce...
Deep, this little passage of text helped me, thanks anon
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1/100? That's not too bad, but I still ktf.

I've met like 2 women that I actually like, I'm not a NEET and I'm 30.

While one destroyed my heart she's still my friend, which is ok since I don't really have any female friends, and I actually love her.

The other one never really went anywhere, way out of my league, but she still talks to me for some reason. I just try not to fuck that up.

Feels not all that bad actually, I know lots have it worse.

It's not suppression. That is not what I am talking about.

I am not saying that you do not have feelings. I am not saying that you need to be a robot devoid of anything.

I am saying that ultimately, the source of all your feelings, thoughts, emotions, come from you and you alone.

If you feel angry about something, it is because you made the choice to feel angry about it. If you feel heartbroken, that means that you chose to feel heartbroken. Sorrow, joy, misery. It is all a choice.

Is bad shit going to happen to you, that you cannot control? Of course, of fucking course. But, BUT, you can choose how you respond to it, how you confront it.

Rather than assume that your emotions are something unbidden, that is outside of your control, why don't you assume that your emotions thoughts and feelings are the results of your decisions, either conscious or unconscious.

That is all that I am advocating.
>letting a pussy break you
That's why you can never break the cycle.

Break them...
Pussy doesn't break me man...it's that needle in a haystack that stabs me in the heart and leaves me writhing in feelings that breaks me.
It's a similar story with me, every year something happens with the dude I'm dating (femanon) and it's my impetus for gains. I broke up with an asshole who beat me and shit just in time for bulking season yay.
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>meet girl
>form relationship to break up in the first place
No, not like you at all. Get out fucking normie.
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>>she breaks me in one way or another
Chances are by the tone of your post you were a clingy, needy, sappy, limp wristed beta which turned her off massively
I want to hear the story
That would be hell as well, unless you're a fag
/fit/ isn't for your whining or your "feeIs".

No one gives a shit about how pathetic you are and your Iife of rejection, and it's off topic garbage wasting space on these boards.

Repoted because these shitty threads get deIetd for a reason.
What's calling you back anon? What obligations do you have more important than gym? You can't find 1 or 2 hours a day to still lift? Maybe you're just burning out, You'll be fine brah we are here. Also fuck that bitch.
Don,t just don't man. I went back with my ex and the same shit happened, as soon as you start showing emotions and compassion they feel as if they have a hold of your emotions. Don't.Do.It
some fucking friend
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